My Old Rotation

To read the original 66 chapters head to my old blog here: Keeping up with The Joneses

The 6 Shutterbug/Mashup chapters are on this blog: Shutterbug/Mashup Rotation

Background info…

Originally known as Keeping Up with the Joneses, my old rotation started in February of 2015.  It featured a rich family known as the Joneses, all but a few of the EA pre-mades that came with the base game, and some of the Sims 4 original sims like Babs L’Amour.  After a few generations and 37 very long chapters, I became frustrated because the game kept assigning romantic relationships to my sims when I wasn’t playing them and the rotation went on the back burner.  Then my PC died and I couldn’t play at all.  A year later I picked up where I’d left off.  By then Get Together had come out and some of those sims were integrated into the story.  As much as I loved them all I found it difficult to keep up with them and also keep the chapters entertaining.  I grew tired of it and took a break.

In an attempt to make a comeback I decided to rename it.  I came up with the idea of using one sim to document everyone’s lives.  I named it the Shutterbug Rotation.  I did three chapters this way before I got frustrated trying to figure out how on earth she would know all of this about the different sims.  Yet another attempt was later made to resurrect the rotation newly dubbed Challenge Mashup Rotation in which I tried doing Zerbu’s Absolute Master Challenge with only 10 of the households.  That lasted a total of 3 chapters before I, once again, got frustrated and quit.

But, despite all of this, the rotation and the families in it have always been very dear to me.  I can tell you the lineage of every single sim living in that save.  So, almost 3 years since it started, I’ve decided to give up on it completely.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love them all but when I was setting up my AfterTime Build A City Challenge and had the idea to use some of the rotation sims I realized that the ones that meant the most to me were the kids.  I decided I wanted the lineage to live on even if the rotation didn’t.  So, I moved most of them baby-teen from that save to the new AfterTime save.  I know that some of them will only play minor roles but this way we’ll at least see them occasionally.