TS3- SNAFU Extra: The Spook Story

A/N: Editing all of these old chapters so that they are shorter is wearing on me.  I really enjoyed this one and really didn’t want to have to take away most of the text so I decided to just publish it as an extra bonus chapter along with 2.15.  The whole thing is one of Deshin’s investigations and has nothing to do with anything else.

The Spook Story:

This was one of the more frustrating yet funny cases that Deshin has had.  He was told that there was a problem at the graveyard so he went to meet the eccentric proprietor to discover what the case entails.

Urns and gravestones have been disappearing and the gravedigger has no idea what’s happening.  Deshin mentioned that the dead were obviously dying to get out but the guy didn’t seem to find it funny so he decided to just snoop around.  He found goo all over the place and decided to go to the science facility to get it checked out.

*cough* This is one of my more hilarious buried rabbit holes.  I couldn’t for the life of me find a small science one!  After they looked at the goo the scientists say it might be ectoplasm.  This lead to the most frustrating night of failed stakeouts ever!

I sent him there during the day first and after two failed stakeouts assumed that ghosts only show up at night so he should too and sent him home to play chess.

Over and over sims would walk in front of his stakeout area and talk and exchange something and over and over he would report that it was a failed stakeout!  It wasn’t until dawn before he finally registered that he’d seen something in this last screenshot… but there were actually stakeouts after that so it made no sense.  The dog is Piggility which I thought was hilarious.

While he was there Nervy Subject set up a bass beside the Grim statue and played for a few hours which I found hilarious since the story is that his grandfather is the grim reaper!

Back to the investigation.  The next morning Deshin made his way to Jabo Warden’s house to dig through his trash and found cornstarch and food coloring that apparently Jabo had been using to make the fake ectoplasm.  His next task was to confront the guy and I almost lost it with what happened next!

Usually, when his task is to talk to someone if they are home they just come out of their house and if they are at work they come out of their rabbit hole.  Not this time!  Deshin strolled into the house and into the bedroom where Jabo had apparently been sleeping to confront him!  I could not stop laughing!  Apparently, he was stealing graves and urns in an attempt to find a lost love… in ghost form.  He agreed to return the stolen property and not do it anymore and we also learned he’s neurotic which I also found hilarious!

After going back to the graveyard and letting them know what he’d found Deshin walked out and changed into this.  And this time it’s Nervous himself lurking there!  Along with his wife and daughter Antsy.  Sadly, right after Deshin got home I got the notification that Nervous died and when I looked back the ladies were still there but he was not!

Also, this little girl was there!

Chapter 2.15


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