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About me:

I’m just your average gamer mom.  I have two sons.  I sometimes wonder if I had daughters if I’d ever have gotten interested in gaming in the first place.  I can’t really pinpoint when my obsession with gaming started.  Whether it was with Viva Pinata on the xbox or Toontown on the PC.  Either way, I was hooked.  One day I was telling my brother about how the kids and myself played Toontown constantly and he said there was a new game out called World of Warcraft that I should try.  I got it a few days later and played with my two brothers and sisters-in-law almost daily for about two years.  At that point, my brothers had moved on to newer mmo’s and it was just one of their wives and me left.  We joined a very serious guild that required you to do at least one dungeon a week.  It became so stressful for both of us… especially with kids in the house and responsibilities, that we both ended up quitting.

We played Everquest II for awhile and then she started playing whatever game my brother was playing and I moved on to The Sims Online. I played this for hours every day for years until it closed.  I’m not sure what I played after that but one day I was walking through the store and saw Sims 3 had just released.  I bought it right there and then.  I played through the first few expansions before losing interest since I was so used to playing multiplayer games.  About every 3 months, I would start playing again and get all into it for like a month and quit once again. I turned to books next and started a book review blog and averaged a book a day for about 3 years.  One day I saw an article link to someone talking about Sims 4 releasing in a few months. Suddenly I couldn’t get enough information.  I scoured the web for more details and in the end, started playing Sims 3 non-stop until Sims 4 released!

I don’t really know how I found the legacy challenge.  I must have been looking for something on the forums and saw it mentioned or something… I immediately stopped playing the family I’d been playing for months and started a legacy.  Near the end of the legacy, I somehow figured out how to take a screenshot and wanted to do something with it.  I’d already had a book blog for several years at that point so I decided to make another blog for my pictures.  I never ever expected other people to read any of it.  It was more a journal for me than anything.  I somehow stumbled onto Jessimica92’s YouTube channel and saw the 100 baby challenge and decided to start one with the 10th generation heir from my legacy.  I think I was around the 20th baby when I got bored and found the Runaway Teen challenge which turned into my favorite by far.  I’d just started the Island Challenge when Sims 4 was released.  This is about the time that my little niece Marly started reading my blog and I changed from a diary style to more of a story for her to read.

I started Pinstar’s scored legacy the day he published the rules.  I was (as far as I know) the first person to complete all the generations.  Back then, I was all about completing the challenges.  It was like a race to the finish line.  My posts were soooo boring. Still more of a diary style really.  I modified the rules to the Runaway Teen Challenge because it was my favorite and then blew through like 10 more challenges after that.  One day I found The Writer’s Lounge thread on the forums.  I devoured the member’s stories.  I discovered a passion for SimLit.  My own posts started to change as a result.  Little by little my goofy writing style has changed over time.  I look forward to it evolving more and definitely don’t consider myself a wonderful writer by a long-shot.  But after a lot of insecurity, I do consider myself a writer.  I love the Sims and I love writing my blog.  I love sharing my stories with everyone and every comment is like a ray of sunshine for me.  Thank you for supporting me.  I don’t know if anyone could understand exactly how important this little blog is in my life.

~Lacie aka Rainy