TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 2.3: Slow Start

Generation Two Chapter Three

Morning!  Thank goodness.  They are driving me nuts at night trying to find something for them to do!  They can’t really skill Charisma much because they don’t have enough friends.  The moment it hit 6am I had them out the door.  Deshin found a teen boy under the library.  Sims hardly ever go inside.  Probably because it’s not classified as a library but as a small park until we clear Journalism.

Jarick was finally able to leave the lot and started working on befriending a cat.  Nice kitty sweet kitty pur pur pur.  I wonder if this means he doesn’t like the dogs as much?

A few days before I’d gotten a notification that this girl Ingain aged up.  This was actually one of my strategies which failed miserably because she’s literally the only teen that has aged to young adult since Davan aged up!  But, look!  Hearts!  The first one!

I was totally doing a happy dance!  AND she’s the daughter of Andres.  The guy I did my second test run of uni with!  I was sooo happy.

They chatted for a bit but of course, he didn’t learn any of her traits.  Then I remembered that I could have him scan her to learn them and darned if I didn’t learn there is a drawback to this ability!  He made her pee her pants!!!

And then this happened.  Seriously?  Now?  Dangit!  It was Saturday and if she gets away we won’t be able to see her again until Monday when we can use the phone!!!

So Davan and Jarick made their way in and then Ingain followed a little later.  I figured I’d take a screenie in case she’s the one.

After the family came out I sent them home.  Davan tried to leave but I made him stay and wait for Ingain.  Because darnit I didn’t want to wait until Monday to learn the rest of her traits!  Since they are friends he can invite her over to the house.

He took a freaking LLAMA and she hopped on a bike and started peddling there.  And then got halfway and just got off and stood here!  What???

So, I sent him back out and invited her again.  And she started running back towards city hall.  Frustrated, I sent him inside to eat deciding to wait for Monday after all.

Like an hour later she showed up!

To avoid more distractions I sent the dogs out to hunt.

Instead of going to the regular door she walked upstairs and went in there.  She didn’t even knock!  Well, you kinda stink too girl seeing as how you peed your pants earlier and all.

She decided to play darts of all things and I sent dad and Syna downstairs and Davan up to her.

He quickly scanned her for her last traits hoping she wouldn’t pee again.  She didn’t.  Before this, we only knew she as a Loner which wouldn’t have been that great with this big family.  Here they are people…

Athletic!!!  Hooray!  Klepto is useless I can’t use it I think until we lift Criminal.  Loner sucks but oh well.  We can’t tell jokes so Good Sense of Humor is useless too.  And Hates the Outdoors is whatever.  I guess she can just stay home.  So yes, it has been decided!

Meanwhile, downstairs I had Aeralyn attempting a last portrait of Ivan to see if we could get a masterpiece.  First, no it wasn’t and second, ohmygosh I’m glad it wasn’t because it’s horrible!  Why the last portrait you ask?

Because it’s his birthday!

After much frustration which I learned was caused by the CC shirt he aged up in I finally gave him clothes as similar to what he’s been wearing this whole time as possible.  The way he’s looking at his goofy insane son is so freaking funny!  Now, let’s remember that I took the Mental Endurance advantage so that I can control my elders for three days after they age up.  I also took the handicap that gives them a much shorter elder life stage.  Which hasn’t seemed to have affected the pets much surprisingly but things will not go that way with the rest of the sims.  Just saying it now so y’all won’t freak out later.

Ugh.  Davan only got to flirt a bit with Ingain before Ivan’s birthday pulled them downstairs.  But they never made it inside and when I told him to chat with her again they went all the way outside to do so!  I couldn’t think of a possible way for him to get her back into the house so, frustrated, I had him ask her to leave.  Time to wait for Monday unless by some luck she visits the network Sunday.

I actually felt bad for poor elder Ivan sleeping alone so I sent Hera to sleep with him.

And then we’re back to the night crew.  Which reminds me!  After graduation I had Jarick check the paper since Davan was waiting for Ingain to come out and look!

First day!  Woooo!  Now, he’s not taking this job.  But, I had to wait for it to be available to start the version he’ll be doing.  Remember that camera that Ivan brought home from uni?  So, in the above pic he’s reading the photography skill book that Ivan purchased on day one.  Finally, we get to use one of those books!  Ever since he aged up with the photographer’s eye trait I’d hoped to have him do this one…


“In photography, there are no shadows that cannot be illuminated.” – August Sander

  • Reach level 10 Writing skill
    • Complete the Non-Fiction Writer skill challenge.
    • Write a best selling Non-Fiction book.
  • Reach level 10 Photography skill
    • Complete any 2 Photography skill challenges.
  • Reach level 5 Charisma skill.

And when having her attempt to make a masterpiece portrait of Ivan I realized that Aeralyn can paint portraits of the others that have aged up I had her start one of Davan.

I think he’s a little sore over missing out on time with his soon-to-be bride.

Morning again and I spot Jittery under the library and send Deshin to try to make friends with him.  He has such a hard time!

And yet another day jobless for our heir!  This day is was Science and I really want him to do Education.  That one unlocks so many helpful things!  Also, the portrait came out awesome and was a masterpiece.  And that folks is where we’ll end for today.  Hopefully, either Ingain will show up nearby or we’ll be able to invite her Monday and marry/move her in.  I knew this was all going to suck going into it but still, I feel like this generation is getting such a slow start!  It took forever for Syna to get a job and it’s looking to be that way for Davan as well.  At least Jarick got lucky.  I need to try to figure out what to look for Deshin when he ages up soon.  But hey, at least we should have a spouse soon!


This popped up out of the blue!  She must have been being aggressive when socializing with other pets.  I’ve been so busy with the boys I haven’t spent much time with her and now I have to work on removing this extremely annoying trait.  While Davan and Ingain were upstairs chatting she was eating and growled the entire time.

I roll my eyes at these.  They are much more fun when my teens actually go to school!

I noticed this when I was clicking out of Aeralyn’s wishes.  That name cracks me up!  Usually, I let the neighborhood pets keep whatever goofy name the game generates for them.

Right before I quit for the night this popped up.  Two sims moved in with Ivan’s nephew Xin.  I never did figure out why the game moved them in so I just moved them into their own house.

Chapter 2.4


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