Random Legacy Rules [Updated 2/28/18]

This challenge is by far one of my favorites.  It started in Sims 2 as A Theme Plus Three by Starryeyed.  It was later modified for Sims 3 as The Epic Boredom Challenge of Epicness by Six_By_Nine.  Then later it became known as The Random Legacy Challenge in Sims 3 by the current Sims 4 author Tigger89 but because their rules haven’t been updated since City Living I have taken them over.  Originally, I did just the rolls because I use them for my All the World’s a Stage challenge.  But so many people have come forward grateful that I’ve taken over updating I decided to move the entire challenge here to make it easier for all of us.  These rules have been taken in their entirety from the original ModtheSims forum post by tigger89.  All credit for the creation of this legacy goes to them.  If and when they return to updating that thread I will remove them from here if asked.  I did change a few things pertaining to old bugs that have been fixed and clarifying information.  I only made 2 actual rule changes.  I’ll mark those EDIT.

If you don’t need to review the rules feel free to jump to the Random Legacy Rolls or Aspiration Tips pages.

The Basic Concept

The Random Legacy Challenge is a 10-generation legacy-style challenge which is defined by its randomly-generated parameters governing careers, types of marriage, number of children, and even more aspects of the game, that each generation must follow. No two Random Legacies are ever the same, and even the luckiest rolls are impossible to plan for more than a generation in advance, due to the fact that each new generation’s rolls are only calculated as that generation is born. If formulaic challenge strategy bores you and long-term thinking bogs you down, this is the challenge for you!

There are six categories designated A-F that must be rolled for in each generation.  To roll, use a site such as random.org, or a randomizer phone app.

Getting Started

1. Create a new game. You should not play the random legacy challenge in a world that you’ve already been playing, it’s important to start off with a blank slate.

2. Set aging to normal and turn aging on for inactive families. If you want to use a mod such as MC Command Center to adjust lifestage lengths, you can use it, as long as the total number of days is roughly the same as you would get under normal aging.  This mod also offers story progression and is encouraged to keep your neighborhood populated.

3. Roll generation 1 parameters on tables A, B, C, D, E, and F.

4. Create your founder, spouse, and helpers if you rolled for them, in CAS.  You may choose any genders, ages, appearances, traits, aspirations, and family relationships that you want (provided that you’re not required to randomize through a roll), you may not create any of the children. The only condition is that the founder/heir must be a young adult.

5. Move the family into any empty lot you want. It doesn’t matter whether it’s blank or it contains a pre-built house. It is recommended that you pay some attention to the neighborhood features such as fishing or play areas that are accessible without traveling to another lot, but otherwise, the choice is up to you. You may pick your own lot traits if allowed by your starting parameters.

6. Have fun!

Full Rules

1. This challenge runs for 10 generations. You will create the 1st generation in CAS as described under Getting Started, and the challenge ends when the 10th generation has completed their goals and the 11th generation’s heir has come of age.

2. If you fail any of the parameters (such as by not having enough children, missing the goal, violating a fun objective, and so on), you lose  EDIT:  start the generation over.  If you did not have the foresight to make an extra save before starting that generation you may move on but find a creative way to punish yourself such as a negative house trait for all of the next generation. If a rule changes mid-legacy, you are not bound by it until your next generation begins, though you may begin abiding by it earlier if you want.

Note: I feel the “you lose” is quite harsh.  To me, if you aren’t purposefully failing to meet one of the generations rolls either start that generation over or just move on and try to do better.  I highly recommend making an extra save at the end of each generation you can go back to in case of a fail.

3. No cheating is allowed! This includes money cheats, skill cheats, relationship cheats, motive cheats, and any mods that give you a clear advantage over another player. In addition, you should avoid exploits and sneaky loopholes in game mechanics. Move objects is not considered cheating. Of course, if your game gets into a bugged state, you can do whatever you have to, including cheating, to get it back in a playable state, provided you do your best to erase any benefit you’ve gained.

4. During this challenge, heirs, spouses, and helpers may only make money from the actions permitted to them under the parameters rolled for that generation, though they may begin doing so as early as childhood. In addition, other sims in the household may not assist them in their careers such as many sims digging up collectibles and giving them to the collector sim to sell.  Nor can they directly sell efforts from previous generations.  For example, a painter selling their hobbyist mother’s collection of paintings. Retiring as an elder is okay.

5. There is a few money making exceptions, actions which may be done freely. These include: selling childhood drawings made on the activity table, using the NanoCan Touchless Trash Can, and selling duplicate penpal postcards received while collecting. Please do not exploit this allowance, because it’s only allowed to relieve tedium associated with tracking and removing so many tiny gains in wealth. Exploits would be things like having all children, regardless of aspiration, spend their entire childhood simply drawing and selling pictures, or having a sim repeatedly take a bite of a plate of food and then scrape what’s left into the garbage to “farm” the can.

6. You may not immediately sell reward objects you receive from promotions and gaining medals for social events, including dates. You may use them in your household, delete them, or banish them to the household inventory. It’s not a huge deal if you use them in your household and then delete them some weeks later during a remodeling, especially as you’ve paid bills on them the entire time, but you should make an effort not to immediately turn around and use them as extra bonus income.

7. Regarding teen part-time jobs, only heirs and spares who will remain in the household as helpers are allowed to take them.

8.(a) Sims may not be aged up early. You must wait until you get the announcement that it’s their birthday and the little bubble shimmers appear on their age bar before you can celebrate their birthday.

8.(b) Any sim bringing in the next generation must wait the full four days for their pregnancies to come to term – this means no using the pregnancy test, as this shaves a day off of the pregnancy timer!

9. Traits and aspirations do not have to be randomly generated unless you roll that as a parameter. See the Aspirations page for more information, including help for picking parameter-compatible aspirations for your sims.

10. The heir may be any sim that you want, provided they were born to or adopted by the previous generation’s heir. While children of helpers, provided they are raised in the household, count towards the total number of children for the generation, they are not eligible to become the next heir. If you’d like a little more fun in choosing your heirs, see the Choosing an Heir section below.

11. The next generation’s heir comes of age at YA. At that point, you are officially in that heir’s generation, though restrictions from the previous generation continue to apply until that generation has fulfilled their generational goal. (The E roll) Unless stated otherwise, fun objectives begin when the heir comes of age and end when the next heir takes over. Once a generation is complete,  EDIT: Once the generation goal is complete, sims of that generation including the heir, spouse, and any helpers may move out, though this is not required.  However, all sims of a given generation must have either left this mortal coil or have moved out by the time their grandchildren come of age. For example, a sim who was part of generation 1 may remain in the household until the generation 3 heir comes of age, but at that point, they must move out.

Note: I edited this because I’ve had generations with the full house roll with more than one unemployed sim just standing around taking up time and space.

12. Spares must be moved out of the house within 24 hours of aging to YA. You may not play other households in town, including spares, with the exception of briefly taking control only long enough to try for baby and take a pregnancy test, in order to ensure cousins for your legacy family. If you’re away from your main household for more than 2-3 sim hours, you’re taking too long. Using MC Command Center you can start a pregnancy without switching to that house if you want.

13. You may create spouses and helpers for heirs, but their traits must be randomized and they may not be moved directly into the legacy household. You must first move them into their own home, or with another family, and then have your sim locate them in town and befriend or romance them as required, until they get the option to ask them to move in. It’s okay to choose their aspiration, unless it’s required to be randomized this generation due to a parameter.  Note:  This isn’t as easy as it sounds, I’ve spent weeks trying to spot the sim I’ve added this way!

14. Sometimes the dice just hate you, and doing the same thing multiple generations in a row isn’t always fun. If you roll the same career for multiple sims in a generation, or roll the same career, goal or fun in two consecutive generations, you may re-roll that parameter. This does not apply to careers rolled through Career Hopper(only Career Hopper roll itself), and you are not required to re-roll, but the option is there if you’d like to take it.

15. Aspiration rewards are unrestricted, except for the potions. No potions may be purchased except for the young again potion. To begin, you may only purchase the young again potion once, so make it count. When your generation 6 heir comes of age, you gain a second purchase. This means that if you save your first purchase, at the halfway point you will now have two purchases left.

16. When moving sims into the family(for spouses or helpers), you may not keep any funds they bring in with them. Use the “testingcheats on” and “money x”, where x is the amount you want to set household funds to, to remove any unwanted money that comes along with sims.

17. While there is a separate career roll to run a retail store, you may operate a retail store to sell your crafted goods as long as you’ve rolled a career that allows you to sell them normally. This store may only sell those items, however, and such “optional” retail careers don’t count as professions for the purposes of rule #18. If you have City Living, operating a vendor table or display wall counts as a retail store for the purposes of both the retail store career roll and “optional” retail careers. However, if you choose to operate one of these vendor tables, it does not count as a profession even if you have rolled the retail career, as due to its portable nature you can set up anywhere.

18. Interactive careers have been tagged as “professions” because they require you to switch view to a sim on another loaded lot.  If you rolled more than one of them you may re-roll.

19. Concerning clubs, some restrictions must go in place in order to make them non-cheaty:
* Family/in-home clubs are okay, but should not be “gathering” for more than 4 hours at a time.
* Gatherings should only be active when club members are actively performing club activities together.
* Club activities should not exploit the system for your own gain like cleaning your house or repairing all of your broken objects.
*Anything created during your club gatherings may be consumed, viewed, or otherwise used during the gathering but must be thrown away or otherwise deleted without profit immediately after the gathering is over.
* Club activities may not be changed more than once every sim week. Having a club grow with your sims is one thing, but tailoring the club to whatever they have to do on a given day is not allowed.

20. A single wishing well may be purchased and used, but only on your residential lot – if you purchase a wishing well for a community lot, it is for decoration only. In addition, certain wishes are limited. You may not wish for Wealth at any time. You may wish for Youthful Vigor, but the wish counts as one of your two young again potion purchases, regardless of the outcome! Yes, even if you get aged up, it counts! So, wish carefully. You also may not wish for anything that advances your generation goals. For example, if you have Perfect Careers, you may not wish for Promotion. If you have Perfect Children, they may not wish for Grades or Romance. Wishing for a Child is allowed, and count towards your number of children for the generation. However, if it is a ghost child, you must bring them back to life before they count.

21. You may choose your own lot traits when moving into lots unless otherwise noted, but once they’re chosen you may not change them unless directed to by a roll. Moving house mainly for the purpose of getting to pick better parameters for your current generation is considered cheating. If you’re ever in doubt, feel free to determine your lot traits randomly – this will always be okay, even if you move every single generation.

22. Feel free to use vampires, aliens, and their associated powers in your random legacy stories, but keep in mind that immortal sims may not remain in the legacy household forever per rule #11.

What now?  You’ll need to do your rolls here: Random Legacy Rolls

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