TS4- Robinson Legacy Gen 5 Heir Poll

We're voting super young this time around.  Both are brown haired and brown eyed girls.  (I aged Brynn then quit w/o saving to see!)  I'll leave it open until the youngest, Brynn, ages to a teen.  The choices are very different and truthfully both sound like a lot of fun so I'm glad I don't [...]

TS4- Robinson Legacy 4.4: So Spoiled

Legacy Collaboration Generation 4 Chapter 2 Score 57 Oi!  Maid!  Where you think you're going with that cake?  Well, I guess it doesn't matter since Moose had to leave for work and didn't have time to blow out the candles.  *sniffle*  Our Moose is going to be an elder! Heaven returned home from work after [...]

TS4- Robinson Legacy 4.3: Gen 5 is Secured

Legacy Collaboration Generation 4 Chapter 3 Score 56 This is our one and only screenshot of poor neglected Moogly.  RIP buddy!  I need to get Coolspears long living peace loving cow plant mod stat! As you might remember, at the end of the previous chapter, Baylee was visiting a very pregnant Ava.  She returned to find that [...]