TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 2.14: Journalist Extraordinaire

Generation Two Chapter Fourteen

Davan finally finished teaching little Breeyo to talk.

I found them up here hugging.  Any autonomous socializing in this family is sketchy especially romantic so it was nice to see.  It does drive me nuts that they keep putting a wide-awake toddler back in her crib though.

Since she was up it was now mommy’s turn to teach the baby of the family.

And then grandpa Ivan appeared.  This is the first child any of the ghosts has interacted with and I was tickled to see it!

The day dawns with our aggressive dog attacking one of the Dudlansky’s cats.

Note from the future: I had a very long explanation.  Let me cut it short… Hera had 2 days to aging to elder.  We had no puppies.  There were none adoptable.  I panicked.

New plan!  I added a doghouse to the park lot and had Jarick take pictures there all day while keeping an eye out for a male dog that Hera could hopefully mate with.  The problem here was that pets kept sleeping in the darned thing!

Removing another long thing… Piggility I’d wanted to breed her with in the first place showed up.  An entire day of socializing and spamming try for puppies led to nothing and I started the pregnancy with a mod.

While all of that was going on Jarick was taking pictures and Deshin was doing a useless stakeout because it’s easier when most of them are in the same area.

At least I had these pop-ups to entertain me.

And then this happened wiping all frustration away!

And I had a few peaceful hours of family time.  Then…

Our Enyo left us.  Do you see now why I wasn’t expecting Hera to be as old as she was?  But then I remembered that I’d gotten Enyo and had her breed with Ares at about the age that Hera is now and the puppy stage only lasts 2 days so Hera was fairly close in age with her mother!

I let Hera go outside and mourn but the rest of the family would have to wait since it was during curfew and they couldn’t go out.

So, as dawn broke the family all made their way outside to say goodbye.  Enyo might not have been of the bloodline but we had her pretty much her whole life since she aged up from puppy the moment she got out of the adoption agent’s car.

But, death is just part of everyday life post-apocalypse and soon everyone goes back to their lives.  Jarick works feverishly on writing all of the news he’s learned through Deshin’s investigations about happenings in The Hollows.

Deshin was out working on a case but since we didn’t finish it until dawn the next day it’s in another chapter.  I will admit it’s odd having Davan gone at work all day.  Hera was happy to see him when he got home and they had a bit of playtime.

We already knew, but yay!

Then, I realized that the girls hadn’t returned home after school and found them outside of the school’s bunker working on homework!  I had to teleport them home and delete the darned homework.  I like the way homework works in Sims 4 so much better!

Syna had another horrible day at work and I’m at my wit’s end with her!  She’s always miserable.

Deshin was having a stakeout nightmare and I looked to see what everyone was doing and caught Laniek cleaning up all of the extra food I almost lost it! 

The only thing that kept me going was the knowledge that our Jarick was moments away from maxing his writing skill and thus lifting the Journalism restrictions!!!  Happily, Syna brought a book home from work which in addition to giving her work experience was fun to read.

And just as Deshin returned from that horrible stakeout Jarick maxed his writing skill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the steps are complete!!!

I no longer need to write “the library” because it now is actually a library!!!

A/N: There a few other benefits to lifting this restriction but the largest is that we can now choose any job offered in the newspaper and not just the first.  We can also read the newspaper and do whatever else we want with it.  Before this, it was considered like a newsletter with one job offering a day.

Chapter 2.15


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