TS4- Robinson Legacy 4.3: Gen 5 is Secured

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 4 Chapter 3
Score 56

This is our one and only screenshot of poor neglected Moogly.  RIP buddy!  I need to get Coolspears long living peace loving cow plant mod stat!

As you might remember, at the end of the previous chapter, Baylee was visiting a very pregnant Ava.  She returned to find that Ella was even bigger!  Wow, that poor girl’s back eh?!

After having every day up until then off I realized that Kellie finally worked the next day and didn’t have her daily task of mean interactions completed.  Which was odd because she has the Responsible trait.  While there I saw Elise and Cassie dancing.  Other ghosts showed up too but I sent Kellie home when her task was complete.


Sending Kellie at night thinking it would be better since nobody was doing anything but sleeping was a mistake.  She was only gone for a few hours but everyone’s needs were weird when she got home.  Like Heaven’s energy was full.  So she played an online game with Ava until she was tired enough to return to bed.

Ella was even larger in the morning… at least I felt like she was.  I wasn’t sure how she’d handle this whole pregnancy thing but she handled it like a champ.

I thought Heaven might do some yoga as a side hobby.  She did a focusing workout before work but didn’t have time to shower first and was miserable the whole time!  Oopsie!

The maid came and did the laundry.  I took a pic to show the sparkles.  I think this is from one of the many upgrades Kellie has done.

Moose was sick again and had to take medicine before work.  At least it gives an energized moodlet.

Ah yes.  The bathroom conversations.  Classic Robinsons.  How I’ve missed this!

Ella arrived home from work with a promotion and even huger than before and promptly took a nap.  Her needs were terrible her whole pregnancy!

Liza was hovering over Kellie as she finished the final robot vacuum upgrade and it suddenly popped up that she’d reached level 4 handiness.  I was very confused until I remembered that she did that Successful Lineage aspiration and has the Vicarious trait from which she gains skills from her kids!  After Kellie left for work the vacuum promptly broke and she went over to fix it.

Heaven was feeling lonely because Ella does nothing but sleep and take care of her other needs so Moose and Liza joined her for a movie.

Grr!  Okay, first before you accuse me of neglecting my poor pregnant sim, she woke up and decided that she just had to use this toilet downstairs instead of the perfectly good toilet in her adjoining bathroom!  So, she made it down there and sat on the toilet then promptly jumped up and peed herself!  *sigh*

After Heaven had a really rough online game Ella watched a movie with her.  They are so sweet together!

Anytime now!  Quick, feel the belly!  Isn’t it HUGE???

Here I was completely convinced that her gigantic belly was surely the sign of twins.  But no, just one nooboo.  A girl named Isabeau.  Welcome to the Robinsons and the insanity!  Gen 5 is here!

Moments later Heaven ran in doing the pre-parental panic.  She also got the New Baby moodlet.  But the family tree shows her as a step-mother and her Super Parent aspiration doesn’t show that she’s a parent.  So, I need to decide if I want to cheat the relationship or what?

You just stay busy in here Heaven cooing over Isabeau.

Because since it wasn’t twins Ella had to invite Duke over for another erm donation.  And baby two is on the way!

Then she found Heaven and told her the good news.  Another nooboo!

Before he left she showed off the baby to Duke who was all smiles.  Isabeau, on the other hand, was not.  Look at that face!

I suppose after the whole baby making deal with Duke the girls had to renew their affections or maybe Heaven was feeling a bit jealous.  Either way things were pretty steamy around the house the rest of the day!

The newly minted grandma and grandpa each made their way in to greet the newest Robinson.

And it seems that aunt Liza has taken over baby duty much like she did with all four of her sister’s kids.

It wasn’t just the girls steaming up the place!  Did someone leave a flirty lamp on or something?


This kept happening!  A speach bubble of Elise would cover whatever they were thinking or saying!  It was driving me bonkers.  I think I finally figured out that they needed to increase her connection via gravestone.  Liza did all of them.  Except for her ghost boyfriend Jon’s.  Who appears to have been culled!

Poor Heaven!

Yay!  Isabeau has a cousin her age to play with!

The question of whether they will get a baby whim in a same-sex relationship is answered.

Baylee had the option when they were chatting to ask Moose if he’s single!  What the?

Poor Heaven.  Someone at her workplace really smells and no matter what I choose she ends up miserable!

I wasn’t actually trying for that but yay!  I just really like upgrading stuff.

Chapter 4.4


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