TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 2.13: Getting Rough

Generation Two Chapter Thirteen

Note from the future: At this point, I still haven’t reached the posts that are shorter.  I pulled a bunch of pics from chapter 12 and put them here but then this was waaay too long even with condensing the sleuth cases into summaries.  I have no idea what I’m going to title the new chapter because using part 2 makes no sense.  

More tickles from uncle Jarick.  I sure did take a lot of pics of the uncles, especially Jarick, playing with the toddlers!

Awe so nice brushing our girl!

Ingain is woken by a crying baby but I don’t think she minds.  I keep forgetting to give her new pajamas.

Speaking of Ingain, I finally found the culprit of her quickly dropping energy!  It was the soccer ball!  I have no idea why but when she played with it, which she did at least once a day to up her fun, her energy dropped substantially!  No more soccer ball for sims that sleep!

Random cute pup shot.  Look at those ears!

Once again, I was surprised to see a sim walking around with a baby.  I have no idea why but I always quickly make them put the baby back in the crib like without my guidance they might somehow break it.

Missing Friend:

This guy, Ernos Wicker, reported a friend missing.  She was last seen at the park so Deshin went there to look for clues.  At the park, he found a pay stub for the diner and went to investigate.  The diner manager said she works there but calls in a lot because she has acting auditions.  He then went to the theatre and discovered her there rehearsing for a play.  Ernos Wicker found this hilarious and paid up.  Also, another Wicker!  Now that we’ve married Ingain in we’re related to everyone!

The Santazar’s have major credit issues:

So you remember who they are: the Santazar family is the one that the father was the guy with blue hair that Ivan was good friends with.  Delaham is his oldest son and the lady Somer is his wife.  Long story short because it was a long story she lost her credit cards supposedly one was found at the gym.  After talking to some people who all acted clueless Deshin somehow deduced that this guy Jaxiel Kamel had stolen them and when confronted the guy wouldn’t give them up and Deshin beat him up which seemed to delight his cousin Ashlen quite a bit.  After returning Somer her wallet her hubby called asking Deshin to hack his credit records and then immediately after Deshin reported it fixed he annouced that he’s off to shop!  This cracked me up!  And took an entire day from 6am curfew to 7pm curfew!

He did get a promotion so I can’t complain.

And Jarick completed the second needed photo challenge!!!

Between Deshin and Jarick keeping me occupied this is the only “family” screenshot I got in that time and it was while Deshin was hacking Delaham’s credit!

And while we’re on the topic of children, it seems that our resident gnome now has a toddler gnome of his own!  I dragged him under the house for a sec to get a better shot since he’s almost completely covered by the snow that Davan loves so much.  Then, it was time to solve another case!

The Mystery of the Naked Ring Finger:

At least y’all get to see some more of the ‘hood other than the network while I’m screenshotting these cases!  So it seems that Lucinda McClure left a ring in her dining room and left for work and when she got home it was gone.  He had to go to her house and dust for prints which was hilarious because after letting him in her family acted like he wasn’t even there and just went about their business while he did it.  He then took the prints to the police department and they said that the second set of prints were from Antica Synapse with the horrid lime green pants.  She says she was just at Lucinda’s house for tea and that’s why the prints were there.  So he goes back and sneaks around with the magnifiying glass and finds the ring!  So he goes back to Lucinda and it turns out she had hidden it herself to frame Antica!  *gasp*

I thought the description of this newest promotion was so funny that I cut out the whole thing this time.

Extra Bonus Chapter


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