Xenophilia Challenge Rules [Updated 11/12/17]

Originally known as The Xenophilia Challenge-7 Babies Twist written by Skuld Lunrix for Sims 2.  When the Get to Work expansion pack was released, giving us aliens again, those rules were modified for Sims 4 by MissChevus as The Sims 4 Xenophilia Challenge.  Unfortunately, those rules haven’t been updated in over two years and the thread hasn’t had a reply in over a year.  I came up with an idea for a second option to the original challenge that I thought would be fun.  I changed the backstory a bit because we don’t prompt abductions using the telescope in Sims 4.  I also added instructions for forcing abductions via a mod at the end of this post.

This challenge requires the Get to Work expansion pack for aliens and a mod for the abductions!

Challenge Setup-

First, make a male young adult sim or use one from one of your other saves. You can make him any way you want, with any sort of custom content. You can choose his aspiration and his traits freely and there is no penalty for changing aspirations. After he’s made, plunk him down on a lot. You may make or choose any type of house you can afford. You may use a single motherlode cheat. Each week when the bills are delivered use kaching to add an additional $1000 to the household funds as payment for services rendered with which to buy food and pay bills. This continues even if the teens get jobs.

Option 1-
Your male sim has been selected by the aliens to help them repopulate their world since only males can be impregnated and male birth rates are low on their planet due to an experiment gone wrong resulting in only female births.  If you choose this option your male sim starts in whichever world you choose but cannot leave the immediate neighborhood of their chosen lot after the first 24 hours so as not to draw attention to themselves.  Use these 24 hours to meet sims in the world that can be invited to visit and form friendships. In addition, to prevent detection the children must all wear their disguises outside of the house. Inside it’s your choice but may become tricky if they have friends visit and is also sometimes hard to remember to change their disguise before leaving for school or work. When the children age to a young adult they are beamed back to their planet. Essentially leaving your game save. After each baby is born or young adult ships off leaving space in the household (depending on which handicap you choose) you will force another abduction.

Option 2-
Your male sim has been abducted! They have been brought to live on an alien planet to act as a father for their race since only males can be impregnated and male birth rates are low on their planet due to an experiment gone wrong resulting in all males born to the race being sterile. Chose whichever world you would like to start in. I suggest decorating the world “alien like” to make it more fun! Anchesanamon has made alien lots for all of Oasis Springs and there are plenty of other alien builds in the gallery as well.  For his safety, the father is restricted to his neighborhood.  It might be fun to add other “fathers” to some houses in the neighborhood as well. If you chose this option, the children can only wear their disguise indoors. When leaving the house for school or work they must don their true alien form to be accepted by the native culture.  If you don’t want them to always wear the alien space suits and be bald you don’t have to though. When the children age to a young adult they move out of the house but can still remain in the game save and visit.  Your sim would still be abducted like in option 1 because the equipment necessary is housed in their ships.  After each baby is born or young adult moves out leaving space in the household (depending on which handicap you choose) you will force another abduction.

Note: I personally had quite a few issues with playing the option 2 way.  It seems that neighborhood “walkbys” can only be human. After adding like 50 aliens to the save I never saw any of them.  I thought it might be caused somehow by a setting in MC Command Center but when I asked this was how it was explained to me by Deaderpool.  So, if you wanted to have aliens hanging outside of the house you will be disappointed.  I’m not sure if it would be different if you moved to a lot that is not normally residential. *new*

If you’re trying to decide which option to go with you might want to take a look at my Xenophilia Challenge story Something Strange. The first 10 chapters are option 1 and starting with the 11th it moves on to option 2.  Which is totally something you can do!

  • No one else may move in.  If you hire help the children will need to be either disguised or not depending on the option you chose.  If you chose option 1 you can’t have any hired help when there are babies in the house because they cannot be disguised.
  • Your main sim cannot hold a job since his job is to care for the children as well as not being able to leave the immediate area. He can do whatever home based activities you choose for money in addition to the $1,000 weekly stipend.
  • Regarding pets: Feel free to add a pet to the family.  If you are going with option 2 it might be fun to have them be an alien pet! *new*

**Please note: Even if you fill the entire world with nothing but aliens the game will still continue to generate random human townies for “walk-bys”.

After you’ve chosen between the two main options, choose a handicap…

Immortality is a Crapshoot
The father has the seven required children and dies a peaceful death knowing he has done his part.  The challenge goes on until all of the alien children age up and leave the house, the teens must raise the younger ones as per usual, and move out when they become young adults.  Once the 7th baby has been born you no longer have to force abductions.

Those Pollination Technicians are Good at Their Job
His nurturing potential is actually higher than expected- the aliens plan to take advantage of that! Even after the seven children are born, once a child leaves, if Daddy is still nubile, he must have more children to replace them until he reaches elderhood. However, instead of going right back out and getting abducted the next night, he can wait a night before letting his hormones surge again.  The Potion of Youth or cowplant essence can be used or not however many times you wish. If you are scoring then you will start a new score sheet after every 7th child. This may get confusing but would be fun to try to improve their scores!  Update: After getting really frustrated with my own score sheet I’ve determined that this would be too complicated and annoying.  What I propose is that when you’re completely finished you take your final score and divide it by 7 if you want to compare your score with someone who did the “immortality is a crapshoot” handicap.

The genes are Strong with this One
Once the father is close to aging to elder he has a son that has strong genes that is chosen to continue providing services. Essentially the 100 baby challenge with aliens. You can either use the scoring from this challenge or use the 100 baby challenge scoring since restarting the point count after every 7 children could get really annoying with this many.  I’m not adding a link to the scoring for that challenge because there are several versions.


There are now additions to the scoring for toddlers and the new character traits.  I’ve removed a few things in the scoring like -3 points every time a child is uncomfortable.  As most of you know, a dirty plate or broken sink can make them uncomfortable.  I took out references to Sims 2 aspirations and moods that weren’t applicable to Sims 4.  Since it’s hard constantly tracking how many relationships your sims have and lose I changed most of that scoring for when a young adult child moves out of the house.

Update: I saved my scoresheet as an excel file because I thought it would be the most universal format.  You can download it on dropbox here.  Let me know if it didn’t translate correctly please and I’ll try a different format.

+2 for every alien child born
+1 for every potty trained toddler
+5 for every toddler aged up with the Happy Toddler bonus trait
+10 for every toddler aged up with the Top Notch Toddler bonus trait
+5 for every child aged to Teen with an A in school
+5 for every teen aged to YA with an A in school
+5 for every teen to reach the top of a teen career
+5 for every good character trait gained when aged to young adult
+5 for every alien child successfully aged to young adult and moved out
+10 +20 for every maxed skill (except potty trained/includes the father’s skills)

Update: After looking through my old score sheet I realized that the way I changed it made it easier to track the number of points you earned from skills but also gave you much less points.

+5 for every friend the father has- he must keep this relationship to keep the points
+5 for every friend your child has when aged to young adult
+10 for every romantic relationship sweethearts or higher
+2 for every romantic relationship sweethearts or higher a child has
+5 for every sibling that a young adult is friends with when they move out
+1 for every alien young adult that is friends with the father when they move out
-10 for every child that is enemies with a sibling or their father when they move out

+10 for every set of twins & +15 for triplets (no cheating)
+1 for every alien child with black eyes Note: Are Sims 4 aliens born without black eyes?
-10 for every sim who discovers that your children are aliens (option 1)
-5 for every time your children go out of the house undisguised (option 1) disguised (option 2)
-5 every time someone pees their pants
-5 every time someone passes out
-10 for every fire
-10 if a teen is fired from their job
+1 for every woohoo your main sim performs
+1 more point if he has three babies or toddlers when the woohoo occurs
+10 for every gold medal date the main sim has (+5 for silver +1 for bronze)
+10 for every gold medal party held (+5 for silver +1 for bronze)
-20 if your main sim dies of any cause besides old age as an elder (If there is a teen or higher in the household you can continue with them if you choose.)
-25 for every child rescued by the social worker
-30 if a child dies before moving out

Mod info…

There may be another mod that will work but since I’m a big fan of MC Command Center that’s what I’ll be using.  The one I used before that stopped working you had to use the science career satellite.  I’ll show you how to do it with MCCC.

When you download MCCC from here it comes with all of the modules.  If for whatever reason you don’t want them all just get the ones I circled.  Open it up using one of your sim’s computers or a tablet.  Go to MC Settings- Console Command Settings- Debug Commands in Cheats- enable it- restart the game- shift click on your sim and choose alien abduction.  If you’re trying to get a good screenshot of the abduction have them where you want them for it before clicking this because they will be immediately abducted.

Link to  Anchesanamon’s alien lots on Twitter here.

Other options that were part of the original challenge that you might enjoy as well…

“Aliens Are Not Humans: This should be fairly obvious to anyone with half a brain- they’re green, for chrissakes! Because aliens are not humans, they have very different traits than we do. They are extremely sensitive to high temperatures, so they cannot cook anything on the stove or eat anything that has been cooked on a stove. If there is a fire, they must stay inside the house for 24 hours to recuperate. That means no work or school. Beyond the baby stage, they cannot sleep until 11 pm, and must sleep (or relax on their beds) until at least 7 am. They cannot lock whims. Their “mating season” takes place on Saturdays and Sundays, during which they will be irritable to members of their own sex, including family, and overtly romantic towards members of the opposite sex, not including family (or reversed, if you want a little gay alien :3). Finally, aliens cannot use the bookshelf or the cooking channel to learn skills- they must learn from experience. However, aliens do have one advantage over humans- they can puzzle out the technology that their father cannot. When they become teens, they have the option of “growing out of” one of these eccentricities. However, when they do reach adulthood, they can grow out of one more eccentricity- and must keep the rest for the rest of their lives, no matter what happens outside the lot.”

“Daddy’s Gone Mad, But It’s Not His Fault This Time: Much like the Service Animal restriction of the Apocalypse Challenge, once Daddy hits Elder, he goes senile. You can no longer control him, although you can look at his stats, and he can’t get a job. In order to keep the family stable, once this happens, the next Teen to age to young adult continues to live with the family, however, it is above the challenge rules, besides the three Aliens Are Not Humans traits they did not grow out of. Like if the parent dies, if another Teen ages up, the older young adult must leave.”

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