AfterTime is my take on the Build A City Challenge (BACC) for which I’ve spent quite awhile revising the rules for Sims 4.  There are some familiar stories and some new faces.  You can either follow them all through this page or the individual stories you’re interested in through the individual chapter link below.

AfterTime Sim Biographies

AfterTime Lots

AfterTime Individual Chapter Links

AfterTime Intro: When Worlds Collide
Chapter 1.1 Robinson Legacy: So Good Being Home
Chapter 1.2 Robinson Legacy: That was Surprising
Chapter 1.3 Blackburn: The Asterisk Club
Chapter 1.4 Blackburn: Having a Blast!
Chapter 1.5 Trevino: Everyone’s Getting Fit!
Chapter 1.6 The Duo’s Dives: Not Such a Dive
Chapter 1.7 The Duo’s Dives: The Ratskeller
Chapter 1.8 Nobles Extra: This Never Happened