Random Legacy Aspiration Tips

Randomizing aspirations would make no sense.  It’s easier and a lot more fun if your aspiration matches your career or goal for that generation.  However, to make up for getting to choose the aspiration, once that aspiration is chosen you can’t switch it out if you get tired of it.  If you move in a spouse or helper with a weird aspiration, you can change it once immediately upon moving them in, but then that’s what you’re stuck with until they complete it.  To aid in aspiration choice, here’s a list of all aspirations listed with the conditions they require in order to be utilized to their full potential.

Aspirations with no restrictions:

Bodybuilder– Will need to purchase 2 pieces of workout equipment

Musical Genius– May license just enough songs to earn $500 for milestone 3
Painter Extraordinaire– May sell only the 3 paintings required for milestone 2

Chief of Mischief– Will need a voodoo doll and access to a computer

Fabulously Wealthy & Mansion Baron– Will require quite a bit of money.  In the case of Fabulously Wealthy, it’s excess money you never spend.  Probably not the best idea until midway through the legacy.

Archaeology Scholar– May not publish the archaeology skill book for milestone 4 unless you rolled the Archaeologist unconventional career.
Nerd Brain– Requires a rocket.  If you travel to space you may not sell the items found but may keep them as decor.

City Native– May enter contests until you win one for milestone 4.  If you have rolled Homemade you may eat three(and only three) food stall meals.

Angling Ace, Freelance Botanist, Outdoor Enthusiast, The Curator, & Jungle Explorer– Nature aspirations are doable and not restricted with any rolls, however, you will have to mass-delete(or sell and cheat the money away) the collectibles.  You may keep the collectibles as decor or eat the foods but none of it can be sold for profit unless you rolled the corresponding unconventional career.

Friend of the World, Party Animal, Leader of the Pack– Not restricted in any rolls.  May keep but not sell any party rewards.

Aspirations with restrictions:

Friend of the Animals– Must have room for a pet

Bestselling Author– Writer career (either) or Freelance Author unconventional career

Public Enemy– Criminal career (either but I recommend Boss)

Super Parent– Must not be a deadbeat parent.  Would be a great choice for the Perfect Children roll.
Big Happy Family– Must have at least 3 children, one of these children will need to get married, and they will also need 4 grandchildren.  I would suggest rolling ahead for the next generation to even see if it’s doable.
Successful Lineage– Must not be a deadbeat parent.  One of the children will need to complete an adult aspiration as well as topping a teen career.  It completes when the child gets to level 6 of their adult career.  This is another I’d suggest rolling the next generation early because if their children all roll unconventional careers it’s not even doable.

Master Chef– Culinary career (chef)
Master Mixologist– Culinary career (mixologist)

Renaissance Sim– Career Hopper career roll.  Will need level 8 in 6 skills as well.  I wouldn’t suggest this with a big family that will need a lot of attention because they will be skilling a lot.
Computer Whiz– Tech Guru career (either), may make 1 video game or app for milestone 3.

Serial Romantic– May not sell date rewards.  A good choice for a mixed single roll.
Soulmate– Must marry, may not sell date rewards.