Robinson Legacy

This legacy is a collaboration with several other simmers.  Details in the Setting Up chapter.

Chapter 1.0: Setting Up!
Chapter 1.1: Elise on the Town
Chapter 1.2: Elise the Workaholic?
Chapter 1.3: Elise Sees Fireworks
Chapter 1.4: Elise Has Babies
Gen 1 Heir Poll
Chapter 1.5: Elise Does Very Little Parenting
Chapter 1.6: Elise Aspires
Chapter 1.7: Elise Gets Renovated
Chapter 1.8: Elise Gets Abducted
Chapter 1.9: Elise the Alien Mommy?
Chapter 1.10: Elise Explores

Chapter 2.1: The Birthdays Part 1
Chapter 2.2: The Birthdays Part 2
Chapter 2.3: The Weddings
Chapter 2.4: Gen 2 Truly Begins
Chapter 2.5: Elise Leaves Us
Elise Robinson In Memoriam
Chapter 2.6: One Crazy Party!
Chapter 2.7: Full House Again
Chapter 2.8: Please Be My Friend
Chapter 2.9: Making Mischief
Chapter 2.10: The Birthday Train Has Arrived!
Chapter 2.11: Everyday Life
Chapter 2.12: Constant Craziness
Chapter 2.13: So Many Dates
Chapter 2.14: A Bittersweet Goodbye (coming soon!)
Chapter 2.15: First 4th Gen Baby! (coming soon!)
Chapter 2.16: Everything Falls Into Place (coming soon!)

Chapter 3.1: Flubbing Blunders (coming soon!)
Chapter 3.2: What You Wish For (coming soon!)
Chapter 3.3: Keeps On Ticking (coming soon!)
Chapter 3.4: Got Ya! (coming soon!)
Chapter 3.5: Emotional Rollercoaster (coming soon!)