TS4- Robinson Legacy 4.2: Nooboo Fever!

Legacy Collaboration
Generation 4 Chapter 2
Score 56

It’s been so long you likely don’t remember this but when I was doing their wedding the game crashed and I lost most of it and since I had screenshots already I just had them marry again and left it at that.  The problem was I realized later I had no wedding selfie for the house!  So, I had to remedy that before I could play.

Then, because it’s been over five months since I played them last (not including the failed AfterTime attempt that we’re pretending didn’t happen) I had no idea what they were all working on!  I had to go sim by sim looking at their careers, aspirations, and skills to figure it out and make a cheat sheet.  While I was at it I cleaned out all of their inventories, a habit I’ve gotten from my SNAFU Apocalypse, and found all of these school projects!  So weird.

Yes, I know they should be all upset story-wise over the boys running away but seriously I think that’s why I haven’t played them in so long because I hate seeing my sims sad.

It didn’t take long for me to have them all like busy little bees.  Ella immediately left for her first day of work in the Writer career.  Heaven is in the Tech Guru career and already has fairly high gaming skill for being an unplayed sim so she started on programming.  Baylee was a smidge away from maxing her baking skill and Liza had some excellent meals to make for her aspiration.

That’s a point for me!

Moose only needed to work out a bit for the stage in his aspiration and shockingly once that part completed the whole thing did!  Kellie needs handiness skill for her Criminal career and I thought that she would learn both handiness and rocket science from the rocket but apparently not.

After he completed Bodybuilder I switched him to Fabulously Wealthy and it instantly completed.  I wasn’t expecting that!  I gave him Big Happy Family after that because I had no clue what else he could work on.

I’d looked through the collections and found that they still need one crystal and several MySims trophies so I sent Liza out collecting and then realized there was no gardener and sent her back home to tend the garden.  I gave her the Super Green Thumb trait too.  I’m not exactly sure what that even does.

Once she’d repaired the rocket that must have crashed at some point I had Kellie start upgrading things around the house like this talking toilet.

Then I remembered Laundry Day stuff and added a laundry room!  I was very excited but learned fairly quickly that laundry moodlets will drive me bonkers.

Liza had to leave for work and I realized that I had no extra sim this generation to take care of the majority of the garden work.  So, since she wasn’t busy I sent Ella out.  I soon realized that she was ill and sent her back inside.

Heaven was ill as well and I had them both have some orange juice.

I’ll never understand why they insist on crossing the entire house to sit and eat in the playroom.

Adan haunted that night and broke sooo much plumbing!

Kellie was playing Don’t Wake the Llama with Heaven but then Ella walked over and started flirting and they disappeared.  Liza got home from work and challenged Kellie to a game instead.

Found them!  We’ll give them some privacy and check on the others shall we?  Liza challenged Kellie to a foosball match next and beat her at this as well!

Poor girl beat by her mom twice!

The laundry room reminded me that they could also get a cat or dog because there’s room in the house.  Then I mentally slapped myself!  This is a legacy!  We need nooboos!  So, as per plan, Ella invited her best friend Duke over to act as donor.  I turned on the “no strings” option in the MCCC mod temporarily to allow this with no romantic relationship.  Heaven was thrilled by the news.

Moose was studying opponents before work and it made me laugh seeing the snowboard thing from Sims 3 after playing it so much recently.  Also, holy wowzer he’s built!

During the birthday/wedding generation transition fiasco our cowplant died.  A new one was planted and dubbed Moogly.  Spoiler: Don’t get attached.

Ava invited her mom out to have coffee and Moose tagged along shortly followed by one of Ava’s husbands Zaiden.  She announced that she too is pregnant.

The bills came while they were there and I almost had a heart attack!

Back home Kellie begins upgrading the spiffy new washer and dryer while Heaven washes a load.

I actually thought this was a good thing at first!

Our founder Elise haunted and when Ella announced her pregnancy she cracked up laughing!  Does she know something we don’t know???  Ominous indeed.

This screenshot was supposed to have both Heaven and Ella chatting with Moose but…

Ella ran out the back door and all the way to the corner of the lot to vomit!  Disgusting!  Also, why on earth would she do that when she was literally standing a few feet from the bathroom?  Sim’s logic confounds me.

The illness has spread.  Moose tries curing it with some of the healthy green tea that the girls were drinking earlier but I ended up having to buy him some medicine before work.

Even though a pet isn’t in the plans at the moment I remembered one of my favorite items from that pack.  The robot vacuum!  Kellie started right away doing all of the upgrades she was able to.

And Ava invited her mom over to visit with her and since pretty much everyone else was at work she went and they had a nice chat.  Notice the baby belly?  Yay for nooboos!

Chapter 4.3


  1. Nooboo then a pet! I always forget that little vacuum! The Duffs bills are about 9k right now. The Delgatos are 7k. It’s ridiculous!! That is a huge garden, I hope it makes good money!! I thought that was funny about the no string donor haha!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Their bills are always crazy. I should really get the trait that lowers them! The garden makes a fortune when I think to have someone go out and harvest it. The collab had this plan, at least for the first few gens, to use the same hubby (somehow we all kept getting girl heirs!) Duke was next in line but I could tell Ella only had eyes for Heaven so this was my compromise.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Well, weekly bills of §13K+ aren’t very realistic. I think I’ve had the trait before. They have so much money I don’t pay a whole lot of attention. I’ve never speed skilled a toddler. I enjoy having the family teach them.

          Liked by 1 person

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