TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 2.15: Gen 4 Pups!

Generation Two Chapter Fifteen

A/N: Before all of this happened and during some of the stuff that happened the day before this Deshin was doing a very long investigation.  I decided to snip it out of the chapter.  If you want to read it you can… The Spook Story.

While Deshin was off searching through poor Jabo’s trash Ingain read the paper!  Yes, we now have news again!  Hooray Jarick!  His efforts to bring news to the Hollows did not go unnoticed and the neighborhood sims were now hungry for news and started printing more than just a single job listing in the newspaper!  How exciting.

Things must have been extremely boring because I had no screenshots until that evening when Hera gave birth.  Two puppies this time!

The family had an oddly delayed reaction.  Laniek did run over there but after she gave birth I realized that Hera needed to pee and sent her down to do so and suddenly the entire family wised up to the situation and instead of looking at the new puppies they all followed Hera downstairs!

Xerie is holding little Achilles.  I named him this because he gained that darned aggressive trait that I’ve worked most of Hera’s life to remove!  I was very disappointed.  His other trait is non-destructive.

I did have a pic before this one but when Hera walked over and looked at the puppy I deleted it!  Such a cute moment.  This little one is named Pax which is the Roman goddess of peace and I hope it will have some sort of luck in keeping her non-aggressive.  Her traits are Smart and Noisy.  As a puppy, she looks like a Chiuaua!

The girls bring the puppies upstairs and Jarick is elected puppy wrangler considering that all he’s doing now that he’s cleared Journalism is working on a masterpiece book.

Xerie is likely thinking her insane sister is so weird but I actually took this pic because Achilles looking up at her was so freaking adorable!

Nap time for the pups.

And then Breeyo aged up to a child as well.  What an exciting night!

She joined her sisters upstairs and they all socialized for a bit before bed.

I had the thought that since they all need logic Davan, Syna, and Deshin could play dominos together but soon after I took this screenshot they quit playing and I gave up on that for now.  I actually think I might have purchased the books but I keep forgetting to look.

Back upstairs the puppies have woken up.  So cute!

Jarick heads up to praise Pax for being non-destructive.  The way they lay while chewing the toy is the cutest thing ever!

Even mom got in on the fun.  Her age bar was at 0 that morning so I’d expected her to age up but I guess having puppies gave her an additional day because she never did.

And while on puppy watch I caught a rare moment of romance.  After this, I warmed to Ingain considerably.  You have to understand that Davan is my sim and she wasn’t until recently so it was upsetting when she would reject him.  Also, I realized that I don’t remember ever catching Ivan and Aeralyn like this.

Back out to the puppies, Hera gets scolded for guarding and growling by the food bowl and sent out to find a collectible.

And since it was the middle of the night and thus during curfew I teleported the puppies downstairs to pee and then back up to be praised.

And the funniest thing happened!  Both Ivan and Aeralyn haunted at the same time and she was upstairs and he walked up behind her and scared her!  A ghost saying boo to a ghost is so funny to me!


The weirdest thing happened across the street at the Dudlansky house.  And not just that the woman that Garent was married to for only a few days and then divorced was still living there.  Obviously, I’m talking about the very visible bunker and the fact that it seems to just be floating there!  The woman was just standing frozen there so I thought maybe she was the problem and reset her.

And this happened!  A new version of her as an elder appeared but the frozen one was still there!  The house appeared normal though.  I ended up resetting the lot and that worked but it was just so odd!  It must have had something to do with her being assigned to the consignment register when aging to elder!

Chapter 2.16


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