TS4- On Their Own Ch 5: School is a Drag

Chapter 5

Both of the boys had a hard time re-acclimating to school.  After a particularly stressful day in which Nico was left working on a group project himself, he borrowed the librarian’s desk so he could journal and calm his tension.

While his brother journaled Ace decided to wind down with a little gaming and chatted with a nice motherly lady named Mila that made him miss his own mother when Mila began bragging about her baking.  She invited him and Nico to visit sometime to try her desserts.  He was non-commital unsure what Nico would think.

After he’d calmed himself by journaling Nico joined a lady I thought was very pretty in a chess game.

They’d gotten school projects and got the okay from the librarian who feels bad for the poor boys whose single mother works so much and allowed them to use the porch to work on them.  Nico was overcome with emotions and memories of when they were younger working on projects on the porch at home.

After yet another night in the tent, they took advantage of the gym’s showers.  It usually was pretty dead and nobody seemed to take notice of them there.

Going to school has made it much easier for the twins.  No more sneaking around.  But at the same time, trying to catch up leaves them both in terrible moods by the time they leave for the day.

And then, after getting a bit of time to unwind and play computer games or chess they study for hours.  One thing’s for sure, life has gotten a lot less fun.

They have been enjoying working on the projects when they have the time but they usually don’t have a lot before they have to tend to other more pressing needs.

Like eating.  Usually, someone has grilled up something while they are in the library but occasionally they do have to attempt to cook themselves.  Ace watches the burgers with great intensity in an attempt to prevent another meal tasting like charcoal bricks.

Another day after school Nico joined a nice gentleman who told him about his home in a veterinary clinic in Brindleton Bay.  He didn’t seem very confident in his chess skills and Nico beat him soundly.

Meanwhile, Ace opted to stay outside and enjoy the fresh air while practicing guitar a little.

An impromptu hug.  Now that they are doing better in school the boys seem to be feeling a little more relaxed.

Which doesn’t last long when they sleep in the next day and miss school altogether!  They spent most of the morning studying until their needs pulled them away from their hidden camp.

Nico had the idea to use the facilities at the nearby museum which seems to always be quite empty.  He was proud of himself that he’d been right.  Ace couldn’t help but chuckle at his twins’ bragging.

They found a bounty of grilled food had been left by the river and stuffed themselves.  Life is hard when you’re unsure of your next meal.

Once 3 o’clock came around they decided to head back to the library as if they’d been in school all day and worked on their projects some more.

Then they learned that the Spice Festival was in town and decided to try it out.  The curry challenge was a huge mistake because they both failed and were miserable for hours.

In a vain attempt to cool their burning bellies they grabbed some drinks from the stand.

The mixologist seemed to find their predicament quite funny.

They decided to sample some of the less spicy dishes in another attempt to clear their palates.  This seemed to work a bit better.

They were surprised to see a gentleman that had shared his grilled food one day performing and tossed him some tips in appreciation of his music and his cooking.  The man gave them a knowing look and a nod.

They’d taken to harvesting plants near their camp to have a quick snack if needed before leaving for school so Ace decided to grab a bit while they were there.

Nico took a selfie by the curry challenge table.  Nobody has to know that he’d failed it right?  He just wouldn’t say he didn’t fail it if he showed the picture!  Then, it was time for the festival to end and the boys to return to camp and decide what to do for the weekend.


They are so miserable after school!

But, they did manage to get a grade increase!  If you were wondering about the skipped day, it is part of the rules that they miss a day a week until they get an A.

Getting needs up and getting focused at the gym before school.  I wasn’t able to get them to pick up the fossils after they viewed them which I thought was pretty funny.  Now there will be random fossils lying around the gym lockerroom!

The librarian seems to never leave while they are there and naps frequently.  I feel bad but at the same time find it amusing.

When they arrived at the museum Dina Caliente was standing outside in a towel!

Chapter 6 coming soon!

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