Sims 2 Tip- Roll the Pacifier

I’m sharing this now as a tip instead of in the chapter I was at when I discovered it because I do know a few people who are playing Sims 2 currently and thought they’d like to know now and not in a couple weeks when those publish…

My first teen aged up in my Trailer Park Challenge story and when I looked at her personality I also looked at the rest of the kids and one of the boys is the only child without an identical personality to the others. Because he wasn’t subject to the firstborn syndrome since he’s the second twin.  Realizing that all but a twin have identical personalities niggled at me.  I swear I remember this!  And I was right.

On this page here you can read all about Sims 2 pregnancy.  In particular firstborn syndrome and how to prevent it…

"Firstborn syndrome is a result of a quirk in the way the game generates genetics for new births. When you load the game, it starts at a certain point in its "randomize genetics" sequence every time. If you have a certain family have one new baby each time you load the game, all of their children will be identical: same skintone, hair, eyes, facial features, and personality, and very similar interests. Hence, all subsequent children will be identical to your first child."

If you’re wondering what they’re talking about in the article when they refer to J.M. Pescado’s FFS Lot Debugger this is it.  I call it the bat box.  So you just save the game and do this.  It kinda pauses the game for around a minute then takes you to the neighborhood screen.

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    1. Sims 2 actually has much lower recommended stats than Sims 4 does. I know some people have contacted customer service about it and gotten the code for the Ultimate Collection. I got it when they were giving it away for free a few years back.

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