TS4- Robinson Legacy 4.4: So Spoiled

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 4 Chapter 2
Score 57

Oi!  Maid!  Where you think you’re going with that cake?  Well, I guess it doesn’t matter since Moose had to leave for work and didn’t have time to blow out the candles.  *sniffle*  Our Moose is going to be an elder!

Heaven returned home from work after a promotion with an adorable new work uniform.

I noticed the empty bird feeder and sent her to fill it.  Poor girl!

A little baby time cheered her right up!

And then, the time had come.  Moose returned home from a very exciting workday in which he’d become a hall of famer to find his family gathered and waiting for him to blow out his birthday candles.  Ava had called and asked to come over and I’m glad that she could be there.  He is one of the most handsome elders I’ve seen!

Both Elise and first gen heir Cassie haunted that night and Baylee took the opportunity to show off little Isabeau.  Cassie was too engrossed in her music sadly but Elise obliged.

Moose shows off his elder muscles.  I did give him slightly more appropriate clothing after Baylee aged up.

Isabeau aged up.  Look!  Brown hair!  Our first in all of the legacy so far.

Poor Ella, already in her second trimester, had to take a nap after that.

Mommy Heaven takes over after a quick wardrobe change because her non-matching hair bow was making me twitchy.  Swoosh the robot vacuum inspects the new lifeform.

Remembering that toddlers don’t like one thing too long Isabeau was moved over to the blocks to continue learning basic needs.  Not sure how she learns them from blocks but just go with it.  Within moments Liza and Kellie swarm like locusts to assist in the teaching process.  Can we say spoiled?

Though she’s independent it can’t hurt to have a little help the first few times.

Then she decides she wants to bop to music and I turned on the kids channel for her.  She also wanted to seek trouble by waking up Ella but this whim was not fulfilled.  Poor Ella is miserable this pregnancy too!

Our founding husband Soren visited again and helped out with the gardening!  So sweet of him.

The other ghosts that haunted weren’t as accommodating and broke nearly all of the plumbing.  I had Moose call for emergency repair realizing that they wouldn’t pay for it with free services anyway!  Oh and poor Swoosh broke too.

The highchairs were pulled out of storage so Isabeau could sit high while eating her cereal.  What a big girl!

Kellie’s birthday notification had popped up the day before and I remembered and quickly brought everyone together to celebrate so she wouldn’t have a missed birthday.

While I was at it I aged Baylee up as well.  She was the same age as Moose originally.  I think the no aging during pregnancy in Sims 4 is ridiculous.  Her age showed her several days younger than her younger sister!  So weird.  Ready or not you’re now an elder, Baylee!

I remember Kellie was like this with Ace and Nico too.  Always eager to be with the kids but I always cringe since she has not only the evil trait but also mean.  So far I haven’t caught her being naughty.

Another girl!  Welcome to the Robinson’s clan little Brynn!  After this, I rolled all of their traits.  The next day I came up with a plan of what each of them might do if they were voted heir.

Heaven takes over so that Ella can care for her thankfully no longer rapidly dropping needs.  No time like the present!  Let the voting begin.  I plan to close the voting when Brynn ages to teen.  Since I’m kinda switching around I don’t know how long that will be.  Either one sounds like a fun 5th generation and for once I have no preference.  I’ll link the voting page below the extras.


Isabeau rolled Independent.  I rolled Brynn later and she got Angelic.

And my obsession with laundry moodlets drives me insane!  Why???  Why are they +2?  I can understand happy because it boosts whatever the current mood is but playful and fine?  They overpower whatever mood I’ve worked so hard to get them in before work when they change into their work clothes!  *sob*

Liza topped her career gaining me another point for topping both in one gen!

I saw this and was like what?

How’s she reading that book?  ESP?  I just let them continue.  Isabeau’s imagination skill was going up despite the weirdness.


Chapter 4.5 coming soon!


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