Stages [Updated 11/24]

This challenge is also known as All the World’s a Stage… I shortened it to Stages because as much as I love it the name is really long.

What better name for this challenge than the beginning of my favorite poem?  In Sims, as in the poem, there are 7 life stages.  This challenge will (hopefully) keep us from getting bored by giving our sims new quirks or goals each time they age up.  Please note: If you do not have a pack required for one of your rolls simply reroll.  I’ve written this challenge to include every pack that’s been released and plan to update it as new ones come out.  It is intended to be played legacy style but can be used in a single generation or just as a roll here or there when you’re growing bored of whatever you’re currently playing.  As with all of my challenges if there is something you don’t want to do and you’re no longer enjoying yourself then don’t do it!  First and foremost enjoy yourself and the game.

Starting out-

In your founding generation, you will do the young adult rolls ie Random Legacy rolls.  Just as is mentioned in the notes here on this page if you already have a sim or couple in mind and a career in mind for them you may skip those rolls.  The rolls we are most concerned with are the generational goals and miscellaneous fun.  You will continue those goals until the heir of the next generation ages to young adult.  I’ll leave the lifespan up to you.  If you prefer to play on long have at it.  If you love mods and CC have at it.  The only cheat not allowed is obviously a money cheat.  But why would you want to do that?  You’d be bored silly!  While we’re on the subject of money… you start with whatever starting cash the game gives you.  Use it wisely… or not at all if you want to play all extreme you rebel.

When do I return here-

Each time a child is born or any sim ages up you will return to this page and do their roll.  Use a random number generator.  I have an app on my phone I use.

Baby- (1-3)

  1. Forgetful Parents: The parents keep forgetting that you exist.  They only tend to your needs when you cry to remind them you are there.
  2. Doting Family: The entire family dotes on the baby and all of them are friends and at least one is good friends with them by the time they age to toddler. *updated*
  3. Hired Help: The family can’t be bothered with a mewling and puking infant.  All care by a nanny and/or butler.

Toddler- (1-8)

  1. What I want: The toddler must only follow whims through their entire lifestage.  (Pairs with Angelic)
  2. Here I am: The parents can never be controlled to care for the toddler.  The toddler must take care of their own needs and ask for help.  (Pairs with Independent)
  3. Overbearing: No matter what the toddler is doing someone must join them if possible. Playing with dolls, blocks, reading to sleep, helping potty train, watching play with toys, ect.  (Pairs with Clingy)
  4. What it takes: Your toddler has what it takes to be successful in life.  Get all toddler skills to at least 3 to gain the Happy Toddler bonus trait. If playing on long all skills should be maxed to gain the Top Notch Toddler bonus trait.  (Pairs with Inquisitive)
  5. Don’t wanna: Stubborn from the start.  This toddler resists any prompting to learn… anything!  If a parent autonomously tries to teach to potty train or something similar reset them to cancel the action.  (Pairs with Fussy)
  6. Terrible Twos and Threes and Fours: This toddler is a total brat!  They will make messes, throw their food, break the dollhouse, hit, bite… basically anything they can possibly do to wreak havoc.  (Pairs with Wild)
  7. Look at me: This friendly toddler goes out of their way to meet and befriend strangers.  Try to have as many friends outside of the family as possible by the time they age up.  (Pairs with Charmer)
  8. Wocka Wocka: This toddler is a mini comedian!  Do whatever you can to keep them in a perpetual playful state.  As soon as their communication skill is high enough to tell jokes they should only use jokes to communicate.  (Pairs with Silly)

Child- (1-20)

  1. Voided: Have your child complete the VoidCritter collection without purchasing packs and train one VoidCritter to level 10.  On long lifespan collect all foil cards and train a VoidCritter of each element to level 10.
  2. Baby Picasso: Have your child max the creativity skill through the activity table.  Exception: If you’re working on the Artistic Prodigy aspiration they can use the other items required but only to fulfill the requirements.  Complete the collection of drawings.  As far as I can figure there are 5 shapes, 5 people, 6 animals, 5 vehicles, and 6 monsters.  On long lifespan complete the collection with all versions of each picture.  It looks like there is 66 total.  Most drawings have 2 versions but some have 3.  Bonus: Complete the placemat collection as well!  There are only 3 pictures they can color on but each one has 8 versions of varying skill I doubt it’s possible to get them all due to the skill factor.  Display one of each picture type in their room.
  3. Lab Rat: Max the mental skill only using the lab table.  (Coolspear has a mod that prevents lab table fires but I can’t find if it’s been updated after the pets patch or not.  Be sure to use a smoke alarm and sprinklers just in case!)  Once the child can make potions have them drink one potion of your choice each day.  I can’t figure out if the stink drink has another purpose than just drinking yourself.  Exception: They may do the other tasks needed if they are completing the Nerd Brain aspiration.
  4. Made For the Stage: Max the Social skill using only the Puppet Theatre.  Build a stage area with seating for their shows.  Perform all 5 puppet shows for an audience of at least 5 sims.
  5. Cool Kid: This child is the cool kid in school.  They are friends with all of the children and those they aren’t friends with they try to become friends with.  They have a friend hang out at the house every day and if they aren’t hanging out at the house they are chillin’ with friends at a park or similar lot.  Complete the Social Butterfly aspiration.  Max the Social and Charisma skill or try to get as high in it as you can.
  6. Leader of the Pack: Like the cool kid this child has lots of friends.  But all of their friends are in their club.  You make the rules for who is in or who is out.  Build a clubhouse either on the home lot or off lot so that they can have meetings.  The club must meet at least twice a week.  When the club is not meeting the child should call at least one of the club members on the phone to plan for the next meeting.  Can also be paired with Social Butterfly.
  7. Hyped: This kid can’t sit still!  The only activities that they can do for fun are those requiring movement.  Max the motor skill and get as far as you can in the athletic skill.  Can be paired with Rambunctious Scamp though they shouldn’t sit still long to complete the parts requiring using a computer.
  8. Bad Seed: Just an all-around baddie.  They get their social by being mean whether it’s to family or just to strangers if you don’t want to ruin relationships.  They make messes and never wash dishes.  They skip school and don’t do homework.  Once they have maxed the Social skill start them working on the mischief skill.
  9. On a Whim: Just like the toddler “What I Want” roll the child can only be controlled by you to do tasks that they have whims for.  I suggest switching aspirations to fit whichever whim they have.  If it gets too frustrating choose one aspiration and use that as part of the whim rule.
  10. Collector: This child wants to be out and about finding all the things!  Have them dig rocks, dirt piles, frog logs, and rummage in the trash.  They should keep one of each item for their collection which should be displayed in their room.
  11. Angler: Oh the great outdoors!  This child wants to spend as much time as possible outside fishing.  They treasure the little fishies that they’ve caught and keep one of each type in fishbowls displayed in their room.
  12. Shutterbug: This child loves taking pictures!  Landscapes and sims and all things in between.  If they have pets they can be Simstigram photos as well.  One of each photo taken should be displayed proudly in their room.  Gain all creativity skill through the use of the camera.
  13. Suck Up: This child wants nothing more than to please their parents and goes to great lengths to do so.  They always do their homework and work hard in school.  They aim to be good friends with their parents and always do any chores that they notice need doing.  They never make messes and go out of their way to be friendly and pleasant to their parents.
  14. Trainer: This child’s best friend is a dog.  They spend every moment possible with their pup training them.  Try to have the dog trained up in all tricks as well as training out any bad behaviors such as drinking out of the toilet or from pee puddles.  I say dog because there’s so much more you can train them with but if you’d rather a cat try to have them train away as many bad behaviors as possible.
  15. Prodigy: This child is very driven to be the best of the best.  Try to complete as many of the aspirations as possible and max as many skills as possible too.  It is recommended that you use potions to keep their needs up and traits that help with skills or lessen the need for sleep or something similar.  Once they have an A in school they can take vacation days or have their parent write a note so that they can focus on their studies.  They’re too smart for school!
  16. Head in the Clouds: This child (once their creativity skill is high enough) spends most of their time daydreaming, cloud gazing, telling make believe stories, describing imaginary friends, telling stories to stuffed friends, narrating a tale of dolls and is basically in their own little world most of the time.
  17. Gamer Geek: This child loves video games.  All video games!  They play on the computer, gaming console, motion gaming rig, basically any electronic device they can get their hands on.  If they don’t have one available they’ll even play on their phone.
  18. Budding Musician: This child loves music.  Whether it’s listening to the radio, dancing to music or learning an instrument they have a melody in their soul that can’t be contained.  If possible try to gain some adult instrument skills once their creativity is maxed.
  19. Got Character: Try to get as many character traits as high as possible before aging to teen.
  20. Rotten Egg: Have the child make a best friend and become partners in crime.  Do pranks whenever the option is available. Have one character value in full red.  Use mischief interactions.

Teen- (1-14)

  1. On a Whim: Just like the toddler “What I Want” and child roll of the same name… this teen can only be controlled by you to do tasks that they have whims for.  Swapping aspirations can give them new whims so when things get stale swap one out.  Emotional whims are helpful but be careful leaving a room that has an emotional aura because the whim will disappear before you can fulfill it.
  2. Trainer: Just as the child roll of the same name… This teen’s best friend is a dog.  They spend every moment possible with their pup training them.  Try to have the dog trained up in all tricks as well as training out any bad behaviors such as drinking out of the toilet or from pee puddles.  I say dog because there’s so much more you can train them with but if you’d rather a cat try to have them train away as many bad behaviors as possible.
  3. Goody Goody: Similar to the child Suck Up roll… This teen wants nothing more than to please their parents and goes to great lengths to do so.  They always do their homework and work hard in school.  They aim to be good friends with their parents and always do any chores that they notice need doing.  They go out of their way to be friendly and pleasant to their parents. Seeking them out to spend time with them.  They might also have a part time job to help with family funds.
  4. Jock: This teen wants to be fit!  Whether it’s just that they can’t sit still like the Hyper child or they want to look good to impress other teens they spend the bulk of their time active in one way or another.  Complete as much of the Bodybuilder aspiration as possible.
  5. Emo: This teen dresses in vintage clothes and may have dyed hair and piercings.  They aren’t as social with their family and if they have friends they only have a small group of close friends.  They enjoy listening to music and might even dabble in learning to play a bit of music themselves.  Maybe even trying out the bubble blower now and then.
  6. Mood-Swinger:  This teen can’t make up their mind about anything!  If playing on normal lifespan change every other day if playing on long change once a week.  Changes can be appearance, hobbies, friends, school habits, ect.
  7. Rebel Without a Cause: These teens are mean.  To everyone.  If you really don’t want to ruin family relationships just have them ignore their family instead of being mean.  They skip school and never do homework.  They might dress more rebellious as well and break curfew to meet up with friends.
  8. Prankster:  A mischievous jokester.  Complete the Chief of Mischief aspiration or get as far as you can get.  Maybe form a club where the goal is to pull pranks.  Become partners in crime with another teen so that they can plan pranks for school as well.
  9. The Popular Kid: This teen goes out of their way to make sure everyone likes them.  They spend a lot of time on their appearance and often sport new trending styles.  Work on the Friend of the World aspiration.
  10. Clueless: In the movie, two best friends befriend a geeky girl and give her a makeover bringing her into their group.  To start become best friends with another teen.  Hang out around town watching for a goofy looking random townie teen.  Befriend one and take them shopping.  Give them a makeover.  Tell all of the people you know about them and if they have any poor relationships try to help mend them.  Become good friends and spend all of your time with both friends.  It would be hard to act out any more of the concept without controlling the other kid.
  11. Ladies man/woman: Have more than one boyfriend or girlfriend at once and try to make sure that they never see you with each other while still being affectionate in public.
  12. Parents Don’t Understand: Whenever possible ignore the parents and other older family members.  They just don’t get you so it’s not worth your time to talk to them.  Spend time with friends.  Don’t do homework because teachers don’t understand you either.  If you have a part-time job don’t work hard.  Use all vacation days and skip work often.  Skip school as well.  School is pointless.
  13. Social Media Addict: Make lots of friends and get your charisma up high enough to make a social media profile on the computer.  While out and about take photos so that you can later share the images with your followers.  If you have pets Simstigram them and try to gain followers for them.  Update your status often. Upload viral videos.  Chat on the computer for social and find pen pals.  As much social interaction as possible should be done via the computer.  Play games with other sims with the video game console for fun.
  14. Runaway Teen: Play the teen however you’d like except for one week of their lifestage (longer if you’re playing long lifespan) have them run away for whatever reason.  Stop aging in game settings and move the teen into a household alone.  Move them to an empty lot and remove all of their funds.  Have them sleep on benches and eat produce, grab food others have left, or collect to sell things to buy food.  Avoid all adults and especially anyone who knows your parents.  Hide out in a different world than the one your parents live in.  It would be better if they didn’t go to school so maybe use vacation days and do part of it on a weekend if you’re worried about their grades.  Decide how or why you want them to return home.  You can continue playing them however you want or roll for a different goal.

Young adult-

This is the stage in life where a sim makes goals.  Decides just what it is they’d like to do with their life.  Random Legacy Rolls apply. If you roll midlife crisis reroll since those rolls are in the adult section here.  There are 5 rolls in the Random Legacy.

A) Marriage– If you already know who you want them to marry or you don’t want to have other sims in the household helping feel free to skip this.  If you’re skipping it but like the idea of the “mixed” roll where you have the chance of having one or more of the children be adopted go ahead and roll 1-100 if you get 1-20 at least one of the children will be adopted.

Optional: Arranged marriage- Have your sim marry someone randomly chosen.  If you have MC Command Center you can use the command get_pop S in the cheats window to get a list of the single sims.  Number them and roll.  If you don’t have mods have them go somewhere and the first eligible mate to walk by is their lucky bride/groom.  You may either woo them the old fashioned way or just add them to the household in manage worlds and marry them in CAS.

B) Children– I’ve always found this to be a fun one but if you want you can skip it.

Optional: A Bit Risky- If you use a mod that allows for risky woohoo turn it on and see what happens.  If it’s taking too long and you need an heir you may turn up the percentage chance and initiate woohoo instead of waiting for it to be autonomous.

C/D) Careers– I’ve always really liked the career rolls.  Especially the unconventional careers.  But maybe your heir already has a lot of skills needed for a particular career or they’ve spent most of their life already on something like painting and you feel that it would be strange for them to suddenly go into a career like Science.  If so skip it.  You can always roll later if you get bored.

E) Generation Goals– Some are very time-consuming and others aren’t but I’ve always found this and the next roll to be my favorite parts of the challenge.

F) Miscellaneous “Fun”– I put fun in quotations because in most cases these rolls are created to torture your poor sims… or you. Like the Generational Goals, some are much more time consuming than others and some you’ll be praying for the generation to end so you can stop doing them!  I’ve always found it a good idea to plan weekly tasks on a certain day preferably a weekend day so the kids will be home.

Note: The YA Random Legacy rolls are for the duration of that generation unless as an adult they roll an option to reroll one of them.

Tip: What I normally do is open a word document and as I’m rolling everything I copy and paste it into it.  Then I save it as something like “Gen One Rolls.”  That way if you can’t remember something you don’t have to search for it.

Adult- (1-22)

  1. Your choice- Reroll any one of the Random Legacy categories A-F.
  2. Reroll Miscellaneous Fun- Your Miscellaneous Fun roll will change. It takes effect immediately, with weekly tasks starting the following Sunday.
  3. Reroll two of the sim’s traits and replace them via CAS fulleditmode. Warning: They may still occasionally get moodlets they would have gotten with the former trait.
  4. Re-roll your sim’s career. This means a new primary career if it’s the heir, and a new secondary career if it’s a spouse or spare.
  5. Retail Therapy- Buy something shiny and new each week to make yourself feel better about your life.
  6. Identity Crisis- Your sim must change their style drastically to cling to their youth.  You may change it more than once as they struggle with their age.
  7. Branching Out- Your sim decides to broaden their interests.  Max one new skill that they didn’t have before and get two more to at least level 5.
  8. Empty Nest Syndrome- Your sim’s arms feel empty and they miss the pitter-patter of little feet.  Either have a baby or adopt a baby or toddler.  If there isn’t room in the house reroll.
  9. Pet Celebrity- Your pet is the best and you want everyone to know it.  At least twice a day take a Simstigram photo of the pet. If they don’t have a pet already get one.  If there isn’t room in the house reroll.
  10. A Change in Taste – Your sim is suddenly craving odd foods.  They study baking in their spare time to learn how to make cow plant meringue pie, alien fruit tarts, voodoo doll donuts, ect.  OR They decide to learn the experimental foods and buy a chef station.
  11. Grilled Cheese!!!- Have your sim eat 3 grilled cheese sandwiches in a row.  They taste so good and gooey cheesy they can’t resist!  Once the hidden Grilled Cheese aspiration is unlocked switch them to this.  You may switch back and forth between Grilled Cheese and their former aspiration if you were actively working on it.
  12. Litterer- Puppies!  Kittens!  They are so cute!  And they have the bonus of making us forget how much we miss having little babies in the house.  Have at least 3 litters of either during this sim’s adult life stage. Change out a lot trait to breeding ground.  Sell the pets once they’ve aged to adult.  (If you put them up for adoption you’ll never see them again but you can do that too if you want.) Reroll if you have less than 3 empty spaces in your house.
  13. My Cheatin’ Heart- Your sim is suddenly curious about what it would be like with someone different than their own chosen mate.  Whether it be as simple as a different hair color or as extreme as the opposite gender than their partner.  Have the sim actively seek out a different sim and pursue them just so they know.  Whether it goes any further than flirtation is up to you.
  14. Fat to Fit- Your sim becomes an emotional wreck over their recent birthday.  Have them eat constantly.  Lots of fatty foods like cakes and lobster thermidor.  Once their weight is all of the way to the top of the slider scale have them suddenly realize how much they’ve let themselves go and start exercising to trim down.  The catch?  They can’t push the limits so it may take quite awhile.
  15. All my wishes: Just like “what I want” and “on a whim”… this adult can only be controlled by you to do tasks that they have whims for.  Emotional whims are helpful but be careful leaving a room that has an emotional aura because the whim will disappear before you can fulfill it.  Exceptions: Job tasks or skilling needed for job.  If you rolled this you may switch aspirations as often as you want to either prompt whims or just to add more things they can do.  If you’re unsure about if something is allowed you can check the Whim Challenge Rules page.
  16. Xenophiliac- Your sim, for whatever reason, has a sudden interest in all things alien.  You may cheat by getting the satellite from the gallery to place on the lot so that they can attempt to communicate with the aliens.  Continue their attempts at contact and perhaps also building a rocket and going on missions until they are abducted.  If they are male continue until they become pregnant.  If they are female they return home from the abduction with a little package.  Create an alien toddler in CAS to add to the family.  If there is no room reroll.
  17. Lone wolf- Their recent birthday has put a strain on your sim’s relationships.  You may take it as far as adopting a wolf pet if you’d like.  Have them spend the bulk of their time stewing in their own misery alone.  You can let it last the entire lifestage or have them come to their senses when you get bored.  You may use the computer to build social.
  18. Amnesiac- Use cheats to remove relationships with every sim in their relationship panel.  The quickest way to do this would be with MCCC.  Have them meet and re-build relationships with everyone including their own family.
  19. Exhibitionist- Your sim wants to spice things up.  They no longer want to have plain boring bed woohoo.  They want to seek out bushes, closets in public places, the lighthouse, ect for a bit more thrill.
  20. My Dark Obsession- Your sim is so shaken by their recent birthday that they become obsessed with finding a way to stop aging.  Have them research vampire lore, meet and befriend a vampire, and request to be turned.  After which they may or may not realize the consequences of their decision.  If you choose to keep them as a vampire they can only live in the household for the next generation with their grandchildren and then must move out.
  21. Barhopper- Your sim feels the need to either get away from the family or just to party with the younger crowd.  They visit bars, nightclubs, lounges, dance parties, ect at least once a week.
  22. Know your roots- Your sim becomes engrossed with genealogy.  They discover their roots and change their appearance in order to look more like the first gen founding sim(s).  If not much has changed or your sim isn’t in at least the 3rd gen reroll.

Elder- (1-9) Note: Unless you’re trying to get them to the top of a career your elder retires their job if they have one immediately after their birthday.

  1. Friend of the Strays- In their twilight years your sim feels compassion for those who don’t have a comfortable home like themselves.  They begin spending time (how long depends on how big your family is and how much time you want to dedicate to it) with stray pets.  Filling pet bowls, taking stray dogs for walks, chatting with them, feeding them wellness treats when they’re sick, giving them baths.  Note: There are much fewer interactions with strays that I assumed.  Warning: There is a bug right now with the wellness treats that leaves the animal in a perpetual state of fear.  Use at your own risk.  Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  2. Fools Gold- There’s gold in them thar hills and your elder is determined to find their fortune… through poop!  If they do not already have a pet have them get one through whatever means you’d like.  Then, have the elder feed them poop randomizer treats and follow them around hoping to get rich.
  3. Busker- I was made for the stage!  I missed my calling!  So instead I will compensate by performance art!  Have your elder become a busker.  To do this go to the city and tip a busker.  This will unlock the outfits.  Make one of their everyday outfits one of the different busker uniforms… don’t forget the face paint!  Then have them busk for tips.  (As often as you have time to give them depending on the size of the family.)
  4. That’s my pet!- In their twilight years your elder has become a bit… confused.  You can either have them adopt a new pet, use the current pet, or a pet that has passed away. (which would be really depressing) Whatever you choose your elder will go out to community lots and regularly bring home other people’s pets or strays that they insist is their own pet.
  5. Hello darkness, my old friend- Become best friends with the Grim Reaper.  Whenever your elder travels have them invite Grim to go along.  You might have to be a bit devious to meet Grim in the first place if they don’t know him already.
  6. I’ll do it my way: Just like “what I want” and “on a whim” and “all my wishes”… this elder can only be controlled by you to do tasks that they have whims for.  Swapping aspirations can give them new whims so when things get stale swap one out.  Emotional whims are helpful but be careful leaving a room that has an emotional aura because the whim will disappear before you can fulfill it.
  7. Child at Heart- Change one of the elder’s traits to childish.  Have them spend their spare time playing with toys, watching cartoons and doing other things that only childish sims can do.  If any of the household members are still younger than teens have them spend the bulk of their time with them.
  8. Grumpy old man/woman- Your elder has become grumpy and bitter.  This might be with everyone including family members and friends or if you don’t want to hurt those relationships it can be with strangers.  They will use mean interactions only.
  9. Grandpa/Grandma has lost their marbles- Starting from the moment they age to elder you can no longer control the elder.  Let them do their own thing.  There’s actually a surprising amount of things you can do with an uncontrolled sim and it’s fun to observe what they do autonomously.

Random Rolls- (1-17)

(Getting bored? Try a random roll to spice things up!)

  1. Ghost pet- Have a household member begin spending a lot of time in the pet graveyard in Brindleton Bay.  Have them befriend and add a ghost pet to the household.  You may use an ambrosia treat whenever you’d like or never.
  2. Misery- Have a household member become either good friends or best friends with a random townie.  Have them build a basement apartment will all of the amenities and a computer to write with.  Add the townie to the household and have them live hidden from view and unknown by anyone but the one household member for as long as you’d like.  Add a mailbox to the basement apartment so that they can publish the books they write.
  3. Say hello to my little friend- Have any or all household members invite people over to feed your hungry cowplant(s).  Have household members drink the essences.  If you’re feeling evil you can use the cowplant(s) for more permanent disposal of enemies of the family.  (Coolspear has a mod for longer living friendlier cowplants… not sure if it’s being updated though)
  4. Fumigate- The house is infested!  By… something.  Unfortunately, it will need to be fumigated.  Have your entire household live freeload in another sim’s house.  Preferably, someone they don’t know because that would be hilarious.  You may edit the house in manage worlds to add needed items like toddler beds or food bowls for the pets or to replace broken items if they are necessary like a shower or annoying like a sink flooding.  Stay as long as you’d like.  Sleep in the owner’s bed and watch them sleep on the couch.  They’ll yell at your that you’re inappropriate but usually let you stay.  The Always Welcome trait would be very helpful and is only 500 satisfaction points.
  5. Back to Nature- Have the whole family (or whichever sims you’d like) become one with nature.  Set up an empty lot like a sort of campsite and have them spend time there.  If there aren’t any kids in the house have them spend the entire time nude.
  6. Nanonono- Have everyone quit their jobs temporarily and make money only from the nano trashcan.  Throw parties to encourage sims to use more plates.  There’s even the added bonus of party rewards.  You’ll have to watch the sims like a hawk.  If they have the money buy more than one trashcan so that you can use the other while the timer is counting down on the first.
  7. For the birds- Spend all of one of the sim’s free time having their pet chase birds and attempt to complete the feathers collection and the owl statue.  If they don’t have pets and you don’t want to add one reroll.
  8. This land is your land this land is my land- Switch lots.  Either move the house entirely preferably to a new world map.  Even more fun swap houses with another household with a house of similar value.
  9. People pleaser- Every time one of the household members is invited out they must accept the invitation and attend for at least an hour.  Exceptions: Alien night and ghost night at the bar because they force the game to generate a bunch of aliens and ghosts that then roam the save in whatever goofy clothes they were generated with.
  10. I’m surrounded by idiots- Exactly like the challenge with the same name without the scoring.  Choose one sim and only control them… until you grow tired of watching them pass out and pee themselves.
  11. Take the wheel- A bit more extreme than the ISBI roll… hands off!  You may not control any sims in the household.  If there is a toddler in the household reroll.  Exceptions: Necessary pet care.
  12. Short-short- Switch the aging to short lifespan for the remaining duration of this generation.
  13. Duplicity- Find a cloning machine on the gallery.  Have everyone quit their jobs temporarily.  Use the cloning machine to clone whatever they need until you grow bored of it.
  14. Klepto- Change one of the household sim’s traits to kleptomaniac and have them steal items and display them in a secret room somewhere.
  15. Karaoke Legend- Have a sim quit their job or whatever they do for income and sing karaoke for contests.  (I have no idea how often contests happen.)
  16. Mountaineer- Have a sim with no or little fitness skill max it using only the rock climbing wall.  Note: If they cannot afford the rock wall you may add one to the local gym for their use… or more if it’s always being used.
  17. Treated- Have a sim quit their job and spend their time creating pet treats.  Note: There is really no money in this and almost every treat makes animals sick.  Feel free to reroll.

Tip: If you are determining the heir by poll vote I have found it fun to do their random legacy ie young adult rolls when they age to teen and then publish the rolls but not whose they are so that the voting is a little more exciting.

**Please note that I plan to add to these rolls as often as I can think of goofy things to torture our sims with in the quest to keep us from getting bored!  Check back regularly and please let me know if you think of something new to add!


12 thoughts on “Stages [Updated 11/24]

  1. Hiya Rainy!!! I started this a couple days ago, and I’m having so much fun! I still love my drifters of course, but needed something different. This one reminds me of the Sims 3 Do It As You Go challenge (I loved that one) and then it was “redone” for Sims 4, and done again (Box of Chocolates). You might go there for some ideas on random rolls.

    My heir is a child, and rolled Collector. It looks like you can’t dig up the soil as a child 😦 I couldn’t on her, but could on my founder.

    Keep up the good work 🙂 (oh, and by the way, I’ve missed all you guys!) I’ll get back on the forums soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I got Couple w/ Help for my next gen. This is what I rolled for careers lol.
    Primary: Vet
    Secondary: Freelance Photographer
    Third: Cybercriminal

    I think I’m just going to focus on one career each day lol, and rotate that way!

    Liked by 1 person

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