TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 2.12: Generation Girl

Generation Two Chapter Twelve

Since Davan finally got a job and I knew for sure which skills he’d need I had him go out to make a friend so that he could work on his next charisma level.

Jarick took a break from writing since Deshin needed to hack someone’s credit report.  Ingain probably ate a bad sandwich which was likely my fault because I didn’t watch closely enough to stop her in time from getting sick.

Jarick decides to insult Syna.  Low blow considering she technically doesn’t have a mother!  This happens quite often and none of them have a very good relationship, unfortunately.

Later he was at the park taking photos and keeping an eye on Hera and I saw the fetch date option.  Now, in the rules, it says that owners have an option to tell the pet to find a mate.  I’ve never seen this option even when there are other dogs on the lot with her but I thought that’s what this was and got excited.

So I had him tell her go on girl go fetch yourself a date!

She misunderstood apparently.

I felt bad so I let Jarick flirt with her for a while until I started getting antsy about wasted time.  I feel guilty that nobody has a real social life but hopefully, at some point, they will.  It is post-apocalypse after-all.  Sims have to be cautious about who they let close to them!

I’ve seen this dog around.  I remember naming him.  Piggility I believe.  When I saw him at the park I was like ohmygosh I really want Hera to breed with him!  But, even after she made friends with him I couldn’t figure out how I could possibly get him to come back to their lot and gave up on that idea.

After becoming friends with the guy in the park Davan came home and spent most of the rest of the day chatting on the phone with his new boss.

I wasn’t really paying much attention to Ingain.  Laniek was sleeping and I just had her work out to the radio for something to do.  Big mistake.  Huge.

She went into labor needing to pee and annoyingly you can’t do anything with them when they are in labor but take them to the hospital which I can’t do!  She gave birth to yet another girl named Breeyo.  She’s a lighter color than the other girls.

Ingain’s moodlets after the birth.

I tried to get her to put the baby down after her birth so that she could run to the bathroom to pee but she wouldn’t listen and insisted on taking her upstairs and putting her in her crib then immediately peed her pants.

He might have finally gotten a job but he’s still dad!  I bet he never pictured this scene when he pictured his life with a wife and children!

That deed done he finally gets to cuddle his last baby.  So sweet.

And Jarick takes a break from whatever he was working on to play with little Laniek for a bit.

As soon as the kids wake up in the morning they make a beeline for this horse!  I love watching them play on it but there are much more productive uses for their time.

Be careful you don’t kick the baby with your wild kicky bag tricks!  Sheesh!

I found it very frustrating not being able to show somehow what Jarick was up to most of the time!  I would randomly take a screenshot of him while he was taking pictures of sims.  I also would keep track in his skill journal of how close he was to completing something.

One down one to go!

Another lonely heart case.  This time the guy Shannon Byers (must be an immigrant the name’s too normal) hasn’t had a date in a long time and asks Deshin to ask around.  Each person told him that Nikua Wicker has been looking for a date.

When he’d first started I tried to have him ask this lady but there wasn’t an option!  After the first two gave that name I realized that this is Nikua Wicker herself!  I think she’s somehow related to Ingain.


After that, it was Jarick’s turn to be out and about until curfew.  Time for him to get into sim’s personal space for photos that is!  I find this hilarious!

I just thought this was cool.

Then, back at home for a peaceful evening.  You would think that it would be easier to screenshot them all in this tiny space but it takes forever to position the camera and get everyone!

Xerie is obsessed with checking for monsters.  The moodlets are hilarious but I wish she’d stop!

Chapter 2.13 coming soon!


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