TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 2.4: Wedded Bliss?

Generation Two Chapter Four

Sunday morning picking up where we left off in the last chapter.  Deshin is chatting with Jittery and actually became friends with him which is exciting.  A little dog wandered over so I had our newly dubbed aggressive dog Hera come over and socialize while he watched and darned if she wasn’t mean!  She got scolded for the meanness and praised for being friendly.  Sheesh.

Bastian Masters and his mom Mips Sung were out and about with the gang sharing their fleas with the masses and yet again I curse the fact that I can fix my pet’s fleas and yet I can’t put the darned thing on the ground!  Hurry up Syna!

Everyone gets their daily meal including Syna and I’m beginning to get very nervous about where she’s gonna get her meals when he’s gone.

I felt bad for poor Jarick being cooped up in the house skilling so I sent him out to have some cat time.  I don’t know why I find it so entertaining that he got that ridiculous lifetime wish but I do!

Not much longer and I can change Deshin’s clothes!  Which I’ve already done because I played past where this chapter ends and it seriously took me almost an hour!

Yet another attempt at a masterpiece portrait of Ivan.  I hadn’t planned to even try it but her portraits of both Davan and Jarick were masterpieces so I figured we’d try.

I noticed that Styx’s grandson Bastian was there so I had Jarick move on to him.  I don’t think his mom Mips will be around much longer.  I’ve yet to see any of his kittens but I did get a notification that someone adopted one so I’m wondering if they were all put up for adoption!

When I was taking the pic of Jarick and getting ready to send him home I noticed these guys all out here.  Ugh.  She just refuses to play that thing in the house.  I keep having to make her go upstairs to play.  If I tell her to play when she’s in the main room she goes outside.

Then, I noticed Andres Wicker across the street and had Ivan run over to let him know that his son is planning to ask his daughter to marry him!  If you can’t remember who Andres is…

I’ve mentioned a few times that he’s the sim I made for my 2nd play-through of uni.  If I had any idea his daughter would be marrying into the family I would have screenshotted his time there a little!  All I have are some funny ones I took of the other sim Bennin.

After chatting with Andres Ivan runs home to reminisce about his old rebel friend with Davan.

Aeralyn works on yet another attempt at a masterpiece portrait. I believe this is the one that was a masterpiece.  So, there will be two of him.  When I can put them out.  I can’t remember what I need to lift for that.  No decor.  Period.

Both dogs haunted that night.  First, it was Ares who Enyo growled at when he showed up.  I sent her off hunting and he went downstairs and played with Jarick.  Then the haunting music started again and Alisdair laid with Ivan and slept and I started bawling.  Those two went through a lot together.  Hopefully, they’ll occasionally haunt together too when the time comes.

But not just yet!  No sadness yet because this is a happy day!  As soon as 6am rolled around Davan invited Ingain over.

She arrived and just stood by the mailbox!  I have no idea how to get sims not in the household to go somewhere!  So, she had to be romanced out there by the mailbox.  While the mailman gagged at Davan’s stench and the paperboy stared.

I was so afraid of screwing this up that I waited a long time before letting him try to kiss her.  Thankfully, she didn’t push him away.

Sims logic: She’ll kiss me so obviously she’ll marry me right?  Right!

And his parents come out of hiding to congratulate them.

Gotta get working on gen 3 amiright?  I took out the screenshots I’d taken of everything else that happened that day because the chapter would have been too long.


Who is Ingain?  We already know who her father is.  But!  I didn’t realize her mother is a Midnight Hollow sim.  Her parents are John and Jane Doe.  There are tons of Does in the ‘hood.  I did actually put in a restriction on the number of kids a sim could have and I think it might have actually been because her mom kept having them!  If you’re interested in learning more about the family I found a little thing about them… Doe Family.  Her mom is the Jennifer Doe that’s mentioned.  The only downside?  Our family is now probably related to half The Hollows!

Useless lifetime wish and career.  Although, I hadn’t planned for her to keep her job anyway.


I actually get points for the books she brought in although I’m not certain if my sims are allowed to read them or if I have to keep them in the family inventory.  I didn’t think about it until after I put them in the bookcase.

When they were graduating I was so curious to see what award she’d gotten.  It did not disappoint.  In addition to the useless klepto trait, she has the hates outdoors one and I was shocked to see how much of hit her mood takes from that!  I’m actually surprised things worked out so well since he had to court her outside both times!

And then I saw that both his parents got this wish after they’d tried for a baby.  Yea they know what’s going on.

Chapter 2.5

Chapter notes:

If you were wondering about the newspaper I had Aeralyn check it and I think it was the Science career again.  The day after this we’ll have two of them looking again because I stopped right before Deshin’s birthday!


        1. Well, they all die in a legacy! I am intrigued by the concept of super sims though. Sims people continue playing on and on maxing their skills either with aging off or giving them youth potions.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Hahaha that’s kind of what I am doing with the Duffs Logan and Kasey right now. Technically they are gen 0, but I have never maxed all skills so part of me wants to complete that and then have them move to Forgotten…Hollow isn’t it lol and become vampires!

          Liked by 1 person

        3. Haha I know right? I’m kinda at the point now where if I stop enjoying the challenge due to the rules I either quit the challenge altogether or decide to change the rules for my own gameplay.

          Liked by 1 person

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