TS4- Random Legacy II 3.16: Adventure Time

Gen 3 Chapter 17

A/N: Most of the pics aren’t in chronological order because I felt it was disruptive having selfies, landscape pics, and pics of them being attacked by nature mixed with family pics.

Sorry Moonbeam the family has to leave for the night so you have to stay with Kimberly and Jonah Hopefully, baby Emmet will play nice.

The adults sat the teens down and announced that they were taking an overnight trip to Selvadorada!

They all changed into more appropriate clothing and it was a short plane ride to the jungle!

They heard that the best place to start is at the Marketplace and that they needed to view the statue of Madre Cosecha to learn more about the culture.

Luna introduced herself to a local and bought a few things from her table.

They weren’t very hungry but the lure of the scents of the food was irresistible for some of them.  You know he wore that hat just to embarass the teens!

All of them roamed the market chatting with locals and sampling foods.

After using the restroom in the Cantina, Luna chatted with a local man about the jungle and got some tips.

And so they were off.  Luna started taking pictures of everything to add to the fun.

Dion inisted on doing the honors of using the machete on the vines after warily reading the sign.  Khloe called Terrance over to point out what the sign said too with a chuckle.  None of them are very outdoorsy.

Hooray!  They’re through.  Time to explore!  Unfortunately, Dion lost the only machete.

Then began the arduous task of clearing the vines by hand with very little gardening skill.

Luna was fascinated by everything and took endless photos and even a few short videos.

Luna was excited for the trip of course but at the same time she was frustrated knowing she’d have to wear her disguise the whole time.  She acted a little over-enthusiastic at first so she didn’t bring anyone down.

While waiting for Dion to clear the vines Allen ran over to show Luna how popular the photos and videos she’d been posting on Simstigram were!  She was really excited and for the first time since her birthday felt genuinly happy.

Allen decided to post a few photos of his own while Addison excitedly told Luna if she keeps it up she could be an internet star.

Dion made it through the gate but just barely.  (I am totally spacing out on why there was fire!)

The view from the cliff was incredible and they all stood in awe.

Then the kids began making their way closer and closer to the edge to take pictures and selfies.  Dion was not confortable with this and soon called that they should check another pathway.

(I totally forgot to have them harvest the berries!)

Their journey had not been without it’s perils and all of them were feeling a bit miserable and wary as Khloe insisted on clearing the next gate herself.

A glowing Luna counted the stars by another gate in a quiet moment with Gideon while they waited.

Thankfully, there were no new perils beyond this gate but instead they discovered the way to the Omiscan natural pools!  They all soaked their aching and stung bodies in the water.

And the kids seperated from the parents to chat as teens usually do.  But soon they were all feeling hungry and decided it would be best to call this little adventure to an end.

They headed back to the marketplace and the food vendor seemed a bit overwhelmed by all of these tourists in bathing suits ordering at once!

Addison and Terrance had been using the Cantina’s bathroom so ordered last while the rest of the tired crew finished up eating.  Poor Allen was miserable!  (I’ll explain why in the next chapter!)

They’d opted to rent a two-bedroom house since they wouldn’t spend much time there anyway.  The kids slept in a large tent outside.  They all slept very well after their exhausting day!  I decided to end here because there were a lot of screenshots.  Speaking of which here are a few of my favorites…

The first two Luna took and the last I took while they were swimming when the camera “fell” off the cliff and I saw this!

Chapter 3.17 coming soon!

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      1. Yes I think breanna is doing a side challenge. So I’ll wait for that one so that I can write it into my story. But I so want to go there. I might make Bruno and Rosie passed through there as they’re on their way to Exile

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I don’t know if this exile is something new? I’m behind, yet again, on everyone’s stories! I took Rainy and Dozer there for a day and then took this family there for a day. I haven’t played Sims 4 since then because it ticked me off by overwriting one of my saves.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. I didn’t have a problem with Dozer but like I said it was only the one day. Bowls and all that stuff are portable. There are the wellness treats and if the pet gets away from you just shift+click and teleport them to you!

          Liked by 1 person

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