TS4- On Their Own Ch 4: Back to School

Chapter 4

A/N: It’s been months since I played this and I was surprised I was able to pick it right back up where I left off.  I doubt I’ll go with the original plans I had for this, unfortunately.  We’ll see…

After finding the leaflet the night before detailing how they can go back to school anonymously the boys were motivated.  They only had one homework textbook so they took turns working in it anticipating school on Monday.

Once Ace was finished with the textbook Nico took over and Ace decided to grab some collectibles around the camp.  Being a geek, he finds this very enjoyable.  Note from the future:  I have no idea why I thought he was a geek!  He is not.

When he’d found everything he fished until nightfall.  What did that fish do to you to deserve that look???

Nico completed the fiction book he’d bought at the ranger station when they’d arrived so he went and purchased another.

He loves reading and was soon engrossed until he grew tired and headed back to camp to sleep.

It was the final night of their Granite Falls trip though not nearly the end of sleeping in the tent.

In the morning, they both got their needs up in anticipation of the bus taking them to the city.  Poor Ace seems to get bugged in the bathroom every time!

They played a quick game of cards while waiting.

They decided to visit the flea market and Nico noticed the street vendors.  Feeling nostalgic for the time they’d sold things there as children, Ace decided to sell some things he’d been carrying around.

They tried their hand at a little basketball but found that just like when they were kids and their dad encouraged them to play they really weren’t very interested in sports.

Ace wanted to sing a karaoke duet but had no luck getting Nico to join him.

Nico was hungry and decided to try something new.  It was very spicy and he had to get chopstick lessons from Candy Behr.

Ace watched a guitar performance for a bit and gave the man a tip before they decided to leave the city and return to Willow Creek.

As soon as they got to the library he grabbed his own guitar and was soon lost in the melody.

Since it was Sunday there were other kids at the library and Nico worked some more on his book.  He later had the forethought to mention offhand to the librarian that their mother works nearby and they’ll likely be at the library a lot while out of school.

Outside, Ace drew a few walkers by with his playing and they even tossed him some tips!

The boys set up the tent in a more hidden and unused area behind the library.  Nico found the fact that Ace wanted to try roasting beetles hilarious.

In the morning, the boys headed next door to the library to take showers at the gym before going to their first day of school.  Ace showed Nico the email saying they were approved to go to the school.  They decided to use Alex and Nikolai to avoid confusion and took a different last name.

After school, they decided to check out the Humor and Hijinks festival.  They joined the Pranksters and had fun joking with the others there.

Nico watched a living statue for a bit and struck up a conversation with a younger boy there.  The boy was uncomfortable.  Perhaps it was the fireworks?

Or maybe he was just hungry.  Nico met Wolfgang Munch and they had a nice chat until Wolfgang returned to his graffiti.  Ace had fun telling jokes and told so many to this lady they became friends!

Nico bought some fireworks including sparklers.  The young boy seemed to admire them but when Nico tried to pass it to him the boy walked away toward home.

And then they remembered that life is not all fun and games and survival.  Now that they are students again they need to work on homework!

Nico never did set off the other fireworks that he’d purchased but they did get to watch some.  The Jokesters won and they each got even more fireworks as a reward!


Nico did this autonomously and it cracked me up!

The boys were using the bathrooms and washing their hands in the library when both Nancy Landgraab and Moira Fyres came in to calm themselves in front of the mirrors!  Maybe they’d had an argument with each other?

This was too funny not to take a pic!  I wonder who it is that Mortimer is cursing?

Chapter 5

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