TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 2.6: Pretty in Pink

Generation Two Chapter Six

I’ll admit I had a hard time getting myself motivated to play again after Ivan was gone.  I’d play a bit and stop and then a little more and stop.  Everyone’s crying was really difficult and I didn’t take a whole lot of screenshots and I don’t think I took any of them looking sad because it just made me feel worse.

One ray of sunshine was this announcement.

I mentioned a few chapters ago that I thought I remembered seeing a notification that someone had adopted one of Bastian’s kittens but I’m in such a habit of clicking out of those notifications I didn’t see who.  It’s Garent’s family!  Aren’t they the cutest???  Ohmygosh I fell in love.

I looked at Lil’One’s family tree just to make sure that I was right and yes indeed these kittens are Styx’s great-great-grandkittens!  Just like Ivan was a favorite sim, Styx was a favorite cat.  I don’t know if I ever mentioned that when I was first planning this challenge I’d wanted to do the Master Breeder with a kitten from Styx.  But I decided that a dog would make more sense because you would want one for protection.  And I would never ever regret that decision because our Alisdair gave us lots of entertainment!

Yikes.  I watched them for quite awhile.  A little too long actually.  I looked at the rules and they are confusing in regards to adopting a neighbor’s pet but I’m pretty sure I can’t until Deshin lifts Espionage.  But, despite that, I’d decided to do it anyway because I was really depressed over Ivan’s death and thought it would cheer me up to have a kitten around.  Sadly, the adopting from neighbors doesn’t work as I’d expected.  I thought after a neighbor’s pet has kittens or puppies you go and ask and they give you one.  But I guess it’s just a random thing that is assigned to houses and I’ve had them checking the newspaper but it always says there aren’t any.  Maybe these cats will have a kitten we can adopt.

Back at the house, I was horrified to realize that someone threw away all my coveted plates!  Trust me in saying they were all starving by peanut butter jelly time.

I started Ingain learning to paint.  Finally, now that they all have maxed athletic skill, the kicky bag is just for fun.

Jarick spent most of the day becoming friends with this guy Lloyd Lombardo.  Do you remember several chapters ago a funny snippet about a mother not being friends with her kid because of him being unpopular?  This is him!  Poor guy is still unpopular and I get notifications to this day about him!

Also, I have been getting notification stories about Ingain’s parents forever too!  I don’t think her mom was actually married to her dad long.  They had two kids together.  Ingain and Ernos who was born after her and is a young adult now too.

Ingain practices more painting while Deshin starts a new book.  I think he’s writing sci-fi.

Aeralyn starts a sequel to her trashy novel Zombie Lurve that I usually find in Syna’s inventory while Syna and Ingain become friends.  Socializing in the apocalypse is so frustrating!  Speaking of which…

Our resident vampire is having some problems.  I’ve mentioned a million times that I researched all of this before starting but there was so much and I made so many notes I’ve forgotten stuff or it was overlooked.  Vampires also can’t feed on pregnant sims.  Makes sense of course but I really hadn’t thought about it.

They can, on the other hand, feed off of other vampires so I’d hoped she could befriend this one before curfew and invite her to the lot.  The girl with the goofy hair is Ingain’s older sister Nikua.  It turns out that this vampire girl Chelsea works with Syna so getting their relationship up wasn’t completely useless… just for this purpose, it was.  Seven came too quick and Syna had to race home.  At least she’s fast!

Ares haunted that night and seemed surprised to see a new gravestone near his and his mom’s.

Syna went to bed because she was so thirsty she couldn’t do anything.  I was frantic.  What on earth would I do?  She had to work and she could get something while there but that was still another 8 hours wait!  And they usually don’t eat until around halfway through their shift.  You have no idea how relieved I was to see that it was Thursday and she could use the phone to invite a friend to the house!

Her face was just way too funny not to screenshot!  Remember Noelol?  She works with Syna and I guess all of that socializing after her progress bar is full in addition to the one opportunity to work late really boosted their friendship.  She actually has the highest friendship with her in her relationship panel!  Thank goodness.

You saved us you heat loving girl!  Whew!  But, you will soon see the struggle is not over by a longshot.  Oh, and in case you were curious…

The first is when she was waiting for Noelol to get there and the second was because I thought she should at least do a few socials to make sure she wasn’t refused.  Yikes!

Everyone brushes their teeth a lot but Jarick is the first to try to meld with the sink in an attempt to get clean!

What’s wrong girl?  Is Timmy trapped in a well again???

Oh!  It’s Ingain going into labor!  Not the best way to wake up eh?  She’s been keeping odd hours because I usually forget to send her to bed.  It’s so weird having so many sims that are awake at night… or all the time really.

Yes, you’re seeing correctly.  No need to adjust your monitor.  She is indeed pink.  But, yay it’s a she!  Her name is Xerie.

See?  This is the slider for the dragon skin which Aeralyn and the boys all have.  Ivan’s skin was near the center of the slider as well.  But Ingain’s is more toward the far left on hers.  Guess it’s a good thing she’s a girl eh?  Although the next one might end up being a pink or purple boy, lol.

Since it was a phone day Davan had been chatting the whole time Ingain was in labor.  Which might sound bad but really it’s a long freaking time!  So then he came up to meet his new little daughter.

No time like the present eh?

Ingain starts working on befriending the dogs.  All pets love a good brushing!

And Syna poses for another portrait.  This one was pretty good and rated masterpiece so we’ll keep it.  I thought the eyes look so creepy on the canvas though eh?

And while mommy sleeps daddy takes care of his new little girl.  Pink!  I don’t think I’ll get over that.  It looks like she has red eyebrows.  I don’t think the boys have eyebrows… but maybe it changes when they age up because the alien eyes don’t show until they are toddlers either.


If we don’t see the girl within a few days I’ll just cancel out the opportunity but it was so freaking funny!

It was so dark I couldn’t get a proper screenshot but in the middle of the night, I found Hera outside goofing around with a raccoon!  At least she isn’t aggressive to one animal!

Let’s just say that Ingain has had some adjustment issues.  I’m thinking about seeing if I’m allowed to move the easel so she can be away from the main room sometimes to paint.

Chapter 2.7

Chapter notes:

The good news?  Syna got another promotion.  The bad news?  Deshin graduates the day after this so she won’t work.  The worst news?  She was thirsty by the time she was almost done with work and even though Ingain doesn’t know she’s pregnant the game does.  Which leaves her without a blood source yet again!  So, what did I do?  I went back to the rules and yes, they are allowed plasma fruit.  No, they aren’t allowed to collect seeds.  No, they aren’t allowed to grow anything.  So, they are allowed it and allowed to store it in the fridge even.  Where the heck is it supposed to come from???  We’re not allowed to shop at the grocery store!  If she drinks the juice thing from the fridge it counts as the meal for the day for the whole family!  I can’t cure her.  This whole thing is stressing me out.  So after work, she went into the grocery portal next door to it and bought a bunch of plasma fruit.  I’m not letting this one thing ruin everything.


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