TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 2.9: Paparazzi?

Generation Two Chapter Nine

A/N: Deshin got his own chapter and this is what the rest of the family was up to at the time.

Jarick Photo-Journalist Extraordinaire…

What has our resident cat lover been up to you ask?

This is one of the kittens I showed a few chapters ago, Snowshoe.  Fitting since she has a white paw.

On the way to the park he found a stray cat outside and chatted with it for awhile.

Since he’s the one usually outside during the day he also works on attempting to train Hera to be less aggressive which is not going well.  And yes, time has gone by between these shots because as you can see the kittens are kittens no more!

What on earth is it that Jarick does all day every day that leaves me with so few screenshots of him?  Well, they always say that you have the least pictures of the photographer and that is what Jarick is!  I’m trying to complete the Human Form Expert and Paparazzi challenges.  Both should be completed by taking pictures of strangers and since he doesn’t really know anybody I thought it would be fairly easy to complete even if he can’t leave the network.

Although, as you can see, it is not going well at all.  Most of the time it doesn’t even recognize that he’s taking a picture of a sim!  It’s extremely frustrating.  I did read a bit of a guide on photography after this that I’m hoping might help a bit.

I sent him out one night to get a quick pic of a wild horse even if I can’t complete that collection.

Story-wise Deshin is investigating the neighborhood sims and reporting back to Jarick.  Jarick is photographing them and writing up sort of a gossip rag.  All of his books have goofy titles now related to Deshin’s investigations.

The Happy Family?

Davan is entirely smitten with his new wife and is constantly wanting to flirt with her and be around her.  She, on the other hand, is hot and cold with him and though they have a full relationship bar she will sometimes react rudely.  Perhaps it’s his continued unemployed status and the fact that he is just following her around like a puppy dog that’s wearing on her nerves.

I know it’s wearing on mine!  The little paper boy was replaced by a girl.  I can only imagine that this was caused by my loathing of him and his useless delivery of a paper with nothing but one job offering each day.

This is freaking insane and at this point, I have a list of other careers for him because I’ve given up on my dream of lifting Education this generation.  The first one that pops up he will take!

But his unemployed status doesn’t stop time from moving and it seemed like no time at all had passed before Ingain was in labor.

Another girl which is good because yet again we have a pink child!  Her name is Laneik.

Note: Naming credit goes to Megs.  I told her I didn’t like the original name that was rolled with the name smasher and she suggested Laneik.  Cute yet unusual enough to fit the family!

At least having no job is good in one way because he has time to spend caring for the kids.  But a lot of the time I just have him do skilling in hopes that soon he’ll have a job.

He’s almost maxed his logic skill from the amount of time he spends at the chess table.

Usually, I’ll set him doing something like making lunch and then find him doing something like this.  I’d paused the game and looked and found him like this.  Hilarious!

Xerie has learned how to talk.

And how to walk.

But she’s not yet potty trained.  I feel bad for poor Ingain.  Cleaning up after all of these guys and caring for a toddler and baby.

Other happenings…

Everyone’s relationships have suffered of late.  I keep catching them insulting each other.

Enyo maxed her hunting skill and they’ve found a few collectibles that they don’t already have which is cool.  Sadly, she’ll be aging to elder soon.  I always think it’s funny when they go to investigate a strange sim and it’s an easy way to pick out the less obvious supernaturals…

I believe this guy is a witch.  I don’t think there are many witches in the ‘hood.

I just thought this was funny.  It’s the name smasher name generator that I use for all the kids.  I was rolling and it rolled my real first name, Lacie!

Chapter 2.10


  1. I love your real name! It’s a pretty one! Hehe that was actually Gypsy’s name with her original owners, then we changed it! (My 2nd beagle!) another pink girl?! Welcome to the family! That sucks he’s not getting the job :/ the photography skill and such was so annoying in sims 3! But I did like how you could take pictures then paint them later, wish sims 4 had that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A lot of people use my name for dogs. So annoying! LOL Glad you changed it.

      I forgot you can take pics and paint them. Jarick was the only one allowed to use the camera and just for the skill challenges and he has no paining skill.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL do they? She’s the only one I’ve seen with it. It just didn’t suit her. Mom wanted Bandit, I wanted Gypsy. I love Gypsy cause Gypsy, Gyp, Gyppers, Gyspyyyyyyyyy 😁 so many little nicknames! My RL name is Keelin by the way, since we’re sharing hehe. I get all the weird spellings and pronunciations! My favorite : Killin ….

        Yeah I figured, with the challenge and all you couldn’t use that feature, but still a cool one!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. K-ee-len 😉 mom’s favorite character in a Nora Roberts Irish Romance novel, second favorite is my middle name Mackenzie 😂 about two years ago I found out we actually ARE of Irish descent though!

          Liked by 1 person

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