TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 2.5: My Way

Generation Two Chapter Five

A/N: The first few were taken during the time period that Davan was courting Ingain…

I mentioned in the last chapter that the day they graduated that Jarick somehow lucked out and the first ad in the newspaper was for Journalism.  I also listed his tasks.  Here are a few of the funnier things that popped up when he took pics inside the house.

He also rolled the slob trait.  And now you know my dirty little secret.  Literally.  I keep the extra plates of food in the bathroom just in case!  I usually toss them out once another meal is made if there is any left but now that we have a slob there’s no need.  And yes, he does go in there and grab a plate of spoiled food to eat!

Ya know, the whole point of having a fenced in area is to keep you zombies out!  Now you know the other reason why I changed the full moon to 8 days instead of daily like it was at first.  After this, I changed it to whatever the max days between full moons is because I was seriously annoyed.  Also, a riding helmet really?

The dog gnomes love to block the food bowls.  Drives me crazy because I’ll queue the dogs to do several things at one time like sleep, eat, chew the toy, and then go hunt for collectibles.  And after they hunt I’ll look and they’re starving!  And I see this!  I think there are like 5 of these little guys roaming around now.

This was when Ingain had just gotten there.  Both of them needed fun and I was trying to keep them all busy.  The more sims I play the more often the game ends up being paused while I try to make sure everyone is doing what needs to be done.

After that, they came inside and Deshin chatted with the many sims he’d met at the park the last few days while Jarick worked on his charisma.

Aeralyn finished a portrait of Syna that was horrible.  I did have her make one later that was pretty nice and was a masterpiece.

Okay so now we’re caught up to where I left off the last chapter.  Post-try for baby.  Ingain tried cleaning up which is pointless because the hamper is permanently full until we can purchase a washer and dryer.  It’s a rule.  Really.  Jarick looks a little jealous I think.  And I realized later that I need to give Ingain different pajamas and that this is why Ivan has worn his underwear all the time!  They are wearing pajamas and then put on their outerwear to go downstairs and then change back into their pajamas aka underwear!  Oopsie.  I’d thought it was more apocalyptic having them sleep in skivvies.

Good luck!

Guess I’d better get used to this.

See!  I think it’s hilarious.  I actually took like 10 screenshots of him eating this to get the perfect effect of the flies coming off of it.  Normally I would be grossed out and now I cheer him on!

With all of the craziness of the courting, we missed peanut butter jelly time again and it was canned hot dogs for dinner.  Don’t get used to it Ingain!

What?  No!  You may not throw away those sandwiches mister!  Normally they don’t touch them.  But sometimes when they wash their own plate automatically after eating, which they rarely do, they will decide to wash all the dishes on the lot.

Ingain shares her excitement over the marriage with her new father-in-law.

While chatting with her Ivan maxed his Charisma skill!

And the girls have a nice chat.  I’m sure that Syna is happy to have another girl around!

I know what you’re thinking Ivan.  Leave it to the insane child to decide to have his birthday in the bathroom!  I originally took pics of every one of his outfits which took me almost an hour in CAS but I deleted them deciding that it would be more fun for you to just see them.

After all of the excitement was over I looked and didn’t see our new addition and found her sleeping in the second bedroom.  Nice to see those bunk beds I made such a big deal over in the beginning are getting a little use eh?

Syna practicing her guitar upstairs because she seems to feel cramped if I tell her to downstairs and tries to play outside after curfew. Also, all of the little collectibles that I had strewn about I sold later… and removed the money of course.  I realized they were adding to the value of the lot.  I’ve become quite spoiled with Ivan’s no bills trait.

In the morning Ivan spends some special time with the pups.

We continue to attempt to train her out of that aggressive trait!  It needs to happen before she has pups because I’m afraid they might inherit it!  I’m not sure how the traits for puppies in Sims 3 works but in Sims 4 they can inherit traits from their parents.

And Ingain wakes swooning over her new hubby.  I thought it was so sweet.  I couldn’t get him into the pic he was playing chess directly where she’s looking.

All doe-eyed for her new man while she fills up with a few bites of old hot dog.  See what I mean about the hotdogs?  Day old sandwiches yes… hot dogs?  Blech!

When I was making sure Syna got into work okay I noticed Ingain’s dad Andres standing there and snapped a pic.  And yes, I really do have to make sure she gets into work.  These portals suck!  They all go in one by one.  Grr.  I thought I was being smart about all of this but apparently not.

Ingain tries to make friends with the dogs.  With everyone so busy she’ll be the primary caregiver… once they are all working that is!

Jarick needed another friend to raise his charisma skill to the next level and I figured it would be a good idea for him to be friends with his sister-in-law.

While they were chatting she discovers that she’s pregnant.  Since she didn’t change into anything goofy like Aeralyn kept doing I decided to just leave her be.  I hated changing Aeralyn’s maternity clothes!

A very exciting moment indeed.  The happy couple was all smiles.

Ivan was thrilled and gave his wife a big hug to celebrate their upcoming grandchild.

He then spent some time with his eldest son and heir chatting over a chess match and giving advice.  He knows that a grandchild is on the way and that his family is on the right path to make things right in the world again.  It is time.

He rounds the boys up that night after Ingain goes to bed and tells them this is the end for him.  He can already feel his mind weakening.  This is no country for old sims after all.  Their family might have mental endurance but it doesn’t last very long and his time is up.  Deshin took the news really hard.  I think the older brothers were just relieved they wouldn’t have to see their father lose his wits.

He gave each of his sons a hug in turn.  And then his clone daughter last.

Even though she doesn’t technically need to sleep Aeralyn spent that last night with her husband.  They met as children and grew up together and later found love.  They didn’t have a great romance or wonderful story but what they did have was someone who was always there for them.  And that’s even better than a glamorous romance in the end.  They raised four children together and always tried to make the best of the worst circumstances.

As dawn rose Ivan made his way outside.

A rebel to the end he had decided that if he was to do this he’d do it his way.  He shouted to the reaper that he’s ready and within moments the reaper complied.

Despite his warnings, the family was still heartbroken to find him gone.  I was heartbroken too.  And as I write this I cry.  Ivan was more than a founder.  More than a Masters.  He’s my favorite sim.  I won’t lie.  I almost gave up on this challenge when it came to this point.  But what would I have gotten?  Another week or so with him as an elder.  I know without a doubt how rewarding this challenge can be because I did it in Sims 2.  Lifting the restrictions and getting to finally do things you normally take for granted in the game is such an awesome feeling.  And I felt like it wouldn’t be a good way of showing my gratitude for all Ivan did for this.  Let his memory live on through his family as his mother’s memory lived on through him.  She was dear to me too.  It was her that brought me back to Sims 3 with all her awkwardness showing me how fun it could be.  The Masters’ line will live on and we will make things right for their descendants as it was planned from the beginning of Jade’s story.

Chapter 2.6


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