TS4- Random Legacy II 3.15: Freaking Finally!

Gen 3 Chapter 16

It was on ultra speed while they were sleeping and I didn’t pause fast enough when Moonbeam aged up!  Let me just say, this is a weird looking cat.

I can’t seem to adjust myself to Terrance’s hours.  He came home from work exhausted and barely made it to bed.  No promotion this time.

Remember how tired Gideon had been the night before?  He woke up a complete mess!


Dion cooked some omelets and I queued everyone to dig in but Luna and Gideon didn’t eat any.  I looked and there was Moonbeam eating it!  I had a weird twitch type issue that ruined me taking a hilarious pic of Gideon scolding her.  *sob*

For some reason, I was under the assumption that this day was Luna’s birthday so I was very disappointed to discover I was mistaken.

I decided that since Luna has one more day I’ll try to get her to complete the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration too.  When they arrived I saw this kid going in for a hug to Gideon and I was like what the?  It’s cousin Javon aged to teen!

Luna was sent to play on the monkey bars so that she can get across three times but after one time she stopped and started making a mess!  Dion asked her not to do it and made her clean it up.

Addison and Gideon joined in on the fun.  I think they were trying to out-monster each other.

A boy that Addison doesn’t even know named Tetsu walked up to show her a video on his phone.  I don’t think she knew how to react.

The jungle gym was getting boring so everyone took turns shooting baskets.

It wasn’t long before Luna was back to the jungle gym though.  I was surprised to see Maxwell there playing sea monster this time.

All of the kids keep making messes!  It’s crazy!  Addison did the responsible thing and cleaned some of them up.  Isn’t Luna so cute hanging from the bars?

Maxwell moved on to chatting with Gideon who must have given up on the basketball game.

I look back and she’s at it again!  Addison couldn’t do anything so I had to make Khloe a caregiver and send her over.  Sheesh!  She’s going to be a teen in less than 24 hours this is ridiculous.

Dion needs some guitar for his career before he can branch off into Comedy.  Addison was working on a book she started earlier.

I don’t know what to do about Allen.  I know that when I was playing a year ago I’d planned to move him out after he aged to young adult.  With the 4th gen roll that leaves Gideon and Addison plus one other person who will be unemployed.  I must have intended for one of them to get married but I’m thinking of just keeping Allen that way it will be fair.

Luna played an online match with Maxwell to help with her motor skill since he’d been nice at the park that day.

The cat’s head looks sooo weird!  It’s small, triangular, and bony!

New plan.  Cinnamon incense and a radio with an energized aura to dance to!  Dion seems to find this funny.

Fast-forward several hours and a couple naps… she decided she wanted to spend the rest of her birthday as a bear.  Allen danced with her for a bit.  Luna took the day off since it’s her birthday and she has an A anyway.

Dion noticed a little padding in the belly so he took a jog.  Allen didn’t go to school either since his birthday is soon and if he does stay he won’t be able to work or make any money so it’s pointless.

I wasn’t really feeling up to the million pop-ups involved in exploring space so I had Khloe do some upgrades around the house.  Yes, believe it or not, there are actually things not upgraded!  They were bought after the curse was lifted.

I feel like my thought “freaking finally” was reflected in Luna’s face.

Moonbeam wanted closer to the action.

Gah!  All of the in-game hair colors look grey!  This is actually one of the lightest ones I found.  So, I was off yet again looking for CC.  I found a really cool hair that had a recolor.  WildlyMiniutureSandwich’s Eliot Hair recolored white by Bubblegum-Sim.  All other white recolors are of in-game hair done by Filo4000 on The Sims Resource.

Believe it or not, I spent almost 2 hours in CAS once I’d found the hair!  It is not easy giving identical outfits trust me!  I did decide to give the outfits different coloring this time because what suited one form did not suit the other.  Let’s just assume that Luna is now skilled enough to change the colors of her clothing and such shall we?  And now, I’d like you to see the fruits of my labor.  I don’t usually do this but I put so much work into it!

Chapter 3.16

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    1. Oh wow! That’s so cool. I actually do have a pic comparison of that cat and one on Google images of the same breed but I haven’t written that chapter yet.


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