TS3- Without a Compass: Epilogue

After the strange run-in with the plumbot from the future Takk0 a few weeks ago Jade Masters finally decides to do something about it.  She remembered her amazing meeting with the fortune teller when she was pregnant with Jazmine and decides to give it a try.  Perhaps she can get somewhat of a clearer idea of what the plumbot was talking about.

Little did she know that Tessen is the resident fortune teller now.  What Tessen saw wasn’t clear but it wasn’t good either.  This left Jade even more distraught than before.

Tessen confided to Jade that she has a very bad feeling about all of this.  They definitely need to learn more.

No sooner had the words been whispered than a portal formed out of nowhere with several plumbots escaping out in rapid succession!

Tessen screamed!  Jade watched for a few seconds and shook her head.  This can not be good.

Jade told Tessen she was going to go into the portal and asked if she wanted to go with her to discover what is happening.

She assured her that everything would be fine.  She’d done this before.  She didn’t mention that the portal didn’t look nearly as ominous that time.

She warily approached.

Then tried to muster up some bravado but Tessen was still freaked out.  Something was happening.  Something bad.

Just as Jade was entering the portal a strange greenish fog rolled in.

The two quickly escaped the portal and what Jade saw left her in shock.  This is not the beautiful future she’d visited all of those years ago!

They walked the streets looking for someone to speak to and were inundated with the rank stench of garbage everywhere.

Then Jade caught sight of the time traveler strolling down the street as if nothing were happening.  She stopped him and tried asking him what happened but he acted like he didn’t know her!  She tried reminding him of who she is but he was having none of it.

He said she must be some kind of crazy lady.  He’s not a time traveler!

Then, he ran away!

The two searched for their descendants… perhaps they had answers.  But could find none!  Finally, in a last-ditch effort, they checked the graveyard and were shocked to find several Masters graves!  Deaths from meteors, starvation, drowning, burning, and several time anomalies!

The shock was just too much and Jade fainted.

That’s when Tessen realized… there were no family graves here for her.  None for Brett either.

Putting on a brave face to calm Jade Tessen assured her that she would confront the Time Traveler.  He must know what happened.

The bravado worked and Jade seemed relieved that they had a plan.

As promised, they found the Time Traveler and Tessen confronted him.  He got very defensive.

And then calmly walked away.  Jade was angry and Tessen was beginning to feel desperate.

She suggested that they try to find the information themselves.  Surely there must be records somewhere!

They went to the library and began to search.

Finally, Jade found something.  She called out to Tessen as she read.

Tessen couldn’t believe her ears.  Zombies?!

They’d searched for an entire day without eating or sleeping and all that they’d found was the one mention of zombies.  Jade wanted to get some rest and continue their search but Tessen refused.  She was terrified.  Why were there no family graves?  Finally, she confessed to Jade that she’s pregnant and something must be horribly wrong if there are no graves for any descendants and no living descendants either!  They quickly return to their time in hopes that with some warning something can be done to prevent this future from coming to pass.

Building an Apocalypse Part I

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