TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 2.8: Super Sleuth

Generation Two Chapter Eight

A/N: This chapter is pretty much completely Deshin the super sleuth.  Enjoy!

This cracked me up!  I was totally confused about this profession because in the rules it has absolutely no instructions on what I can and can’t do!  It literally only has that I can take it.  I’m sure that the way I’m doing it is wrong but at this point, I’m just like whatever because I’m getting super frustrated with everything and this is literally the only thing that I’m enjoying right now.  So, I decided he can go out in the early hours after curfew but only to the network locations to do stakeouts.

Disappointed that Enyo had given him away they went home.

Then I was like but what about cases?  Is he allowed to leave the network for cases?  And like I said, I was so blah about everything I just decided that yes he can leave for cases and low-level police work until curfew.

His first case!  He was hired by Casey Frantz to investigate Johah Sanatazar.  Who incidentally is Bennin’s son.  Remember the guy with the blue hair that I’d done the first run-through of uni with?  He’s also their neighbor and one of the network houses although they’ve never gone there.

I couldn’t stop laughing I’m telling you this was hilarious!  Especially when Johah’s sister came out right after he’d riffled through their mail!

He went back to report his findings and I couldn’t stop laughing again at Deshin’s response…

After the case, he went and did a little low-level police work and met some of the cops.  While there they told him he had to give back the P.I. outfit and he made his own.  Enyo finding him the other night gave him the idea that it would be a good idea to have a guard dog around so he brought still-aggressive Hera along.

Shh!  Go away Hera I’m on a stakeout!

Poor pregnant Ingain woke up and decided to go investigate the strange lights.  I love this pic!

Then, I heard the ship noise only moments later and looked and Ingain was returning to bed like I’d queued when I saw her get abducted and the alien was a ghost!  I guess he must have died of old age shortly after abducting her!  I was shocked!

Nervy Subject came out of nowhere to stand transfixed and watch the alien ghost.

Which is why I added that all to this part of Deshin’s tale.  You can see them in the background!  I checked in on Deshin and he was just standing there and his “guard dog” was sleeping on the job!

What is it that this sim is writing?  Deshin needs to get a closer look!

Most of these are highly entertaining and I can’t help but save them to share with you!

I love it when this happens!  I have no idea why.  I was trying to get Hera to be friendly with this cat so that Deshin could praise her later and make her lose some aggressiveness but the cat did this and then left.

They went home and Deshin played a little chess and got this!  Hooray!

When I started the game back up the alien was still floating but now it looked alive!  Garent wandered over to watch Nervy watch the alien.  Finally, I reset the alien.  After resetting him and him disappearing Nervy and Garent looked at each other and Garent walked back to his house while Nervy got into a car and drove away.  So weird!

This girl Jacey Stubbs (ha Stubbs!) blames her neighbor for something involving a nightly sore foot.

He speaks with the neighbor and he laughs and says that the girl is kicking a garden gnome in her sleep and it has nothing to do with him.

So he heads to what’s left of the hospital to find out more.

And returns to the girl who doesn’t seem surprised at all!

Later I was getting him ready to go on another stakeout and pulling stuff out of everyone’s inventory like I do a few times a day because there’s a limit to how much they can carry and I found a gnome in his inventory!  I had the game paused and he was doing this so I pulled the gnome out and it did this!  Love gnomes so much!  I hope you enjoyed the goofiness of Deshin!

Chapter 2.9


  1. That was awesome haha! The alien kidnapping her, that pic you love looks almost like the “alien borealis” which how it’s blurry and almost painted! I love the investigation career, it is awesome and hilarious!

    Liked by 1 person

        1. It was! Jarick’s pictures were pretty fun at times too but once again I had to make sure everyone back at the house was doing something that I didn’t need to constantly check on!

          Liked by 1 person

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