TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse Extra: Gumshoe and More

Extra Bonus Chapter

A/N: Yet another “extra” chapter due to me writing the previous chapter waaay too long…

The Case of the Fishermen’s Local 105

His next case was about there not being enough fish.  Well, of course, there aren’t!  They are all mutated from the apocalypse!  Sheesh.  But, a case is a case so he went to talk to local fisherwoman Eileen Frantz about this situation.

And then proceeded to waste way too much time fishing.  His task was to fish for 4 hours.  Technically, I’m not supposed to fish at all but I figured it’s for his job so it should be okay.  I should have just decided not to take the case.  When curfew time came around I sent him home then back the next morning to try again.  No luck.  I gave up the case and felt extremely annoyed about the wasted time.

In the Name of Love…

This was a short one for which I was grateful because at least there weren’t any stakeouts.  I’d decided that if there were any more I’d quit the opportunity and get another.  This woman Essisha Winchester wanted to know if her boyfriend was going to propose to her.  He decided to check the guy’s mail and found a receipt for a ring.  Wondering why it hadn’t been delivered to her yet he decided to dig further… in the trash where he found a bouquet of flowers.  Where this guy got flowers is beyond me because everyone knows that there are none post-apocalypse!  So he deduces that the guy realized how intense his girlfriend is and went to tell her to ease up on the guy.  She refuses to admit that she’s a bit overbearing and intense (his words) and he guesses she won’t get the ring anytime soon.

The Case of Hacker Elite…

This one was pretty boring  I decided not to continue it.  I thought that the toddler crawling out of the door was hilarious though and had to take a pic.

Pet antics and extras…

Pax has claimed her spot on the bed.  I don’t know why I like it so much when the dogs sleep on the bed.  Maybe because my real life dog does.

Hera has a nice chat with this dog who I thought was adorable.

And later I looked again and Caitless Doe was brushing her.

The aggressive dogs strike again.  First was Achilles with a wish to chase a mailman and next was Hera who I found about to fight Pax!  I instead made them be friendly and had Jarick go praise them.  Sheesh!

Another wish I noticed that Achilles had was to master the hunting skill which I found quite odd considering he’d just aged up from a puppy but was absolutely astounded to find that he has a level 9 skill already!  I believe that Pax has level 7.  Crazy!

Achilles had a nice chat with mom.  It’s so hard to take these socializing pics because almost every time I pause it looks like they are growling at each other or just staring at each other.

While Deshin was on his useless stakeout I was checking in on the family and saw this.  I thought that Hera had passed on but then looked around and found her sleeping nearby.

It turned out to be yet another stray cat!  All of the family dropped their queues to try to run out and mourn an animal they’d never met!  I had to cancel it out and set them all back to what they were doing including the girls and Ingain who somehow knew this was happening outside and woke up to run out there too!

I saw Garent’s eldest daughter at the park while Davan was there with her son Oscas who is his only grandchild.  The other girls keep dating and then dumping guys too fast to have any children.

Jazmine’s son Xin never had any children either but her daughter Ashlen had a son who just aged to young adult.  You might remember me mentioning him.  His name is Didrick.

Aeralyn haunted one night and decided to partake of one of the more disgusting sandwiches I was keeping for emergencies which totally grossed me out.  She later vomited before poofing back to her grave.  So now you know, ghosts vomit.

All of that barking at the fridge that the dogs keep doing finally paid off and a freezer bunny gnome appeared to my utter delight!  Isn’t it glorious?

Within moments he poofed away and I found him outside with the rest of them.  He was accepted into the tribe!

And lastly, we got the good news that the Subject line will continue with Jittery and his witch wife Staci.  He’s the only one of the three children to get married.

A/N: I hope this goofy chapter was entertaining at least!

Chapter 2.18


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