Whim Challenge

Trait/Whim Guide (work in progress)

Chapter 1.0: My Modified Rules
Chapter 1.1: Hello Lulu!
Chapter 1.2: Baby Hater!
Chapter 1.3: Lulu’s Back
Chapter 1.4: City Life
Chapter 1.5: Playing the Field
Chapter 1.6: Surprise!
Chapter 1.7: Not Parents of the Year
Chapter 1.8: Cheater!
Chapter 1.9: Finally Tying the Knot
Chapter 1.10: Birthday Bonanza!

Chapter 2.1: Like Mother Like Son
Chapter 2.2: Love and Loss
Chapter 2.3: Don’t Hate the Player
Chapter 2.4: Babies and Birthdays
Chapter 2.5: One Big Happy Family
Chapter 2.6: More Family Time
Chapter 2.7: Teen Time
Chapter 2.8: Elders Already?
Chapter 2.9: End of An Era

Chapter 3.1: Blast From the Past
Chapter 3.2: A Bit Rushed
Chapter 3.3: All about Khloe
Chapter 3.4: A Sad Day
Chapter 3.5: The Kids Take Over
Chapter 3.6: Parenting Whims
Chapter 3.7: Mood Swings and Phases
Chapter 3.8: Bye Bye Gen 3!

Chapter 4.1: Enemies and Romantic Interests
Chapter 4.2: The Shirtless Not-Beiber
Chapter 4.3: The Yays Have It
Chapter 4.4: To the Future
Chapter 4.5: Life Cycles
Chapter 4.6: So Much Cuteness!
Chapter 4.7: A Big Crazy Family
Chapter 4.8: Full House Life
Chapter 4.9: Racking Up the Whims
Chapter 4.10: The Family That Plays Together
Chapter 4.11: Birthdays and Fitness
Chapter 4.12: Mischief Managed
Chapter 4.13: Oh the Mood Swings!
Chapter 4.14: The Joy of Teens

Chapter 5.1: Off to New Adventures
Chapter 5.2: Extended Family
Chapter 5.3: All the Wrong Places?
Chapter 5.4: The Dating Game Begins
Chapter 5.5: Jackie’s Bachelorette
Chapter 5.6: Tying the Knot
Chapter 5.7: Ley Line Magic!
Chapter 5.8: Triple the Trouble
Chapter 5.9: Triple the Fun?
Chapter 5.10: Too Much Toddlering
Chapter 5.11: Hanging with the Family
Chapter 5.12: Exercise Fanatic (coming soon!)