TS3- Without a Compass Ch 13: Settling In

Chapter 13
The Masters 1.13

Oh Styx, you’re such a cutie!

Ivan spends most of his time in the swing.  It’s a lot easier than trekking up the stairs each time he cries.

Putting food in the food processor for toddlers seems pointless.  It all looks like mush.  Feeding them on the floor seems to be the best option since they don’t have to wait for an adult to take them out.

Everyone loves the rocking chair.  They’re constantly wanting to rock.  I’m sure baby Ivan doesn’t mind!

Jazmine found her way outside again.  This time it was nicer out so instead of splashing in puddles she played in the sandbox.

It was such a nice day Donald decided to walk her to the market instead of driving by himself.  Looks like Styx is up to something.

A clandestine meeting with Justice?  I think Styx needs a girlfriend!  But I think Justice had some other cat’s kittens shortly after this.  She also gave him fleas… again.

Donald made it to the consignment register before she closed for the day this time and unloaded several paintings and a few critters that Styx had brought to them.

Then it was time to get bundled up and make the trek back to the house.  Jazmine seemed to enjoy the adventure.

Meanwhile, Jade started her first scrap sculpture which is really cool looking.

She got a call asking to make stir-fry.  She doesn’t know how to make stir-fry.  So she figured she could buy a recipe like she did with the cookies a few years ago but no, there was no stir-fry recipe for sale!  She called back and said she couldn’t make it because she surely wasn’t going to waste time watching television in hopes that she’d learn to make it.

Styx returned home and received a flea bath.  It seems like he’s punished for socializing with other animals!

(I really have no idea why I took these pics but aren’t they cute?)

Awe.  A little mommy love for Jazmine…

…and Ivan too!

Why?  Why must you force me to sell the outside tables???

Weee!  Guess what day it is?

Umm… mom?

I really don’t think that’s how it works Jade.

We’ll just ignore that mommy merged with the counter and focus on the adorableness that is toddler Ivan!

Toddlers couldn’t care less about birthday parties so Jazmine spent the time looking at the new books mom bought her.

Back to work.  That scrap sculpture looks awesome!

While mom and dad work Ivan entertains himself in the playpen.  Soon it’ll be Jazmine’s birthday!


This woman went into labor and was standing in the road yelling.  It was so funny.

Do you remember when Jade and Styx met a dog named Lady who gave birth to puppies a few days later and we found out that the father was the Brussel’s dog?  They finally aged up!  Then, Lady later gave birth to Sandy Claws’s dog’s puppies but I haven’t taken pics of them yet.  I’m so into everyone’s business!

Donald had an opportunity to upgrade a shower for Brett which was hilarious in itself but then when he delivered it to him they met in the center of the bridge looking like they were doing shady dealings!

My unicorn obsession continues.  This one looks very similar to the one that Tessen met in Lunar Lakes.

Look at the rainbow lights following it!

I purchased this reward for Styx.

Ugh.  I keep having to add more stuff to the things the rotation caste can’t do in story progression.

Chapter 14

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