TS3- SNAFU Apocalypse 2.2: Employed!

Generation Two Chapter Two

Same old same old in the Masters household.  I will be so relieved when they all max their athletic skill.

Ugh, see?  Syna started learning to paint since she rolled the Lifetime Wish to max painting and guitar.  Although, I was starting to worry that she’d never get into the Music career.

Finally!  Ohmygosh so frustrating!  The other careers that I want the others to get have actually popped up first a few times and it’s been so tempting to just have her take them but would make no sense because I picked careers for her and Jarick based on the traits they rolled.  She has the artistic trait.  Even more frustrating is that the day before he aged up the Education career was first which is what I want to put Davan in because I really want to be able to choose their traits when possible!

It was a phone day so Davan invited Keri over basically to get her attraction score.  Not that it matters all that much but I was curious. I actually had him ask her to leave a few minutes later because I saw another girl at the park I wanted him to meet!

This girl is Traci.  Aquarius which is not a matching star sign.  Avante Garde, Nurturing, and Great Kisser.  Nurturing might be nice for kids and great kisser would probably give Davan a mood boost.  Avante Garde apparently allows them to write certain book genres earlier than normal but I’m not all that interested in the spouses writing books.  He was very attracted to her though…

I’ve been so busy with the boys being off of the lot I didn’t realize it had been so long since Aeralyn had been and she was getting stir-crazy.  So I had her take Hera for a walk.

Yes, I really should have been looking back at my notes I’d made when researching aliens!  I had absolutely no idea that they could scan sims and learn their traits!

So when the girl that Ivan had already met Beth was at the library later I sent Davan to discover her traits.  Up to now, I’ve been sending Ivan to chat with all of the girls to learn some of their traits because he’s got the observant reward trait from when he was at uni.  Beth has a compatible star sign, Virgo.  Her traits are Mooch, (we aren’t allowed to mooch) Disciplined, (can’t learn to meditate and can’t travel to learn martial arts) Green Thumb, (no plants live so no gardening!) Nurturing, and Family Oriented.  The last two are good ones considering she would be taking care of the kiddos most of the time.

After curfew, Davan spent a few hours chatting with all of the girls he’d met on the phone.  Poor Jarick is crying over Ares’ death.

And for once I was able to buy something useful with my daily allowed purchase.  She’ll be the only one allowed to learn guitar since it’s needed for her job and then once she does it’s not allowed until I lift Entertainment which isn’t in the plans for anytime soon although it would save me the trouble of giving them all grungy clothes!

I was watching Hera and noticed a girl I’d hoped for Davan to meet at the park but by the time he got there she’d left.  I took this pic because the two tan cats are Bastian’s and the Siamese looking cat is his mate.

Which made me think I hadn’t seen Bastian in awhile and looked over at their lot and saw this.  Ashlen isn’t a werewolf but boy doesn’t her face look like it?  Also, get freaking Didrick out of the snow woman!

I felt bad for Jarick not being able to leave the lot when his brothers can and Ivan needed fun so I had them play catch.  Hera chatted with a stray who in turn gave her fleas.

Despite chatting all day with sims at the park Deshin barely has any charisma still because none of them stay long enough to become friends!  He mostly chats, plays rock paper scissors, and high fives.  Over and over again.

Ivan left the game of catch to make their peanut butter and jelly.  I keep forgetting that Aeralyn can make it since I had her read some of the cooking skill book.

Syna got the notification that it was an hour before work and I panicked!  She was super thirsty and couldn’t drink from Ivan again for 3 hours!  I was going to see if I could have Davan compliment her or something to at least give her a good moodlet when I saw the boost option.  It did actually work although it almost completely drained him.  And thankfully, she seemed to have had a nibble of a co-worker which makes things easier at least on the days she works.  She got a promotion her first day!

Look how much it boosted her!  It even raised her hygene some.

Davan finally met another teen at the park.  Jittery Subject!

I can’t wait for us to be able to use cake again to age them up again.

Another bulky handsome guy and he looks a lot more like Ivan now that he’s aged up.

I swear to you I swooned!  Never in my life have I been so happy to have a sim get the Slob trait which I normally loathe.  Why?  He can eat bad food without needing him to stop to make sure he won’t throw up and he can even lick plates!!!  So exciting.

Ugh.  There were no options!  At least there are a lot of cats roaming the network most of the time eh?

And a few hours later he did this!  Woooo!


(I did mix some into the regular pics this time but we’ll do this with the ones that didn’t fit in.)

Another one down!  Oh, yea!

Scanning to learn traits and giving a brain boost really drains them a lot.  But, in both cases, it was worth it!

Nice!  Bonus points.

Chapter 2.3


    1. Until the Military restriction is cleared it is part of the challenge. I took a handicap to keep everyone there for the whole challenge but I might end up dropping it at some point.


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