TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 2.16: Down the Rabbit Hole

Generation Two Chapter Sixteen

The Case of the Bermuda Triangle Love Triangle…

This guy, Henro Frantz, wanted Deshin to look into the disappearance of his love Annasia Limb.

He questioned three sims and all of them exclaimed their love and devotion to this Annasia Limb.

Why is it that everyone we need to investigate lives in a house with one of these darned privacy gates?  I think there are only a few houses with them in the whole ‘hood!  First, a child and then an adult wander out and he makes friends with the adult but then it was almost curfew so I sent him home for the night.

In the morning he gains entrance into the lot and finds a pile of letters addressed to different people from a different person.  He deduces that 15 young ladies cannot live here and something must be wrong here.

Apparently, he now has contacts at the intelligence agency and one of them told him that the ladies names on the return addresses on the letters are all aliases of a well-known con-artist.  Somehow they know that she is working as a local musician.  He went to that rabbit hole and confronted her.

Back to Henro, we inform him that his love is a fake and he gives Deshin the money he’d saved for a honeymoon with his fake lover which incidentally is the same $500 he gets for each case.  I thought this one was pretty funny but wonder if Annasia Limb is an actual sim living in the ‘hood or not?

Meanwhile back with the family…

I had thought it would be nice for Syna to go to the library to work on her logic since it has that learning environment buff but even though there is a roof and using a parasol would normally work so it should be fine she felt that she was burning.  *sigh*  Back home then.  But look at all the happy sims who have newly discovered books!

Now that she has no babies or toddlers in the house Ingain has a lot of spare time.  I wonder if this is how she feels finding herself living in this house with colorful aliens and a vampire.

Hera aged to an elder.  She looks sooo old and it makes me sad even if she has driven me mad with her aggressive ways most of her life!

Jarick continues puppy duty.

And all three of our resident ghost dogs visit to meet the new pups.  First was Enyo who I was shocked to see is blue!  I guess there really wasn’t anything I needed to use her Lifetime Reward points for anyway.

Davan is reading a charisma book because oddly enough reading this is a little fun but talking to the mirror is not.

And last is our doggie founder Alasdair who plopped onto the bed and seems to be saying hey chicky I was here way before you!

Laniek is artistic and every time that the easel is empty she starts painting.

I decided to have Syna spend several hours washing her hands and brushing her teeth before work so she might not be miserable when going to work.

Look how happy she was!  Her progress bar filled quickly and she spent the rest of the night hanging out with the other musicians and then got promoted to level 7!

I had them bring the puppies downstairs because I knew they should age up soon.  They proceeded to bark at the fridge which is fine with me because I read that it has a chance of spawning a gnome.  Hera did it a lot, probably because she’s noisy, and no gnome yet.

And then the time comes and everyone runs over to see…

First is Achilles who looks exactly like Piggility.

And Hera ran over just as Pax aged up.  It’s funny because in my first puppy pic of Pax she had run over there too.  I took this as a sign that although she looks nothing like the previous heirs that she should be the one.  Also, I feel like she looks so elegant.  I think she looks like one of those Egyptian Pharoh dogs…


And then, once the excitement dies down the girls are sent off to bed the adults are left to entertain themselves.


While Deshin was working on his case I saw Jittery holding an adorable kitten.

When you really have to pee but your ghost dog is blocking the way to the toilet!  I couldn’t stop laughing and unfortunately, she had to go to school with a full bladder!

Chapter 2.17


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