Trait/Whim Guide

This is the companion page to the Whim Challenge this page is being updated constantly.  I find it very helpful when assigning traits to know what kind of whims pop up for them.  Certain traits such as outgoing can get extremely annoying in that challenge.  The traits that don’t have any whims associated with them are ones I haven’t had any sims with since I’ve been working on this page.


Active– Become energized, go for a jog, research workout tips, buy a basketball hoop
Cheerful– Meet someone new, become happy, chat with someone
Creative- Play an instrument, play with toybox toys (child), plant something, become inspired, buy an easel
Genius– Share ideas, play chess, buy a microscope, play a card game
Goofball– Be mischievous, tell a joke, watch comedy on tv
Hot-Headed- Win a multiplayer game on the game console
Romantic- Become flirty, schedule a date, watch romance channel, challenge someone to play don’t wake the llama, freshen up in the mirror, watch romantic tv show
Self-Assured- Become confident, win a card game
Unflirty- Give a flirty sim the cold shoulder, ask sim about day, reprimand public intimacy


Art Lover- View art, view art at the museum, talk about art, discuss color theory
Bookworm- Buy a bookshelf, read something, finish reading a book
Foodie- Cook an excellent meal, cook a meal, watch cooking channel for ideas, drink a glass of nectar, buy a popcorn popper, research cooking techniques, eat an excellent meal, discuss fine cuisine, buy a banquet table
Geek- Enthuse about new show, buy a motion gaming rig
Music Lover- Listen deeply to music, discuss favorite band, dance to stereo music, buy an instrument, buy a stereo
Perfectionist- Create something of excellent quality


Ambitious- Get a promotion
Childish- Buy a toy, watch children’s channel on tv, buy a game console, build with buildems blocks
Clumsy- Cannonball into a pool
Dance Machine- Dance for an hour
Glutton- Eat an excellent meal, rummage in trash, cook a meal
Insane- Talk to self, tell story to self
Lazy- Take a nap, watch tv, watch a movie
Loves Outdoors- Go on vacation in Granite Falls, enthuse about the outdoors, catch a fish, plant something
Neat- Clean something
Snob- Drink a glass of nectar
Vegetarian- Evangelize about vegetarian benefits, Discuss vegetarianism (can only be done with another veg)


Bro- Bro hug, watch sports on tv
Evil- Declare an enemy, win a game on the muliti-player game console
Family-Oriented- Buy a toy, have a baby, leave a drawing for someone (bulletin board)
Hates Children- Be mean to a child, crush dreams of toddler
Insider- Tell an insider story, join a new club, start a club meeting
Jealous- Complain about love life,
Kleptomaniac- Swipe an item, enthuse about thrill of the steal
Loner- Be alone
Noncommittal- Start a new career
Outgoing- Meet someone new, make a friend, buy a drink fountain, call someone on the phone

Character Values

Responsible- Get a promotion, teach responsibility
Good Manners- Clean something

Toddler traits

Independent- Talk to a stranger, go potty, play with toy, ask for a drink, talk about favorite color, listen to music, ask to play, sleep in a toddler bed
Inquisitive- Sit on a chair, dance to music, splash in the toilet, play with nesting blocks, dance to music, ask (sim) to play, play with dolls, look at a book, change clothes
Angelic- Babble to (sim), watch tv, play with toy, hug (sim)
Clingy- Be friendly with (sim), watch (sim), talk to mirror, talk to stuffed animal, ask to be read a book, hug stuffed animal, talk about favorite color with (sim), play with toy, talk about party with (sim), say nonsense to (sim)
Wild- Take clothes off, play with toy, talk about toys with (sim), play with nesting blocks, play with dolls, hug (sim), talk about superheros with (sim), talk to stuffed animal