TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse Extra: Family Time

Extra Bonus Chapter

A/N: As noted in the previous chapter I had to cut a lot out of chapter 13 and this is it…

It’s almost a relief when it’s curfew time and I have that excuse to just chill in the house for a while.  I’m relieved that I didn’t miss this! Laniek aged up to a child.  She’s so cute!

Then it was Breeyo’s turn and darned if I didn’t discover that the culprit of my previous crashing about a week ago real time was caused by the toddler hair that I had in the game.  I’d taken it out when I was trying to sort the problem and then put it back in so I could give her one of them and twice my game crashed.  Well, there ya go!  Anyway, our girl aged up with daddy’s red hair and the cutest soft colored skin.

At least the bunkbeds get some use other than Syna.  I think it’s hilarious now how I worked so hard to earn the money to have this room set up and nobody sleeps!

Now that Jarick has completed his photo challenges he takes the time to get his charisma up to the required level of 5 which wasn’t much more than he already had really since I had them all skilling it as teens.  Davan has a pretty high skill in both charisma and logic which are what he’ll need for his job so he takes a break from his chess match with Deshin to teach little Breeyo how to talk.

At some point in all of this Syna was painting but I guess I didn’t have her in a screenshot doing so.  I thought this painting was really cool though.  I did realize a sim day or two later that she needs maxed logic for her job and so even though she’s very close to maxing painting she will spend her non-work time playing chess instead.  It’s work work work for this family!

Jarick got his charisma to 5 and proceded to start working on maxing his photography skill.  I think it was close to 9 at that point.  So, since he was cooped up in the house he was taking pictures of whatever in the house.  I couldn’t stop laughing when it popped up saying that Deshin was a talking bird!!!

Hera goes to visit mom who spends most of her time by the fire in the library or around there socializing since she is very much an elder at this point.

The girls woke up in the morning and it was the oddest thing.  Both of the parents made a beeline for them.  So cute though.  Also, if you’re wondering why I never gave Laniek more suitable clothing it’s because she inherited uncle Deshin’s insanity and I figured there’s no point because she’ll just wear whatever anyway and making an insane wardrobe is too exhausting for the child stage.

While mom tells Laniek a joke dad finds Xerie and enthuses about the cold to her.  She does not look enthused about this at all.  Why do they all have to use the annoying small talk socials that none of the other sims seem to like?


A new family immigrated to the ‘hood and I went to check them out.  I must have a green-skinned sim in the bin because I keep getting them and they all look ill to me so I gave them some normal skin.  I made note of them though because they have two sons that might possibly marry into the family one day!

I’m sad to say that Nervous’ days are numbered.

Hera maxed her hunting skill and this is when I had a panic attack over her age!

I noticed one of Garent’s daughters stargazing with a guy.  I’ve pretty much given up on keeping track of any of them because none of them stay in a relationship long enough for it to matter.  Soon after this, I got a notification that they’d broken up.  Whatever.

I saw something moving in the snow and looked closer and saw this!

Chapter 2.14


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