TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 2.11: Colorful Family Part I

Generation Two Chapter Eleven Part 1

A/N:  When re-reading this before it published I realized it was far too wordy.  A lot of my posts are and usually, I can cut out a lot of my yammering to a more appropriate size but this time I couldn’t find much to cut out.  So, this is part one and the next is part 2 because I don’t want to rename all of the chapters!

I think by now you’ve noticed that Deshin has become my favorite sim.  He’s just so goofy!

Every once in awhile, one of the dogs brings home a space rock and I thought I’d have him consume it to see what it does.  Ingain is probably thinking what on earth did she get herself into?  The rocks do work nicely in a pinch.

I purposely took a screenshot of Syna because I feel like nobody ever sees her!  She works, sleeps, and practices guitar!

Davan is a great daddy and is constantly doting on the girls.  Which is about the only benefit of his continued unemployed status.

I’m sure Ingain appreciates the help too considering she’s got another baby on the way.  The funny thing is that after this last baby is born she rolls wishes practically every day for another baby!  Obviously, the house is full so no more nooboos this generation unless it’s the puppy kind but I think it’s sweet.

It’s a happy little family.  And I noticed when taking this that Laniek is more of a violet color compared to her sister’s pink!  I was dying to discover just what color the next baby will be?  From what I’ve found online by the next generation the alien DNA should be diluted enough that there won’t be alien eyes anymore.

While Jarick was out taking photographs he kept Hera under close watch and was sure to praise her whenever she was nicely socializing with other pets.

After doing tons of research on the photography skill and trying to find tidbits on skill challenges the only thing I could really find was that your sim needs to be close to the sim they are photographing.  And from what I learned, he needs to be practically on top of them and even then if there is some other thing in the area it won’t register that he’s photographing a sim!  In most cases these two examples show how I’ve taken pictures of sims.  What on earth they must think of him, a complete stranger, getting all up into their faces to take a picture of their feet!  Maybe they all think he has an odd foot fetish?

I gave up on stakeouts.  Nothing ever happened that he could write a report on and it felt like a waste of time other than another opportunity to keep an eye on Hera’s social life.

The girl Beth that was one of Davan’s spouse choices wanted Deshin to investigate someone for her.  I was too mesmerized by the bird to pay much attention.  When I sent him off to do his snooping though, he discovered that it is a locked gate and when he rang they said they don’t know him and to go away.  Another case unsolved.

Syna actually had a day off and took her turn at teaching Laniek to talk while mommy worked on her ever-dropping needs.

For some odd reason, Davan had this second outerwear outfit.  Even weirder is that it had no shoes!  In all this time I’d never seen it.  I think he’d been at the park making friends for charisma skill.

Part 2


  1. Sorry for not reading! I am catching up, it’s finally spring break! Midterms…I love Deshin, he is awesome! At least Davan can be around and help some! Ingain just wants to see her hubby change more diapers hehe. Hi Syna nice to see you! The girls are adorable!

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