SNAFU Apocalypse

SNAFU (situation normal, all f***ed up)

I did a bit of research on the different lingo that doomsday preppers use.  They have an uncanny love for acronyms!  After spending way too long looking at them I decided on SNAFU.  Although it’s used nowadays for practically any little slip up it was used originally by the military when someone was asked for a progress report on a bad situation.

SNAFU is my Sims 3 Apocalypse Challenge story.  It continues the Without a Compass story from when I first started playing Sims 3 again and was just goofing off with no real purpose.  There’s a time jump from the end of that story to the start of this.  I’m including the epilogue from that one because even if you don’t know who the sims are you can get the basic gist of what happened that led up to everything.  The building an apocalypse chapters are entirely optional.  They aren’t story related at all.

Building an Apocalypse Part I
Building an Apocalypse Part II
Building an Apocalypse Part III

Without a Compass Epilogue
SNAFU Prologue
The Lost Years
168 Days to Zero Hour 
147 Days to Zero Hour
133 Days to Zero Hour
119 Days to Zero Hour
98 Days to Zero Hour
84 Days to Zero Hour
49 Days to Zero Hour
Zero Hour

Chapter 1.1: Racing Curfew
Chapter 1.2: The Pets Take Over
Chapter 1.3: Everything Falls Into Place
Chapter 1.4: Focus Ahead
Chapter 1.5: The End is Nigh
Chapter 1.6: Uplifted!
Chapter 1.7: Babies Incoming!
Chapter 1.8: Let Chaos Reign!
Chapter 1.9: Calm Moments
Chapter 1.10: The Stinky Kids
Chapter 1.11: Long-Lived Dog
Chapter 1.12: Alasdair’s Gift
Chapter 1.13: Time Marches On
Chapter 1.14: The Night Crew

Coming Soon…

Chapter 1.15: My Strange Family
Chapter 1.16: Doggonit!
Chapter 1.17: Passing the Torch

Chapter 2.1: Searching for a Spouse
Chapter 2.2: Employed!
Chapter 2.3: Slow Start
Chapter 2.4: Wedded Bliss?
Chapter 2.5: My Way
Chapter 2.6: Pretty in Pink
Chapter 2.7: Aeralyn’s Legacy
Chapter 2.8: Super Sleuth
Chapter 2.9: Paparazzi?
Chapter 2.10: Everyday Moments
Chapter 2.11: Colorful Family
Chapter 2.12: Generation Girl
Chapter 2.13: Getting Rough
Chapter 2.14: Journalist Extraordinaire
Chapter 2.15: Gen 4 Pups!
Chapter 2.16: Down the Rabbit Hole
Chapter 2.17: Gumshoe and More
Chapter 2.18: Teen Time
Chapter 2.19: Case Closed
Chapter 2.20: Freedom
Chapter 2.21: Symphonic Syna