TS4- Bay Tides Extra: Dozer the Adventure Pup!

Extra Bonus Chapter

A/N: Since Rainy and Dozer live in the Bay Tides world I decided to add anything I write with them to that chapter index.  I had so much fun exploring the Cats and Dogs pack with them I’ve decided to do it with all of the new packs!  As some of you already know non-cartoon Dozer recently had exploratory surgery because of an unknown mass in his abdomen.  Thankfully it was nothing horrible but that scare now makes cartoon Dozer even more precious!  I hope you enjoy his first adventure with Rainy err me…

Before we left for our adventure I called up Jazmine Holiday and asked her to hook me up with her slower needs voodoo.  She was more than happy to oblige.

So exciting!

Dozer and I arrived at our cabin which I never looked at or screenshotted.  It’s the cheapest one with an insect infestation!  Yikes.

While waiting for the vendors to arrive for the day and begin setting up Dozer and I played a little fetch with the ball I’d brought from home.

I’ll take two of everything!  Except for the machete.  Why would I need more than one?  (Why indeed.)

We arrived at the trailhead and while I was looking around and trying to decide our path I saw Dozer staring at a vine-covered path.  Looks like as good a place to start as any!

Dozer did not seem confident in my machete skills!  Stand back pup!

I got through after a brief run-in with a jaguar!

A/N:  I decided not to screenshot the little adventure things when she goes through gates because I felt it would be too spoilery and I don’t want to ruin anyone else’s fun!

It took a bit of cajoling to get the adventure pup to me (I had to teleport him to me!) and after taking a quick look around I decided our path and we were off!

Such beautiful falls.  What a romantic location!

No need to howl Dodo!  I will get us through these vines in a jiffy!  Wait?  Where’d my trusty machete go???

Yikes!  I caught sight of that jaguar again but luckily these bats scared him away!  They scared me too for that matter.

Where’s my dog?  Shouldn’t you have been guarding me against the scary bats instead of snoozing?!

There you are boy!  Let’s have a look around and decide our next path.

I saw this cool tree with colorful berries and we jogged to investigate.

Oh very neat!  After a quick look beyond the very high up stone walkway that suddenly ends with no guard rails, we back off slowly and search for our next stop.

I wonder if we can grow these???

We arrived at another entrance covered in vines and with no machete, it was a long process removing them by hand.  According to Dozer, it was a very long process!

Silly me, decided to mess around with puzzle pieces with no handiness skill to see what would happen!  I got a poison curse!  (This was one of the adventure options.  Obviously, I chose wrong!)

We did discover this pretty natural pool but Dozer decided it looked scary and I was feeling ill so we decided to call it a day.

We made our way back to the marketplace.  I figured that a native would know how to get an antidote.  This woman, Maria Jose, told me she could get me some in exchange for bone dust.  Figuring this was some sort of quest I was off in search of bone dust.

I searched around and found a dig pile.  I figured the item she needed would be nearby and this was all I could think of.  I dug and dug and came up with a relic base.  No luck there.

Dozer thinks if he looks cute enough she will give it away free.  No such luck.

I found another pile to dig around in but only found a fossil.

And Dozer found a cat.  I was thrilled to see all of the strays wandering the marketplace!

I returned back to feed my boy.  Now what?

No luck getting any more info from another vendor that showed up.  I did purchase a new machete though.

Well Dozer, what should we do?  You’re the adventure dog after-all.  I decided to give in and do some research.  From the Sims Online guide

So apparently I needed the culture skill anyway.  At this point, she had 6 hours left.  No time to max a skill!

Maria Jose mentioned that I can purchase the antidote on a computer.  I looked at the map trying to think of where there might be one.  The museum is very small so no luck there.  I stopped at the very large rental cabin assuming whoever was renting it would have one next but either they weren’t home or nobody had rented it.

Apparently, Maria Jose is a hugger.  We are friends.  She wished me luck.  Time to leave already.

I told Dozer we’d need to make the trip back home.  He didn’t seem to mind.  Or more likely had no idea what I was jabbering about and hoped it involved a treat.

No computer or room for one in my tiny house and the Windenburg library has been bulldozed to make room for something new so it was another trip to Willow Creek.

Awe it’s okay Dozer don’t be sad!  Mommy will be fine now.  My initial thoughts on the pack?  It is very fun but adventuring will be costly.  You will need to purchase quite a lot of items from the vendors, especially if you don’t have the triple need boost I did.  I barely got to play it and I love it already.  I did watch The Sim Supply’s overview of the build/buy items and fell in love with many of them.  There are the archeology skill, Selvadoradian culture skill, and two new aspirations.  In my opinion with the little bit I’ve seen there’s more content than Outdoor Retreat.  But, this wouldn’t be much for family play.  Keeping track of several sims and their needs on an adventure doesn’t sound fun at all.  Perhaps replace the tiny museum with a place they can visit with kids?  We’ll see where the future takes us!

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  1. This is gonna be awesome, I can’t wait!!!! Not sure who I’m going to take with me, probably a single sim or siblings or maybe a young couple! It looks gorgeous and fun! I will make sure a computer is in the cabin 🤣 did you actually see a jaguar???? That would be awesome if you do!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No it’s kind of like the adventures you get when going into the hidden areas like the hermits grotto or the ones with adventurous pets. A dialog pops up with options and you have to choose and then the story goes on. Pretty neat!

      Liked by 1 person

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