TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 2.11: Colorful Family Part II

Generation Two Chapter Eleven Part 2

A little tickle tickle for our only toddler.  Why?

Because Xerie aged up!  Time just flew by.  Probably because I’ve been so busy with everyone else I haven’t spent a lot of time watching the kids.

Speaking of the kids, I noticed that Laniek had the enjoying solitude moodlet and thought that the game messed up and gave her one of her mom’s moodlets.  Nope.  She apparently rolled loner too.  Also, all of the kids have favorite colors that are closely related to their own skin color which I think is so cool.

I try to get Ingain’s fun up through either the kicky bag or the soccer ball.

More of Deshin’s fruitless stakeouts.  It does bring up his progress bar but not very much.  I think I read that writing the reports is what does it but he never sees anything so there’s nothing to report.

He got this while playing chess!

Doting uncles indeed.  Always pulling the kids out of their cribs even if they are sleeping to tickle them.

The dogs always walk up and watch Syna practice and “react neutrally” it’s so funny.  Like, I see you playing but I can’t decide how I feel about it.

Finally!  So much for that darned vampire skilling I had been looking forward to eh?

Another culprit of pulling the toddlers out of the crib for a tickle is daddy himself.  Don’t you know she needs sleep?  Still eagerly awaiting the third baby.

Aeralyn finally visited and nobody seemed to really pay much attention at first.  This is their usual tasks during curfew.  Deshin plays chess and Jarick writes his stories about whatever Deshin has investigated.

Davan chats with mom for a while before she leaves and Xerie came down for her leftover sandwich breakfast and just glances at grandma’s ghost as if it’s just a normal thing.  I suppose it is.  I love the way her ghost looks.

We have learned from Deshin’s awesome athletic progress that hopscotch is the best option for a child’s fun need.  Which is what they do pretty much all the time since working hard in school makes them so miserable!

I feel weird that I don’t take any screenshots of what Jarick is up to most days.  I took this to show just how close he gets to sims to take their photos.  I think it’s hilarious!

I’m always on the hunt for a nearby pet for Hera to make nice with.  This is the Santazar’s cat.  The family that had the dad with blue hair.

And then it happened!  Trumpets blared!  I saw stars because I’d stopped breathing.  Davan finally got a job!

Each day I kept telling myself whatever the first job is today he’ll just take it.  But all of them were ones that I planned to do the alternate options for and with both Deshin and Jarick taking up so much of my time with their hands-on careers I just couldn’t do it!  It was either give up my plans for the other careers or wait.  And each day I thought surely tomorrow will be one he can lift through a rabbit hole career.  At this point, I had a list of careers that I wouldn’t mind him lifting including Athletic, Medical, and Politics.  Although, the Politics was iffy because I was leaning towards the alternate option on that too.  This day was actually the day I said enough is enough and I’ll take whatever is first no matter what and apparently the sim gods heard me and gave me the career I’d wanted in the first place.  Since Syna started checking the paper when she aged up and then the others as they aged up Education has only been in first once and that was the day before Davan aged up!

Ugh, let’s hope he moves quickly

Chapter 2.12


    1. I had to split this in half. I scheduled them for different times in the same day only one got most of the views so that was a mistake. I’ll be so happy when I get to the chapters I’d started writing shorter.

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