TS3- Without a Compass Ch 15: Endings and Beginnings

Chapter 15
The Masters 1.14

Our handsome guys.

The matching outfits totally were not planned!

Guess what day it is?

Jazmine’s birthday!

Blow out those candles!

What a cutie.

Telling jokes to mom.

Meanwhile, brother plays with blocks.  (This is supposed to be his outdoor outfit but as you’ll see in the next pics they keep putting him into an overalls outfit.)

Time for an outing.  Where are Ivan’s winter clothes?

Jazmine made a snowman and entertained Ivan while mom and dad flirted… like they always do!

Awe, such a good sister!  (Where did the game get the idea that that was good outerwear???)

Another pic of our favorite feline.

Looks like Jazmine’s inherited the artistic gene.

Awe, look at Styx sleeping on Jazmine’s dresser!

That just looks creepy.  All she could afford was clay to sculpt with, unfortunately.

Jazmine made another snowman.

And gave Styx a nice brushing.

Meanwhile, dad brought some paintings to get consigned.

Then, he went for a nice jog.

Little Ivan occupying himself again.

It took her days to finish this huge painting!

Of course, she did take lots of breaks for fun.

Brett wanted to meet up with Donald to get his advice on something important.

But they aren’t the only ones who’ve had a clandestine meeting recently.  Do you remember the plumbot that Jade made friends with in the future, Takk0?  He’d made a trip to visit her a few weeks ago with unintelligible yet ominous warnings about the future and then quickly disappeared!  It’s been weighing on Jade’s mind a lot these last few weeks.  She’s finally decided it’s time to do something about it.

The End.


Just a funny random gnome screenshot.

Why are they outside in the hail?

Because I was playing other sims and their house became haunted while I was away!  This is the night before and as you can see in the first pic they were stuck outside!  I ended up switching to them and sending them somewhere and waited and waited for her to finish.  When she stopped to nap in the rocking chair I’d had enough.  I managed to reset the lot back to normal but…

Later, I found this!  This is the house with all of the dogs I was keeping up with… Lady and her pups.  I tried resetting the lot and two of them did that weird stretching glitch we’ve been seeing so much of in Sims 4!  I spent like an hour messing around before I finally fixed it.

They threw an absolutely horrible gift-giving party.  The guests were unhappy from the moment they walked through the door.  They all acted like jerks and I was pretty miffed with the whole thing.  The old man by the window never left.  He was still there the next morning.  There was no option to ask him to leave!  I can’t remember what I did to make him leave now.

Oh, and we can’t forget this!  When they’d moved from Union Cove I’d grabbed 10 or so of my favorite families and stuck them into the sim bin and placed them here in Evansdale County.  Little did I know that 4 of them were pregnant at the time.  I really have no idea how long this was going on.  It could have been weeks for all I know.  All of these pregnant sims were stuck in labor!  I tried having Jade escort them to the hospital.  They went in and a day went by and they never came out!  I tried one thing after another and finally had no choice but to cheat to end the pregnancies then give them an intsa-baby.

With so many problems I decided I needed a bit of a break.  I looked up the Random Legacy rules for Sims 3 and made a couple of sims.  This is Benin.  I also did rolls for the Do It Random challenge at the same time and he’d rolled pink eyes.  I gave him the blue hair by rolling for the codes for each of his hair sections… which is very strange that all of the rolls turned out shades of blue but very cool.  I really like him.  I moved him and his girlfriend to the new ‘hood.

Here she is.  Her name slips my mind.  Both of them caught critters and were constantly playing with them since the Random Legacy rules don’t allow selling anything.  I played them for like 2 days but was constantly obsessing over the other two households and all of the other issues that were going on in town.  I’ve decided that doing a rotation in Sims 3 is just too difficult considering the sims are still so active when you aren’t playing them.  I kept finding them in the middle of the night sitting at tables or just standing around with Ivan in tow.  Brett and Tessen kept just standing at the entrance to their apartment and the more I saw things like this the more I kept checking on them!

I did have several other screenshots of these two but since I’m not actually going to play them and it’ll be weird because they’ll be this age despite a time jump in the next part I just deleted them.  I did delete a few more shots. I’d meant to keep one to show you… sims just standing around doing nothing.  Very confusing and frustrating.  I think between having too many lots and too many sims and too many lots needing service sims tending them and all of the tourists and the mods I had that were for making sims visit lots and the apartments and the million cars constantly on the road and on and on.  It was just too much.  My problem is that there are sooo many cool things in Sims 3 I didn’t want to just pick a few.  I wanted them all!  I wanted to experience everything.  But, it was overwhelming.  There were so many bars, cafes, parks, and on and on.  So, we’re gonna tone it down… a lot.

Epilogue coming soon!

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