Absence Due To Irma…

Anyone who follows me on Twitter is already aware of this but I thought I'd just make a note here as well.  Starting sometime today, (Sept. 9th) I'll be packing up my computer to keep it safe.  We'll be staying with family starting either tonight or early tomorrow morning through the hurricane and then, best case [...]

Blog Update

I've recently run out of free space on this WordPress blog resulting in now having a paid plan which also means I now have my own domain name!  Welcome to rainygamez.com!  In light of this and also the discovery of some old save files that I thought that I'd lost I decided to do a [...]


As some of you may know I've lost a great many save files because of my backup external hard drive.  It is a wireless one, which I don't recommend.  What happened was that suddenly the hard drive was no longer listed in my network.  Sometimes it would pop up but when I tried to open [...]