TS3- Without a Compass Ch 14: Hangin’ Out

Chapter 14
Brett & Tessen

What’s up guys?  They’re so adorable!

This barista seems a bit shifty to me.  Either that or he was trying to impress Tessen.

After breakfast, they headed to the laundromat.  For whatever reason, Brett was exhausted and napped the whole time they were there.

Tessen found entertainment while she waited though.

They headed out after that to a bar and Tessen got a phone call that her friends had arrived in town!

And Brett was surprised to see his teen friend Liza there with her family as well.

This teen boy dancing is Liza’s (possibly) twin brother.

Tessen was so excited she went over to see Violet in the new consignment store.  It was great to see her friend!  She also has an apartment in the city.

She figured since she was there she might as well study a little alchemy.  She’ll be starting a new job soon and this might be helpful.

Since Tessen was occupied with her alchemy Brett worked on a comic book and enjoyed my favorite view.

Tessen got home and since they were both hungry she fixed up a salad.

This is the first one of these shows I’ve ever seen!  It was really neat.

The lighting wasn’t that great so I didn’t take a bunch of pics.  Plus, I figured most of you have already seen this a million times!

These two are so sweet!  Why on earth doesn’t one of them want to make it more serious???

They got robbed!  No, that wasn’t Brett’s laptop it was just a flower.  He did steal the couch and TV though.

The way too friendly policeman went right into their bedroom to tell Tessen there was nothing he could do!  Okay, then thanks for nothing.  Needless to say, they bought a security system.

A little anger-fueled hallway spray painting.

Time for work!  Hopefully, she’ll tell some good fortunes today.

While Tessen was at her new job Brett worked on his comic book.

Then he met up with Liza at the comic store to play some games until Tessen got home.

They still seem to enjoy looking at the stars in the snow.

Maybe he’s just used to it?  Deep breaths Tessen.  Now that she’s getting so skilled in alchemy and fortune telling her episodes are more frequent.

Awe, you two!

They decided to go out for a few hours after spending most of Tessen’s day off in bed.

Is there a reason to even be on the ice rink?

Key lime pie in the winter?  Yes, please!

In the bathroom?  C’mon guys!  These two seriously can’t seem to get enough of each other and I can’t understand why neither wants to at least be boyfriend and girlfriend!  I guess it’s just a comfortable relationship?

Again?  I feel like the aliens are stalking my families!

Have fun, Brett.


I took this when I was playing the Masters.  It was the middle of the night and she was at the playground playing with a toy.

I’ve been messing with default replacements so I kept zooming in and taking pics of Brett.  I was going to delete them but thought why not just share them.  He’s such a cutie!

It’s the no gorillas small painting from Sims 4!

All of the sudden the camera jerked to the Brussels mansion.  For some reason, even after opening the house with master controller I couldn’t see him.  I assume it was the dad since he’s the inventor.  This random lady that moved from the Storybrook save ran into their house and extinguished him but he ran upstairs to the shower.  She ran in and acted embarrassed.  It was very strange.

Oh, and then I realized that the youngest of their children who was a toddler when they moved there aged to a child and was upset because I want her and Jazmine to be close in age so I stopped aging.

I’ve never seen this snowman before!

Random adorable toddler pic.  I think this is the same house I took the pic of the dogs in the last chapter.

Chapter 14

Chapter notes:

This chapter is so random and disjointed and I’m sorry.  Truthfully, this was at least a week.  I was kinda bummed out because my son went home after New Years (yes this is from 2 weeks ago!) the day I played most of this and wasn’t really taking many pics.  Then, I realized how long I’d been playing them and looked and mostly had random townie pics and some pics I’d taken of the Masters family from when I’d checked on them!  I’d totally meant to have them try the in-town uni and realized on Tuesday that I never had.  The last thing I realize is that I did a terrible job announcing that Tessen’s friends were living there!  I had one pic of Violet and none of Anais and her family but several of Brett’s friend Liza who was only in his original chapter like once.  That’s mainly because she and her family seemed to be everywhere!

Note from the future: I did so much set-up of Evansdale County with adding all kinds of cool lots and sims from 3 different neighborhoods but in the end, I had a lot of problems here.  Yes, I’m sorry to break it to you but they’ve all moved… again.  I’m 99% certain that this will be the final move.  And speaking of finality, the next chapter after this one will be the final Without a Compass chapter.  There will be an epilogue story-based chapter that will segway into the new story that will feature the same sims with a time jump.  I’m extremely excited about this one!  We finally have a goal in mind and are no longer without a compass!


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