TS4- Bay Tides 5.1: BIG Crazy Family

Rotation 5 Chapter 1
Lynx Chapter 7

The day has finally arrived!  Catarina and Lucas arrive at the docks to be married with Faythe and all five cats in tow.  Everyone’s wearing their best for the occasion.

Catarina blushes as a plane flies overhead with a message of love printed on it.  How romantic!

Everyone is on their best behavior.

It’s not exactly what she’d expected of her life.  Being married with a child.  She’d planned a quiet life with her cats but plans change and she has no regrets.

An employee at the nearby club tosses some confetti then slowly leaves the family to their special day.

Okay cats, it’s over.  You may now disperse!

Faythe and the kitties were so good during the ceremony!  Catarina is proud.

The employee returns to take a few candid pictures.  Smile for the camera!

And a shot with the little ones.

Catarina wanted a shot with her old man Doc.  She’s had him the longest and they have a special bond.

It’s okay Doc, we’ll never let you go, buddy.

Lucas decides that it would be best to become acquainted with his many new feline housemates.

Faythe contemplates petting the fluffy kitty.

One last candid shot.

We can’t forget a wedding selfie now, can we?

They return home and their new life begins.

But some things never change.  Like Cleo’s obsession with the robot vacuum.

Since he loves reading books Lucas quit his vendor job and signed up to try his hand at writing his own books.  He decided to re-read a favorite for inspiration.  Looks like little Faythe finds something extremely funny.

Josie returns home with a wedding present giving her little grandson the side-eye as she goes by.  What’s he doing outside?

Everyone congregates in Faythe’s room… even Bartholomew, II and Cleo.

I don’t think there’s anything cuter than a toddler and a kitten!

Cleo and Bartholomew, II seem to gravitate to Faythe while Josie and Doc seem indifferent.

Bedtime stories.  It’s been a long eventful day!


What on earth?

I guess Josie had to put her son in his place.  Just cuz she’s a grandma doesn’t mean she isn’t the toughest cat on the block!

After the wedding, they returned home and I changed them out of their formalwear and noticed all of these stray cats just standing on either side of them.  Freaky!

Another shot of them as they started to go about their business.

Chapter 5.2 coming sometime?

Chapter notes:

Yes, I put in the playable pets mod for the wedding screenshots and discovered that Bartholomew, II is indeed Josie’s son as suspected.  Sadly, it doesn’t show Bartholomew, I on the family tree.  Technically, we aren’t supposed to be able to see it at all so I suppose that’s why.  I can tell you that although we can control the pets turning autonomy off has no effect on them.  Trying to get the few screenshots with the cats watching the wedding was extremely stressful so if you’re considering getting it for screenshotting purposes keep that in mind as well as the fact that new mods can be buggy and cause unknown issues in the game.  I’d advise waiting a little longer and letting others who refuse to play without it work out the kinks.  I ended up only playing them one day.  I had plenty of screenshots so I called it a day.

For those of you reading this chapter when it publishes I’d just like to let you know that even though I had planned to continue the Bay Tides chapters regularly I have a big project I’m working on for an offshoot of my Sims 3 Without a Compass story and I’m so focused on it I just can’t get my head strait trying to play anything right now.  I’ve spent nearly a week working on it plotting and planning and I really don’t want to lose my momentum.  I just wanted to assure you that I have absolutely no intention to put this rotation on the back burner if it’s a while before another chapter rest-assured there will be more!

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