NukeCrest News

I added almost 60 sims off of the gallery that had the hashtag #Murkland.  I threw them all into NewCrest otherwise known to Murklanders and NukeCrest.  When I placed all of Brennachan’s sims in Oasis Springs I made sure to mark them all as played so that MC Command Center wouldn’t mess with them.  I didn’t bother doing that with the NukeCrest residents.  So hopefully nobody will be upset when they find out their sim has married or had a baby with some other sim.  It’s all in good fun right?  Hopefully.  So, I thought it might entertain everyone if I kept track of the notifications here.  Also, this way if I’m wondering who someone’s baby daddy is I can look on here.  Enjoy!

After making this page I went back to playing and it seems that the mod made some sims pregnant that were in households too large for kids.  Like Raerei and LisaBee live in the same household and there’s only one open spot there so it ended LisaBee’s.  It’s all confuzzled!  When Lisa Bee became pregnant again I moved them to another smaller household so it wouldn’t keep happening.