State of the Blog- What the Pets Patch Taught Me

I’ll try not to make this too wordy but I seem to have become long-winded of late so you’ll have to forgive me if I ramble on.  I’ve thought of doing a post like this for months now and now that I’m dipping back into Sims 4 again I thought it might be a good idea…

Mods.  In some cases like in previous Sims games, I consider them a necessity.  For example, the Batbox in Sims 2 is more than just a cheater’s dream.  It helps prevent corruption.  In Sims 3 the Nraas mods such as Errortrap, Overwatch, Traffic, Returner, and many more keep the game running smoothly and prevent the horrible lag that game is synonymous for and incidentally prevents most people who refuse to use mods from playing the game completely.

But, Sims 4 doesn’t really have problems with corruption or lag.  The only real issues are usually caused by mods and custom content or not meeting system requirements.  And let’s not forget the many many bugs in the game.  Mods like MC Command Center and the ones that stop certain annoying actions are essential to a good portion of the simming community, myself included.  But, there is an endless number of other mods that add fun little tidbits to the game which in turn make it even more enjoyable.  Or custom content that allows you to customize things more to your liking.

The problem with mods and CC, especially in a game that is being patched and having new content added in, is that they are frequently broken.  In some cases, the original creator is no longer around to update.  So, even though I still love mods I would caution against having a story dependant on them like I did my AfterTime story and Build a City Challenge modded version.

Although, at this time, all of the mods I was using for that challenge/story seem to have been updated it was a big wakeup call to have almost every one of them broken by the pets patch.  It was a neat idea that I might one day in the future pursue again but I’ve decided to scrap it in it’s current form.  I took sims from several stories and attempted to merge them together into a rotation.  Which wasn’t the worst idea but it wasn’t the best either.  But, from that idea, the Bay Tides rotation formed so I can’t complain.

Moving forward it will be as if AfterTime never happened.  I’m going to remove those chapters from the chapter indexes for the stories that I’d merged.  Which leads me to my next realization.  Things don’t have to be finished.  I always feel so guilty when someone comments that they are happy that I’ve restarted an old story and suddenly feel pressured to continue and complete it which results in me forcing myself to play for a while and burning myself out to the point I no longer even enjoy playing it!

I’ve been inspired by Meg’s ability to just play whatever save she fancies at the time even if it’s something she hasn’t updated in quite a while.  And so, I’m planning to do something similar.  Her revisiting the Robinson Legacy collab has me now itching to play them again.  Even if it’s just for a few chapters.  I already played a few chapters out of their runaway boys’ On Their Own story and found I enjoyed it knowing I could stop when I wanted and pick it up sometime in the future.

I’ve been looking over the Random Legacy Challenge Rolls recently with the Jungle Adventure game pack on the horizon to see what I can add and am now itching to play with that family for the first time in almost a year.  Who knows, I might get all into it again and play a few gens or I might play a chapter or two and decide to move on to my ISBI or Drifter save.  The point I’m trying to make is that although you might see me revisiting old stories here and there it might just be because I miss the sims or have a sudden urge for storytelling.  Who knows?  I suppose the content on my blog will become quite eclectic if I decide to continue this way!

As to challenge rules… once I dip into Jungle Adventure a bit I plan to get them all updated.  Any suggestions are welcome!

One last thing, the blog itself.  To my annoyance, I had to cough up the money to go to the next plan.  This is the problem with posting so frequently!  Even with formatting and compressing every single image I was close to running out of space.  Though it was a necessity, I won’t even consider splitting up my blog, it still burns.  Since I now have access to premium themes and some other new tidbits I’ll be making some changes and attempting to tidy things up a bit.  That is all!  Thanks for reading!

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  1. I recently came to this same conclusion and now I have more fun when playing/ writing for stories! Thanks for sharing! 🙂 And it’s never fun to have to shell out money you don’t want, but at least you get access to premium themes! I love the new look.

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        1. Eh. It doesn’t feel much different other than all of the premium themes are free. I guess I can add video too but then I thought that would take up a lot of space so what’s the point?

          Liked by 1 person

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