TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 2.17: Sleuthing

Generation Two Chapter Eighteen

A/N: When sorting through the screenshots from yesterday I noticed there were quite a few of Deshin’s sleuthing.  I find this profession highly entertaining so I hope you’ll forgive me for the crazy amount of screenies I’ve taken this gen of his adventures!  Note from the future: Yea, I had so many screenies of his adventures plus some other stuff I was able to split this into a whole other chapter.  Ugh.

The Case of the Enthusiastic Fans…

Dave Farley, a local musician, thinks he’s being stalked by his many fans.  Deshin decides to stake out the local theatre to see if any unwanted groupies are lurking about.  I didn’t take any screenshots of that but he saw nothing.

He decided to go to the park where Dave’s last show was at… after using the bathroom and for whatever reason changing his clothes.

I love it when random mentions of Bella turn up!

At the park he found a guitar pick covered in saliva and had it tested at the police department.  Why on earth the police would have a database of saliva to match from I don’t know and it sounds disgusting but needless to say there was no match.  He decided to return to Dave Farley’s house to search through his trash.  He finds a piece of food with saliva and takes it back to the police station for comparison.

The saliva matches and it turns out that the slobber on the guitar pick is Dave’s not a rabid fans.  So he decides to hack into Dave’s computer.  He finds that all of the posts from fans are from the same IP address… Daves.  He thinks Dave may be slightly lunatic or have split personalities.

Early the next morning he goes to visit a doctor Anael Watts at her home to question her about split personalities.  This is one of the bunkers that I got off of the exchange.  It’s really neat but huge and I was afraid that a detailed lot like this would cause lag so I only put in the one.  Anyway, she said that it sounds like a classic case of split personalities.  LOL

And no wonder Dave has so many issues with the insanity he’s living with!  After Deshin arrived a woman walked out of the house followed by a child and then some blond haired guy walked up and they started fighting.  Judging by the child’s hair color I wonder if this is his father!  Dave acted as if this was completely normal and was relieved there were no stalkers but conflicted over the knowledge that the stalkers were in his head.

Level 9!  So close!

The Case of the Wayward Jalopy…

This woman, Vicki Weir, reports that her car was stolen and thinks that it was another woman that did it.  For whatever reason I didn’t keep track of the other woman’s name.

So he went to her house and asked her about it.  Apparently, she was slick and somehow he decided this had something to do with the beach which made no sense to me but whatever.  Also, I really need to find what sims the game is using from the bin with that green skin because I hate it.  It looks like they are all ill to me!  Although I suppose post-apocalypse it might be fitting.

He went to the beach to search for clues.  This is literally the only lot that I left as is in Midnight Hollow.  I thought surely my sims would never go there and I really liked it.  Of course, the game proved me wrong.  He found tire tracks somehow in the foot deep snow and decided to have them analyzed at the police station.  The prints match meaning his client’s car has been at the beach which resulted in yet another stakeout.

He’d just started when Nervy Subject set up a keyboard next to him and started playing which I thought was hilarious!  A little mood music.  The funniest part is that he’d been playing the bass in the graveyard when Deshin was doing the stakeout there too!

Just like in the graveyard over and over sims would stop in front of him and do exchanges and over and over he would say it was a failed stakeout!  The final time before I gave up was the funniest because two guys stood behind him watching too.  Probably wondering what he was watching.  One of them heckled him and he got embarrassed.  I think it was like 5 attempts before I got annoyed and gave up on this one.  Which really sucks because I’m pretty sure he gets the most experience from a closed case.

Extra Bonus Chapter


    1. Nope it’s not custom. I had made a bunch of sims and left them in the bin for the mod to use for making new immigrants and two of them were witches that I’d given a green skin. It says that there’s an equal chance to all bin sims but it seemed to almost always use one of those.


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