TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 2.10: Everyday Moments

Generation Two Chapter Ten

I think the dog gnomes are thrilled to have a new gnome to hang out with now that the graduation gnomes are all gone.  I hope this one multiplies too.  I was sad when I realized there were no graduation ones left.

Deshin did a stakeout at the graveyard and I couldn’t stop laughing when a tombstone started floating!  The ghost was a Goth lady I think her name was Minerva.

Deshin seems to be doing quite well in his profession and I’m happy about that.

The Case of the Crush:

Deshin got a call from his friend Jittery Subject asking him to come ’round.  Wow, they must be doing quite well since I last checked on them being able to afford one of the more upscale apocalypse houses.  Jittery, it seems, has a crush on a girl by the name of Bridgett Justice.  He knew that Deshin isn’t afraid to ask questions like most sims and asked if he can find out if Bridgett also has a crush.  Time to play Cupid!

After speaking to some sims only one had anything interesting to say and that was that Bridgett has a crush on anything with a pulse.  He decided not to lie to his friend but not to tell the full truth either.  He led Jittery to believe that Bridget does indeed have a crush and called the case closed.

The Case of the Missing Pink Feathers:

Anne Synapse apparently had her lawn flamingo stolen and was heartbroken over it and asked Deshin to ask around to see if anyone knows about it.  The first guy, whom I dubbed Orange Pants, acted like a complete jerk when questioned.  Everyone else was like why should they care about a flamingo.

When he was questioning the final person Orange Pants ran behind the guy and scared him causing Deshin to do some weird insane thing which is why he’s waving his arms.  This, to me, showed Orange Pants was guilty of the crime!  After being questioned he was lurking nearby while Deshin questioned the next two sims and even went as far as to distract the final sim!

The next step involved a house with one of those privacy gates so he dropped it.  After yet another fruitless stakeout Deshin returned home to find another case for the next day.

Let’s check on the rest of the family, shall we?

Hera foils any effort to train her out of the aggressiveness by fighting other pets whenever she’s not being watched!

Ingain spends the small amount of time that she’s not working on her needs taking care of the girls and getting them trained in their toddler skills.

The uncles are always going up to get them out of the crib and play with them when I’m not making them do something else.

This generation it’s so much harder to keep a relationship with the dogs since they are so busy working on their individual tasks.  I try to make an effort though to be sure they get some attention.

To my delight, Ivan and Alasdair almost always haunt together.

Jarick got a photo of his ghostly dad.  It’s the only photo he’s taken that I kept.

I love how they play with this chew toy. 

One of those everyday moments pictures I love to take.

I saw the baby/dog thing in Deshin’s queue and had to look to see what on earth it meant.  He was holding the baby and also talking to Enyo.  I’m so used to Sims 4 that I’m always surprised when I see one of them carrying a baby around!

I swear all Ingain does is sleep.  I later figured out one thing that might be causing it but I think mostly it’s just that I’m so used to the family that never sleeps!

Syna’s co-workers threw her a party.  My strategy for her being friends with coworkers is to switch her over to the social work tone whenever her performance bar is full.  Although, Syna’s mood is always so bad her performance bar moves sooo slowly!

Just another random everyday moment screenshot.  Or maybe it was a “look Xerie can walk” screenshot.  Either way, she’s adorable!

Enyo aged to an elder.  Thankfully, she has had maxed hunting skill for a while now.

And Laniek aged up to a toddler with her grandma Aeralyn’s hair color!

Chapter 2.11


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