TS4- Random Legacy II 3.13: They’re Back!

Gen 3 Chapter 13

A/N: It has been almost a year since I have played this family!  Insane I know.  Chapter 12 published March 2017!  I took a little break from Sims and when I came back Parenthood had released and the rules weren’t updated so I decided to wait and play something else.  I kept checking every month or so and still they weren’t updated.  Needless to say, I’m updating them myself for now so that those of us who love this challenge can continue.  

First thing!  I’d literally just started the game when poor Khloe got abducted.

Sometimes taking a break from something can be beneficial.  In this case, I had been going crazy trying to max Terrance’s mischief skill.  But after having to max it for both Nova and Kellie in my Robinson legacy I know the easiest way is spying on neighbors!  As a bonus, the moodlets are usually pretty funny…

Keep in mind the only neighbors are related to them!

Khloe returned from her abduction unscathed.  I suppose she’s used to things like that since she explores space so much.  She chatted for a while with her grandfather and our founder Donte.

There she is!  Our little heir.  I’ll admit I was a little disappointed to see she had 4 or 5 days until aging to teen still.  For some reason, I’d thought she was closer.  Oh well, at least I can try to get her some character traits!

As I was getting all of the kids ready for school I realized that Addison’s needs were absolutely terrible!  There was no way she could go to school like that.  I have no idea what she had been doing prior to my long break but wow.  She took a vacation day.

The problem with spying on the neighbors?  It doesn’t end on its own.  I always forget them and I know this and yet I still do it!  Sorry, Terrance.

A/N:  This is where the extra chapter comes in.  Originally it was a chapter before this one but I felt like it didn’t make sense having it that way.  After you’ve read that you can return here.  Clicky clicky to go see Kimberly our well ghost’s happily ever after:  

I Just Met You… Have My Baby!

The next morning the children are surprised by the arrival of a pet adoption agent with a sweet little kitten!  Her name is Moonbeam because she reminds me of how at first I thought Luna’s skin looks like moonbeams.

Sorry kitten the kids have to go to school.

All of the cat necessities were purchased.  No auto feeder or litter in a house with children.  Feeding and cleaning up after their pets build responsibility.

Such cuteness.  I tried to refrain from taking 20 cute pics but barely.

I spent the entire day watching Moonbeam while the adults were busy with their individual tasks.

Another thing I always forget?  When kids come home with my kids!  I saw movement in the nursery and remembered them.  On the left is Rachid who only Allen knows and has very little relationship with.  On the right is Francisco who has been hanging out with the kids practically since the beginning.

Gideon came home from school in a terrible mood and also very tired so I sent him to bed and when he woke up he journaled and calmed down in the mirror.  Teenagers!

I realized that Terrance was still in his work clothes but they look too cool to change.  He was doing his daily hacking for his work task.

I see that sly look.  What do you want Luna?

Perhaps to stay up late?  I had a plan but it fell through…

I’d thought of having her drink moodlet solvers for the last of her childhood years and get a bunch of skills and stuff up.  But, after this one, I checked the rules and it’s not allowed.  Darnit!

The food garden!  This was Kimberly’s job and Judy’s before her.  I didn’t think to re-assign the task.  At this point, it’s whoever isn’t doing something.

Speaking of food, I was shocked to see that the fridge was almost empty so had Dion cook up some more meals after I pulled the last of everything out.  Maybe the rest spoiled.

The way they all walked out the door in a line made me chuckle.

It’s kitten watch now!

Khloe agrees.  Shouldn’t you be exploring space?


Terrance was spying on neighbors and Dion was writing a comedy routine.  The kitten is more exciting.

The kids all came home in terrible moods so they played a bit of party frenzy.

Of course, that only helps with the fun need.

Luna decided that Moonbeam will be a Simstigram star and took her first photo.

Such a cutie.  She didn’t get to play long before it was bedtime.

Meanwhile, Gideon was learning the programming skill.

And later, after everyone else was in bed, Terrance spent the night hacking.  What’s with the face?

Speaking of a face!  Yikes, Talon!


My pet decision process revealed!  I thought random would be fun.

I guess adoption dude took a dip in the pool?


Now he just needs to get his performance up to top Criminal!

Chapter 3.14

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  1. I’m so glad you’ve added new items to the random legacy rolls, as I’m apparently not imaginative enough to to it myself ;D I’m not doing a random legacy right now but I’ve been using your tables to plan out some stuff for my rotational save.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I had looked at them a while ago but then forgotten, so thank you! I can definitely use more ideas. I love my rotation families but there’s a lot of them and they need some new goals, heh.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I know how that is! There’s another one made by Zerbu too I think it’s called the ultimate master challenge. I’ve gotten some ideas for that for my own rotation actually.


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