TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 2.7: Aeralyn’s Legacy

Generation Two Chapter Seven

See this face?  This, my friends, is the face of pure evil!  Each morning I wait with bated breath for him to come deliver the newspaper and each morning he disappoints me!  Don’t scowl at me kid!

Whoever picks up the newspaper gets the mail if I remember.  Usually, there’s a bunch of books in there.  Today it was a bunch of wedding gifts that we can’t use.  These two cracked me up.  Jarick gave them a small skating rink and their dad didn’t seem to want to be outdone and gave a large one!

I let Deshin do the honors today.  At this point, I’m at my wits end with Davan’s continued unemployed status.

And, just as he’s about to look he pops back up and changes into his graduation robes!  Not this again!

The weirdest thing happened.  There was a traffic jam at the door but it wasn’t like it lasted long or anything but Deshin just tossed the diploma.  I expected them all to leave after that but they didn’t.  What on earth?  Also, look at Jarick’s horrible formalwear.  The only one that I changed their formalwear was Deshin since he wears them occasionally in insane moments.

Most likely to offend others!

This is one reason that nobody left.  Xerie started crying and most of them started making their way upstairs to change her diaper.

I found Aeralyn outside playing with Hera next to the LLAMAs so I guess she had at least started to make her way to the graduation.

I sent Syna to city hall anyway since she had a work opportunity there.  At least she got some work experience even if she did miss a day.  When she got there I could hear the graduation.  I really have no idea what happened.

Oh well.  Back to normal everyday life.  All of them brush their teeth constantly.  At least it gives them a good moodlet.

Aeralyn kept making horrible portraits of Deshin.  He was writing a scifi novel and this cracked me up when he finished…

Ugh really?

Ingain discovers that she’s once again pregnant.

And Aeralyn starts the final portrait of Deshin.

Then I remembered this!  In the whole confusion over graduation, I completely forgot!  Once again, Davan is the only one unemployed!

So, Deshin made his way to the police department to sign on as a private investigator.

They let him borrow a suit but made him give it back later.  He cracked me up when he walked in looking like that!

Then, Aeralyn aged up to an elder.

I’d been pulling the nicer portraits onto the wall for comparison because I figured if she didn’t manage to make a masterpiece I could at least choose the one I liked the most.

The way Xerie is crying here cracked me up!  She looks so angry!

Everyone in the household plays with her.  She will grow up with doting uncles that’s for sure!

I try to find things for poor loner Ingain to do inside the bedroom.  I still haven’t looked to see if I can move the easel upstairs or not.  I wish I could just buy a second one.

Xerie aged to toddler and I feel like she’s a little strawberry shortcake!

Daddy got to work right away teaching her to talk.  It’s a good thing too because I’m so busy with everyone it’s been much more difficult to keep up with this time around!

Aeralyn takes her turn the next day but she didn’t seem very into it.  She’s not taken to elderhood very well.

She put Xerie into her crib when she wasn’t even tired and wandered off.

That night Ivan and Alasdair haunted and she ran out to see them despite curfew.

They chatted all night.

They hugged a lot and she was confused when he left.

The family found her grave in the morning.  Perhaps when Ivan left she waited outside for him to return?

But she left a legacy behind.  Several masterpiece paintings and masterpiece portraits of all of the family members that will lift restrictions.  And now you know my dirty little secret.  I got so sick of moving stuff in and out of the family inventory twice a week when I pay protection money so everything they are keeping got thrown into an inaccessible basement.

Chapter 2.8


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